Flattering hairstyle for older women

Flattering hairstyle for older women

When I’m in France I can’t wait to go to my local Jean Louis David salon in St.Tropez to get my hair cut by the lovely Sandra. She does an excellent job. She has a unique way of cutting that suits my wayward and slightly wavy hair.

Flattering hairstyle for older women

Maybe I should buy a black turban. It looks quite fetching!

I am not as good at blow drying as Sandra. However, I follow her instructions and brush my hair upwards while drying it. This seems to give my hair more bounce and volume.

The finished hairstyle. I love it. So easy to style.

If your browser does not allow you to view the above video you might like to view it on YouTube.

Flattering hairstyle for older women

Now for my routine. I wash my hair approximately twice a week using L’Oreal silver shampoo (US link) (UK link). The shampoo is a deep purple (reminiscent of the traditional blue rinse popular in my mother’s day). It helps to keep my hair a silvery tone and prevents it going that horrid brassy colour. I then add Kerastase discipline fondant fluidealiste (US link) (UK link). This helps to tame my hair and stop it going frizzy, which it tends to do when the weather is damp or humid.

Finally, if it is a bit windy or damp I give my hair a spritz with L’Oreal tecni Art fix design (US link)(UK link) I find it softer than the traditional hairspray. You can still run your fingers through your hair without that sticky feeling.

I have also found a new precision control hairspray that adds texture and volume to my hair. I would highly recommend Philip B Jet Set.

These products work for me. Do let me know if you have any tips or tricks of your own that you find works for grey hair or thinning hair.


  1. Elizabeth
    12th January 2018 / 11:42

    What is she spraying on your hair as she’s blow drying it?

    • 12th January 2018 / 12:42

      Hi Elizabeth
      My hairdresser is using L’Oreal tecni Art fix design. If you scroll down the blog post towards the bottom I have mentioned it here and there are links if you want to click through and read more about the product. I really like it.

      • Elizabeth
        12th January 2018 / 21:23

        Thanks, you look great.

  2. Tricia Armitage
    12th January 2018 / 14:07

    It looks fab! I wouldn’t mind trying something similar myself

  3. Eirlys
    12th January 2018 / 14:38

    Love your hairstyle. A friend who is a hairdresser cuts my hair and it’s a tricky situation as I think we are both in a rut.I feel Icant go elsewhere and yet my hair needs a GOOD cut. I can set my own hair and find Got2B spray excellent.

    • 13th January 2018 / 08:50

      Hi Eirlys
      This can be a tricky situation. I broke this pattern as I was in a hospital in France last year. When I finally came out I was so desperate to get my hair done that I went to the nearest salon in St.Tropez and I have never looked back. I do return to my original hairdresser in London and ask her to copy the cut. She does not seem to mind.

  4. Heather Tomlins
    12th January 2018 / 15:36

    Your new hairstyle is gorgeous!

  5. Brigitte Aubrey
    12th January 2018 / 15:56

    You look fabulous! I have only just noticed that my hair is thinning, it was was very thick, and I am starting to panic. Will ask my hairdresser next time…

    • 13th January 2018 / 08:47

      Hi Brigitte
      I find that well-cut layers help with making the hair look thicker plus good products

  6. Viv Butler
    12th January 2018 / 21:23

    Such a pretty style and so feminine. I’ve noticed that the French salons favour the Techni Art products, and that’s good enough for me ! I’ve recently invested in the Dyson hairdryer and am very pleased with the resultant blow dries on my fine, slightly thinning, flyaway hair.

    12th January 2018 / 22:00


  8. Sue Lewellen
    13th January 2018 / 01:22

    Great haircut! It really flatters you!

  9. Kathy
    13th January 2018 / 03:40

    Is it possible to see a photo of the back of the style please? It looks great from the front.

    • 13th January 2018 / 08:46

      Hi Kathy
      We did not take a photo of the back this time. However, I have sent you a photo of a previous cut which is very similar. Hope that this helps.

  10. Wendy in York
    13th January 2018 / 12:54

    Love it , must try that mad blow dry 🙂

  11. Anita
    14th January 2018 / 18:53

    You look fabulous in that red!

  12. Linda Boardman Kerr
    15th January 2018 / 14:15

    The French know what they’re doing with hair! Beautiful!

  13. 16th January 2018 / 17:53

    I love this post!! You’re happy and having fun and it’s infectious! What a great hairstyle. My hair is soooo thin… I’m getting it cut next week in NYC and perhaps buying a hairpiece. We’ll see. Brenda

    • 16th January 2018 / 18:40

      Thanks, Brenda. I find that a good haircut and suitable products really help thinning hair

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