Walking is great exercise

Walking is great exercise

I love walking. It is my favourite form of exercise. A good brisk walk “blows the cobwebs away”. Now that my left hip and knee tend to play up unless I am careful I find walking and my weekly pilates class my best forms of keeping myself fit and my joints supple.

Walking in the countryside helps to calm my mind and soothe my spirit. There is something about being close to nature that can assist us in dealing with the rush of daily life.

I am lucky that here in France we have some wonderful walks, through the vineyards and the woods. Not to mention a walk on the beach, at this time of year only ten minutes drive away.

What to wear. I like to be comfortable especially when it comes to shoes. I have been putting my new Vionic active trainers to the test and they are performing well. They are supportive and so comfortable.

Above from Marks&Spencer: Floral print top / padded sports bra  / Black hooded top / Water bottle / backpack / Performance joggersVionic active trainers (UK) Vionic active trainers (US) / yoga mat.

With my good intention of keeping up my daily walking routine when I return to London this weekend it is time to replace some of my worn out sports attire. MarksandSpencer has come up with an excellent range this season. I am going to be more adventurous and buy some of their jazzy tops and leggings to go with my colourful trainers,

Above a selection of active sportswear from Nordstrom: Sports tee / Black sports bra / Sportswear jacket / Water bottle / Backpack / Activewear leggings /  Vionic active trainers (UK) Vionic active trainers (US)  / Yoga Mat

Walking is great exercise

Let’s get out in the fresh air and make 2018 the year we focus on looking after ourselves and taking care of our health.


  1. Mary
    15th January 2018 / 14:36

    Love your outfit and have similar items in black (Think your navy looks more classy). We have the New Forest on our doorstep and the heath just over the back garden hedge so I should really be able to have a good choice of a walking area. Your photos and enthusiastic blogs are helping me a lot!!
    (Not sure about trainers. I have a pair of Flyflot walking shoes that are fantastically comfortable so I’ll stick with those. )

  2. 15th January 2018 / 17:51

    Looking stylish, Josephine! Is that the beach between Port Grimaud and Ste Maxime? It looks lovely and is making me excited for our trip which is coming up very fast! I have some Skechers and new trainer type shoes from Clarks so I’ll be taking at least one pair with me. Hope you had a good journey home and that the crossing wasn’t too bumpy!

  3. 16th January 2018 / 06:23

    I’m terribly envious! I love nothing better than a walk on the beach, but here on the Canadian prairie it was -14ºC and windy today. That’s warm compared to what it’s been lately, so we don’t get outside much at this time of year.

    Elaine @ Following Augustine

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