A classic Summer look

A classic Summer look

I have been wearing dresses most days this summer. They are not only very on trend this season but have been the ideal garment to wear during this hot and humid weather.

However sometimes it is good to ring the changes. In these photos, I have chosen a classic look and have kept my outfit simple yet smart. I have teamed a pair of black linen classic trousers (I found this pair in a charity shop about two years ago). They are by Max Mara. My bargain hunting certainly paid off that day as they fit perfectly and the thick linen hangs well.

I have teamed them with a classic white shirt and added a pop of colour with my Coach crossbody bag bought in the sale last year similar.

A classic Summer look

I feel this classic summer look would look smart enough for work. Who wears a jacket when the weather is this hot? You could swap the sandals for a pair of flats or low heeled pumps. The addition of a briefcase would elevate the outfit to more formal if you were attending a business meeting.

A classic Summer look

Black trousers and white shirt

Black linen trousers and white shirt

The photos were taken at Ham House by Laura Hines. Follow her Instagram

A classic Summer look

It was such a glorious day that I could not resist taking a break, sitting in the beautiful gardens at Ham House South West London and enjoying the view. I have used this location on several occasions and you can see more of the gardens here and here.

A good selection of white shirts at Nordstrom.


  1. Mary K.
    6th August 2018 / 15:30

    You look fabulous!

  2. Kay
    6th August 2018 / 15:37

    You look cool and fresh in your ensemble! We were just at Petersham Gardens which looks to be near Ham House earlier this month–visiting our son and his family. I must say it was quite warm and we are from Florida!

    • 6th August 2018 / 15:48

      Hi Kay
      Yes, it has been very hot this Summer. I love Petersham Gardens and often visit it. They have a great cafe with delicious cakes. Yes, it is near Ham House.

  3. Helene G.
    6th August 2018 / 16:40

    This look is one of your most faboulous look (and I follow you since a moment) !
    So smart, “simple”, AND confortable (often difficult to obtain all that) !
    And it gives a great feeling of light…
    Congratulations !

  4. Lois, Home Base Holidays
    6th August 2018 / 16:53

    A lovely look – especially love your necklace!

    • 6th August 2018 / 18:35

      Thank you. The necklace is from St.Tropez market.

  5. Eleni
    6th August 2018 / 17:31

    An absolutely wonderful classic look. The shirt is beautiful. I seem to have trouble with shirts, if they fit at the bust, the sleeves are miles too long !

  6. 6th August 2018 / 18:37

    Hi Eleni
    I have the opposite as I have a small bust and longish arms. Rolling up your sleeves can look very chic. I often do.

  7. Lynne Savage
    6th August 2018 / 22:04

    I love a turned up collar but cant pull it off. I end up just looking untidy. You look “chic”.

  8. 7th August 2018 / 10:02

    A good trick is to spray the collar with starch when you iron. It helps the collar to stay up.

  9. Mary
    7th August 2018 / 10:10

    Agree with everyone here: a fabulous look.

    Like the starch tip!

  10. 7th August 2018 / 10:35

    Great look. There’s nothing quite like a charity shop find, I found a Max Mara silk shirt in a local charity shop and gave them more than they were asking as £3 didn’t seem enough! Six years later I’m still wearing it.

  11. Marilyn L
    7th August 2018 / 15:45

    Great look. Love it.

  12. Rita
    8th August 2018 / 00:14

    I’m not normally a fan of white shirts, but that shirt is lovely. And, you wear it very well.

  13. Kathryn Irvine-Bray
    8th August 2018 / 13:51

    Charity shop finds, sales and outfits that can easily be put together. All reasons I so enjoy your blog.

  14. Anon
    8th August 2018 / 23:17

    I’ll add to the chorus. I love this look.

  15. plutrell
    12th August 2018 / 22:26

    You look amazing, Josephine…I love this classic look and your smile!

  16. Sally Marshall
    14th August 2018 / 07:14

    I love your blogs. A while ago you mentioned a Perspex earring brand that were your go to – could you remind me of the name? Thank you

    • 14th August 2018 / 09:43

      Hi Sally
      Glad you like the blog. I can’t think which earring brand you are referring to. I mostly buy my costume jewellery in St.Tropez market when I am in France. The other source I sometimes use is Etsy. you might find something you like there.

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