My Summer make-up routine

My summer Make-up routine

If I am going out and about or want to put a “full face” on I will use the above products. I have become a great fan of the Lookfabulousforever make-up range. It is specially formulated to suit older faces. I find that especially in this hot weather it stays in place, no disappearing, slipping or sliding.  They have just introduced two new products Colour Balance Neutralisers. I find that the peach one is excellent for helping to cover dark under eye circles and brown spots, I wear it under the concealer. The green one is good for neutralising any red areas on the skin. The face primer really helps smooth the skin and keep the foundation in place all day. The blusher is a cream to powder format which does not sink into those pesky wrinkles. The bronzer looks scarily dark but in fact, I just whisk a small amount over my forehead down the sides of my face and lightly on the bridge of my nose and it looks natural as though my skin had been gently touched by the sun.

I keep my eye make up simple. I find their no shimmer eyeshadow trio is a useful new addition to the range. For my eyebrows, I find that this magic pencil Benefit Eyebrow pencil works wonders in filling in my increasingly sparse eyebrows and Benefit mascara is my current favourite for lengthening and thickening my lashes.

During the summer I tend to wear lighter colours such as white, ivory or pastel pink or blue so I need a light lipstick colour such as my LFF lipstick in “pink pop”.

Disclaimer: The LFF trio eyeshadow and the LFF colour balance neutralisers were gifted to me. The other LFF products I already have in my make-up box.

PS. For my American readers, there is still time to grab some bargains in the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale before it ends on 7th August.

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I have selected some classic items that I think will be worth considering to get you ready for the coming season. Click here to see my choices.


  1. 3rd August 2018 / 15:23

    I’ve seen that range of make-up but have found Bare Minerals to be my saviour. After many discarded bottles of various makes of foundation, I’ve been using this mineral make-up range for about five years. I use Lançome mascara and my current favourite lipstick is by Christian Dior.

    • 3rd August 2018 / 17:02

      I did try Bare Minerals when they first launched, however, I found their foundation masklike and too drying for my skin. This is some years ago now and I am sure they have bought out new products since then. Everybody’s skin is different and you need to find out what works for you.

  2. Lyndsay Aston
    3rd August 2018 / 16:39

    Follow both blogs Tricia Cusden from LFF and yours so a bit tiresome to see this outrageous plug for LFF products

    • 3rd August 2018 / 16:59

      Hi Lyndsay
      I am sorry you consider this post an outrageous plug. I met Tricia Custon about three years ago at a local golf club near where I live. A friend who lives in Wimbledon had suggested I might be interested. She was talking about her philosophy of make-up for older women and demonstrating her make-up range. I liked her attitude toward make-up for older women and her products. I purchased my first few products and was impressed (I am a qualified beautician, image consultant and trained in make-up). We kept in touch and since then we have done several promotions together.
      I was not paid for this post and would never promote a product that I did not use myself or feel that would be of interest to my readers.
      All the products that I featured are in my make-up box and I use them daily.

      • Pat
        3rd August 2018 / 23:00

        I do not consider this post to be a plug. I appreciate learning how bloggers like Josephine vary their makeup routines for differents times of year. I need the inspiration to vary my routine as I tend to do the same thing too much. A post like this prods me to experiment…and think a bit on how I might lighten my summer make up look. This is timely because I leave for a week on Cape Cod tomorrow, and am thinking about a “little to no makeup” look.

        I first learned of the Look Fabulous Forever line by following this blog. And I thank Josephine for sharing information about LFF! I have ordered several times from LFF, and I am very pleased with the quality of the products. I love, love the primer. I have purchased multiples shades of eye shadow and lip colors and am finding which are my faves. I generally do not like lipstick, but I love LFF’s lipsticks and the lip primer. I now also follow Tricia Cusden’s blog and get regular emails from LFF, and I really enjoy the positive messages and profiles and interviews and photos on the street. It is inspiring and refreshing to see older women celebrated here and by LFF.

        Josephine, I enjoy when you share clothing, shoes, accessories or beauty items that you like and use. And I like how you expose your thinking in putting outfits together and outlining different options. This is why I follow bloggers. And I regularly read 5 blogs including this one. I get their take which is bit more detailed than product reviews on store sites and such. I also get inspiration for how to mix it up or try putting things together in a different way. I find I now get my inspiration from blogs and Pinterest and less from fashion magazines.

        I guess I don’t take a post like this as sales pitch or plug. After all, it is my choice whether or not purchase. When I do purchase, it is usually after reading and pondering it a bit and considering my own needs and budget. I have rarely regretted a purchase I made based on a blog post, even the ones on the more expensive side.

        Thanks for listening…just wanted to share a different perspective!

        • 4th August 2018 / 08:53

          Hi Pat

          Thank you for joining the conversation. Everybody has different perspectives. Since I started my blog about 10 years ago there have been many changes and it is a fine line between offering up to date information, discovering new products and brands and being too pushy and commercial. The purpose of my blog is to inspire women to continue to experiment and have fun with their wardrobe and makeup. Not everybody will engage with every post ideally I offer enough variety to cover a range of interests and tastes.

    • Jill Stein
      6th August 2018 / 18:10

      I don’t consider this a push to buy anything, more a conversation of what works for this particular person. I like hearing others experience of what works and does not work in makeup and clothes. It’s all in the perspective!

  3. Kathryn
    3rd August 2018 / 17:22

    One standby I used to use and tried to buy again on a rare trip to the UK was Boots product to prevent shine. It was a gel to dab on shiny areas, especially useful n hot climates orto dab on to fix makeup mid-evening. I was disappointed to find that it was discontinued. Does anyone else know of a similar product?

  4. Kathryn Irvine-Bray
    3rd August 2018 / 17:52

    Just placed an order for lipstick, lip primer, and eyelash curler. Looking forward to trying this brand. Thanks for the recommendation.

  5. 3rd August 2018 / 18:14

    I tried and used the LFF line for about two years and thought I really liked it. Then, it started sort of caking at odd times and at different places on my face. It would sort of flake and peel off whenever.I would take a makeup pad with a little face cream and wipe it off and start again (in the middle of the day!) And I didn’t like the concealer or blush at all. I tried….and really wanted to like it! But I went back to BareMinerals which I had been using and am now a forever fan. Just the concealer, face powder/makeup and the eye shadows. I use several other brands for other products. Too bad: I like Tricia’s philosophy, packaging and general style but it just didn’t work for me.

  6. 3rd August 2018 / 18:40

    Interesting. I have not had that experience. Everybodys skin is different. It might be worh contacting them and giving them this feedback. I am sure they would appreciate it.

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