Warm sweaters for windy days

Warm sweaters for windy days

My husband took the photo above on the last day of our recent trip to France. We went into St. Tropez for a coffee and a wander around the port. The skies were wonderfully blue but there had just been a mistral so the temperature was relatively low. I was wearing the warm chunky wool sweater I had recently bought in the MeandEm sale. Similar style in navy.

Warm sweaters for windy days

We are definitely not through winter yet in the UK. We still have February and March to go and they can be some of the coldest months. If you want a sweater or cardigan to keep you warm in my opinion it needs to have at least 50% wool or if you can afford it cashmere in the mix.

That is one of the reasons that I am a fan of MeandEm as their sweaters have a total or high percentage of natural fibres in their styles. I know they are expensive but I have been buying their woollies since they started and still have the ones I purchased over six years ago.

Even though I have been decluttering and wardrobe editing due to our imminent house move all my MeandEm are all coming with me despite very little wardrobe space.

Navy blue roll neck sweater

I have teamed my blue sweater with a pair of plain widish leg black trousers from Benetton in their boutique in St.Tropez. I also bought this lovely pale pink cashmere sweater (reduced in their sale from £59.95 to £41.95). It comes in lots of different colours. I nearly bought a pale blue one as well. There is also a wide selection of warm colours. UK Website

Pink cashmere polo neck sweater

They do have a shop in Kingston (near where I live). They also have a comprehensive website.

Sweater. black trousers and beret

I am wearing gloves and a beret because the wind was whistling across the bay.

Warm sweaters for windy days

A final note, at least I truly hope it is not final. If you are a regular on Instagram or have read the Guardian this week you may well have heard that very unexpectedly the investment funding that Nayna of HopeFashion was expecting to receive in January was pulled. This means that Hope may have to close. I am a great fan of HopeFashion. You can see me wearing their clothes here and here.

I have supported Hope from the beginning as I believe we need more small brands that use good sustainable fabrics and manufacture to a high standard so that the clothes last. (I am still wearing pieces from eight years ago).

If you want to help Hope survive this difficult period you can become a HOPE SAVIOUR by giving Hope £100, £250 or more to help rescue the brand.

You will be eligible to enter a Prize Draw with the possibility of winning a styling appointment with Nayna and a voucher for £1000 to spend on the Spring/Summer collection.


  1. Sally
    3rd February 2023 / 16:15

    Love the photos of St Tropez. The blue sweater really suits you. Would you mind telling us where you bought your super shoes.

  2. Maureen Marshall
    3rd February 2023 / 16:32

    I love your style Josephine as you have similar colouring and are the same age as me. We recently sold our holiday home in France so I enjoy your posts from France very much ( and wistfully)

  3. Susan
    4th February 2023 / 09:42

    I love those gloves, they really do make you look so extra stylish, sometimes it’s just those little extras to give that polished look.

  4. 4th February 2023 / 12:49

    I had forgotten all about the Benetton brand (!) but accessed the website from your link. Lots of bargains in the sale in my size . Wish, though, they have length of the longer cardigan.jackets.

  5. Kari
    5th February 2023 / 20:24

    Love the happy smile and attitude in last photo especially!

  6. Jan Corbett
    7th February 2023 / 14:11

    Lovely to see the sunshine, although nice and sunny here today. I am wearing a MeandEm polo that I purchased several years back. It’s comfortable and warm. I’m off to Northern Spain shortly and planning layers as it’s still a bit cool in the North.
    Thanks for mentioning Nayna at Hope Josephine. It is a lovely brand with a good team behind it that give great customer care. This is truly a brand worth saving.
    I would also mention that they have some lovely knits in their sale too. Definitely worth a visit to their website.

  7. anlon artsalon
    24th February 2023 / 19:35

    love the gloves to look classy

  8. Sandra from Spoo-Design
    26th February 2023 / 10:44

    I really like this blue colour. It is so lively and nevertheless not “childish” – and of course it corresponds wonderful with the sea, the blue sky – and your white hair. Good choice!

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