Continuing to take care of our skin

Continuing to take care of our skin

It may seem trivial to be talking about how to continue to take care of our skin at the moment, however, I find that with so much out of our control continuing to look after and nurture our skin is one thing that we do have control over. I find that keeping to a daily morning and evening ritual of cleansing and moisturising my skin is somehow comforting. Also, I don’t want to wake up when all this is over with dry parched skin.

I therefore decided to share with you the products I am currently using and why I consider them to be beneficial.

Nuxe creme fraiche rich hydrating cream My skin was definitely feeling a bit parched. The cold easterly wind that has been blowing here recently has dried my skin. So I have added this cream to my morning routine.

Noomi Birch Tech I have written previously about using Retinol on my skin. A dermatologist recommended Retinol when I had a check-up following the removal of a cancerous spot on the tip of my nose. I have been using some version of it ever since.

The previous serum I was using was a bit strong and my skin became very dry so I was very happy when I was sent a bottle of the Noomi BirchTech Hybrid overnight serum/cream. It contains 0.5% Retinol (which is a good level to start with if you have not used Retinol before) + Vitamin C, Hyaluronic Acid and Swedish Birch Sap. The ingredients are 100% natural. Read more here. One of the reasons I really like this product is because it is a one-stop-shop. Before I was using my Retinol serum plus several other products. The Noomi BirchTech is now all I use every evening. After three weeks of nightly application, my skin is definitely looking clearer and brighter.

Noomi have very kindly offered my readers a discount with Code josephine20 (20% off BirchTech Hybrid Serum/Cream + Free shipping)
josephineduo (30% off BirchTech Hybrid + Pillowcase when bought together + free shipping) (I will be writing about the silk pillowcase in a future post). FREE SHIPPING ALSO COVERS THE USA.

Bobbi Brown vitamin make-up base If I am in a hurry this is a good quick moisturiser/primer under foundation. I use it alternately with the Nuxe creme. Recommended by India Knight of the Sunday Times.

SVR creme SPF50 high protection anti brown spot cream Now, this is one of my very important discoveries. This cream not only protects your skin for UV light but also blue light emitted from our devices. Now that we are probably doing more Netflixing and working at home on our computers I consider this cream very important. Although the science is not yet conclusive as to how damaging blue light is for the skin, personally I prefer to be safe than sorry.

Filgora eye cream. I purchased this eye cream when I was last in Paris (that now seems so long ago). This cream is quite pricey but the skin around our eyes is delicate so I prefer to use a specialist cream.

Are you continuing to take care of your skin? If so are you doing anything different at this time or do you have any hints or tips to share with us? Please leave them in the comments section.

I will be back on Monday with more useful items to take care of our hands and faces

Disclaimer. The Noomi BirchTech cream/serum was kindly gifted to me. I genuinely really like the product and all words are my own.


  1. Janet McNeal
    3rd April 2020 / 17:43

    I totally agree with you about looking after your skin, and keeping to a regular routine, ALWAYS, and as you say, very important at this difficult time.
    I have fairly recently become a convert to Avene, it suits my skin, the serum is lovely, and the containers are 30ml, so no problem in hand baggage! Yes you will get to Paris again!

  2. Carol in Denver
    4th April 2020 / 03:46

    I’ve always taken good care of my skin and used to get compliments on it but no more: I have developed chemical and food allergies, with rashes & pimples. Prescription meds from the dermatologist help but are not a cure. She advised me to wash my face, with my hands and CeraVe face wash and moisturize with CeraVe cream or moisturizer. Tea Tree oil is ok to use; it helps with some types of blemishes. I am elderly. No more purchases of lovely creams, serums and moisturizers for me.

    • 4th April 2020 / 18:22

      Hello Carol
      CeraVE is an excellent product for skin conditions. They sell it at my local chemist.

  3. Anne
    4th April 2020 / 09:19

    Are these products cruelty-free?

    • 4th April 2020 / 18:27

      Hello Anne
      The Noomi product is definitely cruelty free. Having done some research the rest of your question is complex. Nuxe do not test their ingredients or finished products on animals. However they do sell in China who have a manditory testing on animals policy for all products. Most of the major bands seem to be similar. If the products are sold in China they will at some stage be tested on animals. Hope that this answers your question.

      • Anne
        5th April 2020 / 06:49

        Thank you for your answer. I only use cruelty-free vegan products. I like The Ordinary skincare, good quality and amazingly priced!

  4. Pauline
    4th April 2020 / 14:25

    Not trivial at all. It ‘s the small ‘normalities’ that make this situation bearable.

  5. Margaret Ann Michels
    4th April 2020 / 16:40

    Really enjoy your posts and appreciate advice as well as fashion and healthcare tips. Definitely time to spoil ourselves!

  6. Lorraine
    6th May 2020 / 11:11

    I used the discount code recently to buy Noomi’s Birch Tech overnight serum. They advise using a sun protection SPF in the morning, and I wonder if this means a sun cream or whether my SPF 25 foundation will be adequate. What do you do, please?

    • 6th May 2020 / 12:56

      Hello Loraine
      It is a good question. I am still loving their serum. It really depends on where you live and how often you are exposed to strong sunlight. Personally, as I have had a melanoma removed from the tip of my nose I need to be very careful. I use Avene Haute Protection tinted compact for everyday UVA SPF 50. You need to make sure your foundation includes a UVA factor as these are the rays that penetrate deeper into the skin. Using any type of retinol does make your skin slightly more sensitive although I find the Noomi one less so than my previous product. To be safe I would probably recommend a higher factor. If I am not using my compact I do use a suncream currently Nuxe SPF50. It is quite moisturising so I don’t really need a separate moisturiser, so only two steps. Hope this helps

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