The daffodils are blooming here in London and adding a shot of yellow to our city.  Yet most of our  wardrobes are full of winter clothes and woolies.

Now is an ideal time to have a good Spring clean and edit our wardrobes before making those new purchases.


As I have very little wardrobe space, every season I have to do a big change around and store all my out of season clothes in suitcases in the garage. This is very energy and time consuming so I decided to have a big audit and clear out unwanted stuff.  I unpacked all my summer clothes and meticulously tried each garment on and if any of the criteria below applied out it went.

Rules of engagement:-

  1. If it no longer fits. Out it goes
  2. If it is no longer flattering (either colour or style) Out it goes
  3. If I have not worn it for the previous 2 years. Out it goes


I was left with 3 substantial piles:-

  1. To go to the charity shop
  2. To sell at the local 2nd hand shop
  3. To take to the recycling bins

In the process, horror of horrors, I discovered a couple of sweaters with moth holes in them. I am so careful and always use cedar blocks and moth proof sachets in my draws and wardrobe so this discovery was of great concern. I promptly took the sweaters off to be darned (luckily we have a very good wool shop near us that offers this rare service). However the real emergency is to prevent this from happening again. Apparently modern moths are becoming resistant to all the usual preventatives, like lavender and cedar.  I was told that putting your sweaters in the freezer before packing them away would kill the eggs and larvae, but not sure that this works.



It is very important to ensure that all clothes are clean before being packed away and according to my very knowledgeable local dry cleaner, cleaning fluid will kill any potential eggs.

I have ordered some moth proofing products that hopefully will rid my wardrobe from these invisible pesky pests!

Moth Kill Products

If you have any helpful advice on how to deal with destructive clothes eating moths I would love to hear from you.


Yesterday was very quiet here in the small French village of Grimaud. No street parties and no bunting to celebrate the Royal wedding.  In fact it was just a normal day. So a few of us patriotic Brits got together to watch the happy couple tie the knot and we raised a glass of Champagne to their future together. Most of the time we spent watching the amazing fashion parade unfolding before our eyes as the guests arrived at Westminster Abbey; making comments as to what we liked or disliked along the way. The general concensus was that we loved “the dress” however as there is already so much coverage and comments as to what Kate and the younger members of the royal party were wearing I thought that I would stick to the more mature members the congregation.

All three dressed very appropriately for the occasion 
 Photo by Euronews at Flickr

Good choice of colour it allowed her to stand out among the crowd 
 photo from Norman at Flickr

Beautiful colour, very classic and I loved theshoes
Photo from Flickr

All three great examples of how to dress appropriately for a wedding, they have set a high standard for wedding guests and mothers/grandmothers of the bride/groom this season.  What do you think?
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While wandering round the Brocante at Jaz des Roberts last Sunday Mr Chic and I came across this superb bronze statue and it was love at first sight.  It was on the same stall from which we bought our bronze statue “Brigitte” last year Statue on display.  We made an attempt to barter in order to lower the price. However our pleas of poverty and £ versus Euro only produced crocodille tears from the vendor. The “petit prix” that we were after still alluded us. We are now stalking her from market to market in the hope that we can negotiate a mutually acceptable price and she will be ours.

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What with all the excitement about the fothcoming Royal Wedding and all the curiosity and excitement about what the female guests will be wearing, not to mention the Bride’s dress I thought I would take another angle and write about what the male guests might be donning for the occasion. There was a really good article in The Sunday Times Life and Arts section published on 9th April entitled “Fit for a (furture) King”.  The article was about bespoke British tailoring. The Saville Row Tailor Gieves and Hawkes is rumoured to be producing the military outfit that William will wear on the day, but who knows it is still a well kept secret.  Is this an opportunity to sing the praises of our world renounded British Tailoring. I had the privilage of visiting Benson and Clegg a Bespoke Tailors in Piccadilly Arcade, just off Jermyn street and talking with the owner and head Tailor a couple of weeks ago. It was a great experience watching him take the measurements for a suit and help the customer choose exactly the right weight and colour of clothe to suit their requirements.  The attention to detail was amazing, nothing was overlooked from the exact width and style of the lapel to the insert of a tiny pocket on the inside of the trouser waistband, just large enough for a credit card and a folded up bank note (if you did not want to carry a wallet when going out in the evening). This is a major investment, a bespoke suit goes not come cheap, however if looked after should last the owner 20 years or more, provided they do not change shape to any great degree.



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The Brocante was extremely buzzy this morning. There were so many stalls and visitors that cars were parked out in the road, making much work for the local traffic police who were giving out an abundance of parking tickets. However it was worth the effort as there were an abundance of good things to be had if you were prepared to search through all the rubbish. From vintage clothes to designer handbags, from bric a brac to furniture. Below are a few examples from one of the stalls that I frequent regularly. There always seems to be something there of interest. Let me know what you think. Should my friend have gone for the black Prada or the red Lancel?

Anyone for Hats or plummage? How about a hat for the forthcoming Royal wedding!

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