White jeans three ways

White jeans three ways

White jeans are a staple of my Spring/Summer wardrobe. They are fresh and extremely adaptable. The ones I am wearing above are about four years old and still fit which is a miracle as I have been indulging in some delicious raw chocolate. My favourite is Raw chocolate with almonds. I am quite disciplined and only have one or two small squares at tea time, but I do look forward to them. I digress; back to the topic of how to wear white jeans three ways. Above I have teamed mine with my new grey silver star print tee from Hush also available at JohnLewis&Partners.

I needed to replace some of my old tee shirts and just could not resist this one. It was the silver stars that attracted me. They are quite subtle but just lift the tee from ordinary to special. I also like the fact that it hangs quite loose, some tees tend to cling around the middle which is not very flattering.

I have picked up on the silver theme by adding some silver sandals, about two years old from Gabor. Still available at JohnLewis&Partners.

White jeans and blue cotton top

A touch of my favourite colour pale blue. Top originally from Cos about 2 years ago. Cos is a good brand to check out if you like A-line tops, so is Arket, I have my eye on a lovely pink one.

White jeans three ways

My usual white trainers from Fitflop. I love hats and wear them a lot especially my straw Panamas similar.

White jeans and grey cashmere cardigan

I find cardigans so useful. This one is from JohnLewis&Partners about two years old. They still have the same style in different colours, I love the look of the pale blue one. I have worn this one so often, both summer and winter. It is a light 100% cashmere and washes well.

White jeans three ways

How I styled the same jeans last year.


  1. Himanshu Nainawa
    15th May 2020 / 13:23

    You are looking gorgeous in this white outfit. I love to see that at old age you are willing to be in Fashion and maintain yourself like a young girl. Always be in Fashion

    • 15th May 2020 / 20:30

      wow, I don’t know if I would’ve used the words “at old age….” Eek.

    • Linda Barnes
      15th May 2020 / 22:14

      Gosh, she isn’t old. I bet Josephine is upset with that comment

      • 16th May 2020 / 11:31

        Thanks for your kind comments regarding age. I actually thought that I had deleted the comment not because of the age remark but due to the fact that is was not a genuine comment but just brand trying to promote their site which I dont allow. Now that it is up there I will address the content. Age does not concern me. I think there is a difference between cronological age, which I can’t do anything about I will be 70 in July and biological age, which I feel I can do something about eg. good diet, exercise etc.
        I do take notice of constructive criticism however any other kind tells me more about the person saying or writing it than it does about me.

        • June wright
          17th May 2020 / 14:02

          I think it is wonderful to embrace our old age and wear the number with pride….and be grateful …..if is about living brilliantly ….looking our best….staying current….so let’s love our old age and wear it proudly I say….

  2. Ann
    15th May 2020 / 16:15

    Very nice options and ideas for this warmer weather. You looks so good in hats! I wish I did as the hat adds such a fun element to the look, very nice.

  3. BeatrizMaria
    15th May 2020 / 16:52

    Love your outfits.Agree with you
    about COS tops: have two in silk and wash fine.
    Love white jeans forbidden to me because I’m too curvy
    Still here in quarantine confined at home.
    Best wishes Mrs Josephine

  4. Sara
    15th May 2020 / 17:13

    I like your slightly longer hair, Josephine. Is it courtesy of the lockdown, or a deliberate choice? Whichever, I think it really suits you.
    Agree re the white jeans; at the beginning of every summer, I am always delighted when I can fit into last year’s model! Despite the temptations of food during the lockdown, I have finally lost 11lbs so far of the stone I’ve been trying to drop and, like you, I LOVE chocolate. I limit it but it’s hard.
    Agree too re Cos but I think this season’s clothing is a bit off the wall. When it’s good, it’s excellent but some of it is weird this summer. I am very selective about it, especially as I have to rely on online and not try on in the shop at the moment.

    • 16th May 2020 / 11:34

      Hello Sara
      Thanks for the compliment re: my hair. The length of my hair is due to the lockdown, I have not had it cut since January. As I usually have it cut in France I can’t see that that will be possible any time soon. However I have come to like it longer so will probably keep the lenght and just have a trim.
      Cos is one store that I like to visit as it can sometimes be difficult to judge the styles on line.

  5. Pru
    15th May 2020 / 17:36

    I can’t find any decent white jeans…. any suggestions? I don’t like heavy ones!
    Your hair looks great Josephine; is it a darker shade of grey now.

    • 16th May 2020 / 11:49

      Hello Pru
      The fabric of the jeans I am wearing is medium weight. You could try NYDJ jeans, they are thinner fabric and have a lot of stretch in them. I also like the shape of the Levi jeans from John Lewis, I have a pair in mid blue denim. Boden also has good quality jeans. You may need to try a few before you find the ideal shape jeans can be tricky.
      Re: Re: my hair it seems to have gone from a mid blonde with highlights to light grey at the front and dark at the sides and back, no idea why the back has gone darker. It now looks like my mothers used to but she always had dark hair. Very strange.

      • Pru
        16th May 2020 / 12:57

        Thank you so much for the ideas …..in desperation last night I ordered from The White Company last night.
        I’m going try your suggestions also.

  6. Judith
    15th May 2020 / 18:29

    Thank you for this, you’ve tempted me into purchasing the Hush T shirt and that pale blue cardigan. I’m really hoping they look good.

    • 16th May 2020 / 11:41

      Hello Judith I am loving my Hush T shirt and am tempted to buy another one, maybe plain this time.

  7. 16th May 2020 / 07:29

    Love white jeans and have a very comfortable pair of Bauken’s boyfriend jeans in white and black. However whenever I wear the white ones it’s as though an external force is compelling me to sit on spilled jam, kneel on wet grass and throw my dinner over myself. I enjoy wearing them though the experience rarely lasts a whole day!

  8. 16th May 2020 / 11:42

    Hello MaureenC
    I seem to be alright with white jeans but my white tee shirts often seem to get a stain on them that is hard to remove.

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