How to wear white jeans for Summer

Navy blazer and white jeans

How to wear white jeans

I have a love/hate relationship with white jeans. I love them because they look fresher than blue or black jeans when the sun is shining. I hate them because it is so difficlt to find a flattering pair that fit well. The fabric needs to be thick enough that they are not too clingy and see through; yet not too thick that they feel hot in high temperatures.

Selection of white jeans:

Navy blazer and white jeans

I have styled my new white jeans in a variety of ways which I will be sharing with you over the next couple of weeks. I had to replace my old ones. They were about three years old and I had to admit that they were looking a bit tired. I replaced them with these from JohnLewis&Partners.

Navy blazer and white jeans

Navy blazers:

I have styled them here in a very classic way with my at least five year old navy jacket by Theory. It is pricey but in my opinion worth it if you have the budget as mine has done good service for at least five years. It nearly went into the donate pile as I felt it was looking a bit too small however I am glad I didn’t as teamed with all white it has taken on a new lease of life.

White shirts:

Details of above:

My Gabe stretch wool navy blazer (old) is still available here. White jeans NYDJ from JohnLewis&Partners. I also have a pair from MarksandSpencer which fit me well and I am very pleased with. They only cost £19.50. My sneakers are Adidas Superstar slip ons These seem to be sold out FitFlop have some good options and they are very comfortable. Pink large summer cotton scarf. Shop at Chicatanyage.

The photographs were taken by Laura Hines. Follow her on Instagram


  1. Connie Konidaris
    21st May 2019 / 16:48

    Dear Josephine, I love your posts.I am a big fan.I follow all your posts.I love this total white look for summer.Because I live in Athens, Greece and summers are very hot, it is really difficult to wear jeans.However I do wear a lots of white slacks. Much love, Connie Konidaris.

  2. Joyce Rubenstein
    21st May 2019 / 17:25

    I love the look of white pants or jeans. Big problem they end up in the laundry more than on me!!!

    • 21st May 2019 / 17:43

      Hi Joyce
      Yes I know what you mean. I don’t wear mine when I have my three small grandsons to stay!

  3. Robyn
    21st May 2019 / 17:28

    Very nice outfit – love the navy blazer – it looks very good on you. Good thing you kept it. Just to let you know that your link to the Adidas Superstars is not working.

    • 21st May 2019 / 17:49

      Hi Robyn
      Thanks for your comment. I have just checked the Adidas link. It is working but it defaults to alternative styles as the one I am wearing seems to be sold out. They are a few years old so sorry about that. The only other place I could find them was at Adidas UK but they had a different colour on the bands at the top.

  4. 21st May 2019 / 19:53

    I just bought a new pair of white jeans yesterday. I was exhausted after three stores and all that trying on! But ended up with a perfect pair from Gap. I do think white jeans are almost fool proof… they dress up or down and look good for almost any outing. My problem now is: are they just too heavy and “clunky” to pack for our weeks in England. They DO take up space compared to lighter linen or my new favorites of stretch from Athleta. We shall see as the time approaches!

  5. zoe egerton
    23rd May 2019 / 01:30

    I’d like to buy a pair of the Fitflops sandals. Usually I buy open toed sandals half a size smaller than my normal size. As you have a pair, could you advise on whether to purchase in your normal size or half a size smaller?

  6. 23rd May 2019 / 11:38

    Hi Zoe
    I am wearing a size 37 which is my normal size and they are fine. I have fairly narrow but not very narrow feet. You could always order two sizes they seem to have a good returns policy. I often find this is the best way as I can then do a comparison.

  7. 24th May 2019 / 10:00

    I bought some very nice white jeans by Laurie – a Danish make – stocked here in Jersey and available by mail if you can’t find them in your area. They’re a good fit and well made of good quality fabric AND not too thick.

  8. frances schleien
    24th May 2019 / 16:28

    You look great! I think the cross-body bag spoils the look just a bit. Love your posts. I live in Canada but I visit London frequently because London is my daughter’s home. Your retail references are great help.

  9. 24th May 2019 / 16:37

    Hi Frances
    You may be right about the bag but sometimes they are just so useful.

  10. Diana Garrett
    25th May 2019 / 00:42

    I love NYDJ white and blue jeans and found that the style ‘Barbara’ is my favorite. I couldn’t find them in Denver, CO so had to go to amazon to find them. Perfect and here in 2 days, as usual.

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