The benefit of cabbage to support gastric health

Red cabbage slaw salad

When Josephine first came to see me with gastritis and stomach discomfort she was rather mystified when I asked her to go and start juicing cabbages every day.

Benefits of the humble cabbage to support gastic health

Cabbage has a wide range of health benefits and as a juice is very effective for healing a damaged stomach lining and is used for ulcer treatment.  It has been used for many years for its inexpensive and therapeutic healing properties.

I like using red cabbage as it contains a powerful antioxidant known as anthocyanin, this has many health benefits including skin care, reducing cancer and boosting the immune system.

I regularly make this raw salad, you can serve it as part of a meal, alongside a BBQ or just with a nice piece of cooked fish.

Beautiful in colour, it looks stunning when served.

Red Cabbage Slaw

100g pumpkin seeds

2 large carrots grated 

200g baby spinach leaves, thinly sliced 

1 red onion thinly sliced 

½ red cabbage core removed and thinly sliced 

1 green/red/yellow pepper thinly sliced

Serves 8 – if you want to make a smaller quantity just half the ingredients.

Dressing: 6 tablespoons olive oil, 2 tablespoons red wine vinegar, Pinch or ¼ tsp dried chilli flakes, 1-tablespoon runny honey, Salt and pepper

Turn the oven onto 200c and roast the pumpkin seeds for 5 minutes

In a bowl whisk together the red wine vinegar, olive oil, chilli and honey.  Season with salt and pepper and mix well.

Place the carrots, spinach, onion, cabbage, pepper and pumpkin seeds into a bowl and toss together to mix.

If making the day before, don’t add the pumpkin seeds until ready to serve. When ready to serve toss the dressing into the salad and sprinkle over the pumpkin seeds.

Thank you Emma for another delicious and healthy recipe. I can vouch for the fact that the humble cabbage is, in my opinion, a miracle cure. When I first started having stomach problems caused by gastritis I was in France. I was in considerable discomfort but did not want to consult a doctor there as I would almost certainly have been given antacid tablets which I had tried and they did not agree with me.

My only option was the cabbage so a friend drove me to the nearest supermarket and I filled up one of those large supermarket trolleys with cabbages. In fact, I took all they had on the counter and we had to ask the assistant to bring more. When I got back to the flat I proceeded to juices my cabbages. Cabbage juice drunk neat has a very strong taste so I would advise mixing it with carrots, celery, apple, pear or any other vegetable or fruit that you fancy. It definitely works. After a week of drinking a glass of juice morning and afternoon my stomach felt considerably better.

As a joke my friends took a photo of cabbages growing in a local field. They reckoned that I had juices these many cabages in a week!

I have been asked by some readers what supplements I take. It is difficult to recommend specific supplements as it depends on the individual and their requirements. How I like the current one I am taking each morning which is the Terra Nove Life drink I also take Vitamin D in liquid form, which is pretty essential if you live in the northern hemisphere and don’t get much sun in the winter months.

The juicer that I use is the Phillips HR1836/01 Viva Collection juicer from Johnlewis&partners. It is not one of the most expensive and I find it easy to use so would hightly recomend it

Disclaimer: We are not medical practitioners. If you have any health issues we would advise you to seek advice from your doctor.


  1. Sharon
    22nd February 2019 / 16:47

    I just went out and bought these ingredients. I wonder if it could be made as a warm salad.

    • 22nd February 2019 / 17:16

      Hi sharon
      I checked with Emma and this is her response ” It would possibly work as a stir fry so could be served warm if cooked for a short time at a high heat in a wok. Best to cook it quickly and keep it crunchy x

      • Sharon
        22nd February 2019 / 20:22

        Thank you

  2. Eleni
    22nd February 2019 / 16:48

    Good and informative blog, Josephine. I have been substituting both green and red cabbages in salads in place of Romaine and Iceberg lettuces for some years now. I laughed at the image of you and your friend loading up at the local market !! So glad you are feeling much better.

  3. 22nd February 2019 / 17:14

    Hi Eleni
    I think the girl at the check out was pretty amazed at a very large trolley pilled to the top with cabbages!

  4. 22nd February 2019 / 17:18

    I was wondering if you could recommend any socks to wear with shoes and boots when wearing jeans & trousers, I have tried those nylon pop socks and find that they dig into my none to slim ankle/ calves and some of the looser warmer socks are much too thick, I would really like a nice thin sock with no tight elastic top, have you any ideas.

    • Maggie Michels
      24th February 2019 / 21:11

      Try Bamboo fibre sox, silky soft to the touch, and therefore not bulky. The top elastic is not tight, and although elastisized, are wide enough not to cut in. Good luck.

      • 25th February 2019 / 15:43

        Thanks for your response, I have seen the bamboo socks advertised.

    • 25th February 2019 / 15:23

      Apologies for the delay in getting back to you. I used to buy M&S ankle socks but they no longer seem to be available in my local store. I recently bought a very comfortable pair while I was in France. They are by Dim.

      One reader recommended bamboo socks but have not tried them personally

      Let me know if you find any good ones and I can share with my readers.

  5. Margo
    25th February 2019 / 14:40

    I am delighted with this post as I am suffering terribly with gastritis at the moment. It is a recurring problem which flares up from time to time. I must buy a juicer could you recommend one as I would love to give this a try? . By the way I am very pleased with the Baukjen jumper that you showed in your recent warm toned post. It is lovely quality and shape
    Hope you are feeling well.
    Best wishes. Margo

  6. 25th February 2019 / 18:10

    THAT too is a good source of INFORMATION!

  7. Susan B
    28th February 2019 / 01:24

    Oh, I love red cabbage! I’m going to have to try this salad!

  8. Linda B.
    30th March 2019 / 19:26

    Thanks so much for the recipe. I’m currently treating SIBO and have a limited number of foods to eat. I had to omit the onions, but it was still delicious and my husband enjoyed it as well.

  9. Ruxi
    20th April 2019 / 06:08

    Thank you for this post. Currently I have a gastritis crisis.I will try cabbage juice

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