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silk/cashmere scarf

Thank you all so much for your support of my new venture. Since I announced the opening of the Chicatanyage scarf shop last Friday I have been overwhelmed with good wishes and several of you have made purchases. The print styles have been the most popular especially the Leopards. Some are now sold out. I will do my best to restock with similar styles and will let you know when new stock has been added to the shop,

Why these scarves:

I first had the idea of opening an online shop selling scarves from the market in St.Tropez about six months ago. Over the years I have had many compliments regarding the scarves I wear on the blog and quite a few enquiries as to where to purchase them.

So now you can the Chicatanyage shop is open

The scarves in the shop are personally sourced from the market stalls in St.Tropez by me. This means that many of them are one-offs; although I have tried to include some styles that will be constantly available so that I can restock.

The scarf that I am wearing above is the deep teal cashmere and silk scarf/shawl. It is also available in a cool toned red and soft grey. It can be worn as a scarf or a shawl on chilly summer evenings,

Lilac wool scarf

Here I am wearing one of our 100% wool lilac scarves. It is soft, lightweight and easy to pack as it rolls up into a small ball and takes up very little room in a suitcase. I always have one or two with me when I travel.

purple wool scarf

Another example of the 100% wool lightweight scarf. This time in purple, a very popular colour this season. From the many comments you left on my previous post “Shall we wear purple?” many of you are fans of this colour.

burgundy red silk/cashmere scarf

Another example of our silk/cashmere scarf/shawl this time in cool toned red.

chunky wool scarf

When I visited Paris last December I observed that large fluffy scarves were all the rage. Sitting in the cafes in St.Tropez last January I noticed that this trend was also popular among the local French women in the South of France. This paisley and geometric print scarf is 80% wool and 20% cashmere.

Leopard print scarf

Leopards and more leopards were stalking the catwalks last season and leopard prints have continued to be popular this Spring. Above is a leopard style print scarf with yellow borders. Unfortunately this colour is sold out however I have bought more stock of this style in other colourways. As soon as I have photographed them I will have them up on the site and will notify you via this blog.

star patterned print scarf

As the weather is beginning to get warmer we have also included a range of lighter weight scarves. The one I am wearing above is a star print scarf in a combination of light pink and grey. It is also available in dark green with a grey border and black with a red border. My grey jeans and sweater are by WinserLondon.


  1. 2nd April 2019 / 10:39

    I wish you the best of luck with this Josephine. I will share on stories for you xx

  2. 2nd April 2019 / 10:45

    Hi Laurie
    Thank you so much for your kind wishes and support.

  3. marifachMary
    2nd April 2019 / 16:14

    I have started wearing more scarves recently as they do add something to an outfit. You may recall my saying I had several with magnetic clasps. The “originals” are not around alas, as you discovered. Fortunately others are producing similar ones. Wouldn’t work with shawls, but for lighter ones, quite neat and handy. Are they around in St Tropez? They enable one to produce numerous different ways of trying a scarf.
    All the best with your new venture,

    • 2nd April 2019 / 18:49

      Hi Mary
      No I afraid that I have not found any magnetic scarf clasps either in the market or on the internet. They used to be around in the 80s if I remember. You are right they were useful.

  4. Eleni
    2nd April 2019 / 17:35

    Congratulations on your new on-line store. Exciting for sure. Such pretty choices in scarves. Will you be mailing overseas?

    • 2nd April 2019 / 18:55

      Hi Eleni
      Yes we do ship internationally. If you go to the shop and scroll down to the bottom click on FAQ for shipping details. If you have any problems you can email us via the email provided.

  5. Susan Thompson
    2nd April 2019 / 17:36

    Love scarves. Good luck with the new venture. Can you please say which ones are suitable for warm or cool skin tones Some are obvious but not sure about them all.
    Thanks Sue

    • 2nd April 2019 / 19:07

      Hi Sue
      With any new scarves that I upload I will try to give an indication as to warm or cool. It is very difficult to get the colours completely accurate as every device displays the colour tones differently. If you have queries about any particular scarves you can always email me via our contact address on the about page.

  6. Brenda Chell
    2nd April 2019 / 18:02

    Love the dark leopard scarf with red border. Please can you let me know when another will be available. I’ve become a real fan of scarves since following your blog Josephine, they make such a difference, thank you.

    • 2nd April 2019 / 19:02

      Hi Brenda

      I know that was a lovely scarf. Unfortunately, we could only get limited stock. I have been trying to find something similar this morning but so far no luck. I will keep trying. I will have a few more leopard prints coming soon.

  7. Sandra
    2nd April 2019 / 18:03

    Wishing you much success in your new venture!

  8. Sharon
    2nd April 2019 / 18:44

    Beautiful scarves! Lots of luck with you new venture!

  9. Judy
    2nd April 2019 / 20:23

    You look absolutely fantastic in the above picture with leopard. I hope this will be framed and displayed by you or someone in your family! Beautiful background as well.

  10. Adele
    2nd April 2019 / 20:34

    Love, love, love the scarves, and very happy for you in your new venture!! I am super-sensitive to wool — even cashmere, so I’m sad the non-wool options are out-of-stock (leopard, abstract stars). Will definitely be checking back often!

  11. 3rd April 2019 / 17:36

    Hi Adele
    I will definitely be ordering some cotton scarves for the Summer. In the meantime I do have one style that is non-wool. The lightweight abstract print scarf is 100% viscose

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