Our trip to Auxerre France

Our trip to Auxerre France

Our recent trip to Auxerre.

It is a long drive from the South of France to London. We like to break our journey with an overnight stay somewhere in the Burgundy region. It not only gives us the chance to rest and recharge our batteries it also allows us to explore cities in France that we were not familiar with.

This time we chose to stay in Auxerre, Burgundy. It is situated in the wine growing area of Chablis. Read about where we stayed on our journey down here.

Luckily we arrived in time to have a walk around the city just as the sun was setting.

We were drawn to the magnificent Cathédrale Saint-Étienne, a gothic cathedral built between 1215 and 1233. The fading light highlights the stunning tower.

Our trip to Auxerre

Blue shutters so traditionally French.

Our trip to Auxerre

The clock tower in the old medieval part of the city.

Our trip to Auxerre

I could not resist this photo. I don’t know who the statue represents. I felt that I am slowly heading in that direction! Maybe a few years to go yet! At least she looks chic with a light blue scarf.

Our trip to Auxerre

This might give you an idea of the vast dimensions of the cathedral and the intricate design of the carvings.

Our trip to Auxerre

Where we stayed the night (found through AirB&B). An old wine press cave cleverly renovated to create a modern loft style dwelling.

Our trip to Auxerre

How I wrap up warm on a chilly evening in Northern France.

The coat I am wearing is a few years old from Jaeger. Burgundy leather gloves MarksandSpencer

Warm wool winter coats:

Warm winter accessories:

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  1. Dee
    22nd January 2018 / 14:18

    I always enjoy reading and viewing your blogs. I checked on line and the lady is Marie Noel, a poet who lived in Auxerre.

    • 22nd January 2018 / 15:37

      Thank you, Dee for checking out who the lady is. Very interesting.

  2. Jane Dunning
    22nd January 2018 / 14:23

    Hi Josephine. Glad you got home safely and hope you had a great time. Auxerre is a favourite of ours for an overnight stop. Although it’s a big place, the compact old town makes it feel much smaller. We usually stay in a hotel with parking overlooking the river nut your place looks nice. Yes, cosy clothes are definitely required – Burgundy seems extra chilly in the winter!

    • 22nd January 2018 / 15:35

      Hi Jane

      Yes, Burgundy can be very cold especially when the wind is blowing. I am reading your first book and very much enjoying it.

  3. 22nd January 2018 / 14:45

    Looks just lovely and cold!!! What a treat to be able to drive that distance, and then stop at various towns each time!!

  4. Susan Harper
    22nd January 2018 / 15:13

    Lovely! Thanks for sharing this.

  5. Mary
    22nd January 2018 / 16:31

    It’s obvious the weather is chilly but you look lovely and snug in that Infinity scarf.

  6. Pauline
    22nd January 2018 / 16:55

    You look lovely and snug in the last picture, I bought my daughter the M&S burgundy gloves for Christmas.

  7. 22nd January 2018 / 19:54

    LOVE the photo of YOU and THE DAME!
    WHAT FUN……….
    Your AIR B&B looked like a FIND!
    How long have you had your place in FRANCE?Do you rent it out?
    I’m working on a NEW POST for TOMORROW……….hope you will POP over!

    • 23rd January 2018 / 12:32

      Hi, La Contessa, We have had our small apartment in Grimaud for about nine years. We don’t rent it out at the moment, we might do in the future because we never really go down there in the high season July and August. We have a friend who does rent out her three bedroom house. Here is a link to her FACEBOOK PAGE if you would like to check it out. It is gorgeous and I would highly recommend it.

  8. Jacqueline
    22nd January 2018 / 20:31

    In the picture of you at the Cathédrale Saint-Étienne it seems that within each depicted carving the heads of the saints/ monks/ devoteés (?) are missing! How strange. Any idea why?

    • 23rd January 2018 / 12:57

      Hi Jacqueline
      I have done some research but can’t seem to find the answer to your question. Here is a link to Wikipedia but they do not seem to mention the headless statues.

      • Jacqueline
        23rd January 2018 / 17:05

        Oh Josephine, I am so sorry to waste your time on such a trivial question. I certainly did not think you would actually try to find an answer! I have been on a few tours of cathedrals and the guides usually supply us with too much information on the various works of art. Mostly just facts of when and by whom, but sometimes incidents in history that have affected the community or the architecture. Je suis un chat curieux.

      • Dee
        23rd January 2018 / 21:19

        I’ve done some more online research: The cathedral was attacked by Protestant Huguenots in 1567 during the Wars of Religion They caused the damage to the sculpture on the cathedral doorways and took away the gold and silver treasures of the cathedral.

        • Jacqueline
          25th January 2018 / 04:17

          Wow! Dee, you are amazing! Thank you! I knew there had to be some reason for all of those missing heads! Merci beaucoups

  9. edebock
    22nd January 2018 / 23:29

    I love the statue! There must be a fascinating story to go along with it.

    Elaine @ Following Augustine

    • 23rd January 2018 / 12:25

      Hi Elaine

      Yes, there is. Her name is Marie Noel and she was a poet who lived in Auxerre in the early 1900s. Here is a link to Wikipedia if you are interested in learning more. (It is in French).

  10. Meral
    23rd January 2018 / 09:25

    Photos look great and you look lovely!

    I have discovered your blog today and I truly like it.

    • 23rd January 2018 / 12:18

      Hi Meral
      Thank you for your comment. Welcome to my blog and I am glad you like it.

  11. 25th January 2018 / 01:07

    Josephine, thank you for the voucher! I promise to use it and to enjoy all its benefits this next month. I truly appreciate the gift.

    As always, very best to you!

  12. 25th January 2018 / 08:49

    Thank you Dee for solving the mystery of the headless statues. Very interesting.

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