More news from our village in France.

Before we return to London at the end of this week I thought that I would write one more post with more news from our village in France.

One of the aspects I like the best about being here in the South of France is being able to wander around the village in the evenings when the sun is just beginning to set and the temperature is slightly cooler. Normally we would be enjoying a glass of Vin rosé at the wine bar with friends however we decided that the tables were just a bit to close together for our comfort.

During the month of July and August there is usually entertainment in the evenings. Bands playing in the square, dancing and “The Grimaldines” (a troop of actors and actresses) to entertain us. Sadly not this year as it would draw too large a crowd.

Instead we have Les Marches Nocturne every Tuesday evening. There are separate entrance and exits and we have to wear masks.

We wandered around the night market last Tuesday. There were some wonderful stalls. Many displayed the work of local artisans.

I loved the brightly coloured bags above.

Ceramic bowls and pottery are specialities of this area. I own several which I bought in the local Brocante a few years ago.

Typical of Provence is their beautifully scented candles and local plants especially the olive trees and lavender, one of my favourite scents.

Dining al Fresco! Tables in the street. Many of the local restaurants have arranged their tables in the street. I am sure it will be busy later.

This was my favourite piece of art in the market. If I had space on the wall to hang it I might have bought it.

Our village at twilight

Le crépuscule or golden hour. Just as the sun was setting I managed to get this magical photo of the old ruined Chateau overlooking the village.

A beautiful view of our village and the church tower just as the sun was setting.

This will be my last post from France as we will be heading back to London this Thursday.


  1. Francie Newcomb
    3rd August 2020 / 16:20

    Love this post! Beautiful photo of the chateau ruins. So happy you could have this lovely time in France, making the best of this worldwide situation! Bon voyage home!

  2. julie thompson
    3rd August 2020 / 16:30

    It’s been lovely to share your holiday. It brought back fond memories of holidays in France and the fabulous french markets.

  3. Jukia
    3rd August 2020 / 16:34

    Beautiful place! You’re so lucky to go there often.

  4. Eve
    3rd August 2020 / 17:50

    Love the photos and the dress. I will, of course, being a crafter, recreate the hat, book, shoes wall hanging.

  5. 3rd August 2020 / 17:56

    I love that piece of art too! I’m not terribly crafty, but I’d love to try to create something like that!

  6. Wendy
    3rd August 2020 / 18:24

    I don’t know how you can bear to leave! It looks absolutely wonderful. I love anything to do with France so thank you for sharing.

  7. Sandra
    3rd August 2020 / 18:24

    Grimaud looks so lovely! Glad you were able to spend time there and let us travel with you vicariously! I miss France so much. Bonne route!

  8. Susan
    3rd August 2020 / 19:10

    Thank you so much for posting this! We were so lucky to be in France last year. Your photos made my heart happy. Someday we will return.

  9. BeatrizMaria
    3rd August 2020 / 21:02

    J’en suis sûre que vous avez bien profité vos vacances. Felicitations¡

  10. Brenda Chell
    3rd August 2020 / 22:02

    Thank you for reporting during your holiday and letting us enjoy it too. Gorgeous pics, lovely dress and that work of art is simply wow!. Soak up the rest of your stay and have a safe journey home.

  11. Amanda Towe
    4th August 2020 / 00:22

    These are beautiful photos but I also have to comment on your excellent posture. You set a good example.

  12. Angela in NZ
    4th August 2020 / 04:44

    How funny that just this morning we were talking about the climbing rose ‘Crepuscule’ being the twilight rose. We have it in our garden in Auckland, New Zealand and as the light falls it seems to give off a soft glow. Glorious.

  13. Harry Ramshaw
    4th August 2020 / 11:45

    Hello granny, i am following you, nice pictures of France. Hope you had a good time. From Harry.

    • 4th August 2020 / 12:01

      Hello Harry
      Thank you so much for your lovely comment. I am very flattered that you are following my blog. We are having a lovely time in France. We will be back this weekend and I can’t wait to come over and see you next week.

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