Kaftans in St Tropez market

Blue print Kaftan

I love kaftans, I always have. They are incredibly useful for summer dressing. Wear them on the beach, for lunch by the pool or dress them up with some funky jewellery in the evening. I seem to have acquired a selection of kaftans going back many years. Several of them were bought from St.Tropez market. They range from the exotically colourful to an old cream linen one that I must have had for about 15 years and it is still going strong.

turquoise print kaftan

I found some really colourful ones in St.Tropez market this year.

I find that cotton and linen are the coolest when the weather is hot however some of the lightweight viscose ones can be useful, they pack without creasing, take up very little room in a suitcase and are great for the evening.

Long cream kaftan

Very boho if you like that look

Pink linen kaftan

Kaftans can be long or short. Personally, I prefer the longer versions as I like to cover my legs. However I do have some shorter ones that I wear with trousers.

This pink one is my favourite. I just love the colours. It comes from one of the more upmarket stalls in the market. It is more pricey tha some of the others however the linen is excellent quality.

It seems to reflect the gorgeous pinks and reds displayed on my favourite flower stall.

Flowers in St. Tropez market
Black and white kaftan

This black and white one caught my eye if you like monochrome dressing

short patterned kaftans

Either of these two would look great over a swimsuit. I like the pompoms on the bottom. Very St.Tropez.

Monsoon have some nice colourful kaftans.

Boden also have some excellent short kaftans and tunics

You can see more of my adventures in the market last year here and here.

A selection of this season’s kaftans:


  1. Judy Starling
    15th June 2019 / 16:30

    What a lovely post, Josephine. I too have several kaftans in my wardrobe, I even wear a favourite black and white one with a black polo neck and leggings around the house in winter. Any chance of your shop stocking a selection?

    • 16th June 2019 / 10:09

      Hi Judy
      That sound like a great idea never thought of wearing a kaftan with a polo neck. I am investigating the possibility of offering a few kaftans in the shop. I will probably start by trialing the shorter ones.

  2. 15th June 2019 / 16:33

    I also love kaftans though being only 5 foot and 8/10 I don’t find it easy getting one to fit. Guess the short ones wold be long on me!! love the monochrome one.

    • 16th June 2019 / 10:11

      I think that the short ones work for most sizes. I have a friend roughly your size and she looks great in the shorter versions.

  3. Eleni
    15th June 2019 / 17:17

    Love Kaftans and have worn them for over 30 years. I still have two of my original purchases. My sister, however, travels quite a lot and has gifted me with over 8 of them. However most of them have to be either taken up at the shoulders or shortened at the hem. I am only 5’3″. The curved at the hem ones are more difficult. They are just so versatile. Nice colourful Blog Josephine.

  4. 15th June 2019 / 18:03

    What a gorgeous selection, Josephine! Do think about stocking some in your shop.

    I love kaftans from the light and floaty for summer days with sunhat and sunnies, to a cosy one in silk and cashmere for winter evenings by the fire.

    • 16th June 2019 / 10:16

      Hi Anna
      I am researching some possibilities of finding some kaftans for the shop. You have to be careful of quality control in the market, I always check the fabric composition. I normally prefer cotton but some viscose is ok I avoid anything with polyester.

  5. 15th June 2019 / 18:58

    OH BOY!
    THAT FIRST PHOTO how much do they run?
    I would LOVE TO have THAT in my wardrobe and the black and white!!!

    • 16th June 2019 / 10:18

      Hi La Contessa

      I thought that these would be “right up your street” uk colloquialism. I am going back to the market next week to check out if I can find any that would be suitable for the shop.

  6. Francie Newcomb
    15th June 2019 / 19:19

    Hi, Josephine, I love caftans too and would love it if you would pick some out for us to order from you. Might you have one I could wear to a late summer wedding in Washington, D.C.? I am enjoying my lavender scarf from the St. Tropez market and am even wearing it today with a lavender cotton sweater. Thank you!

  7. Lorraine Matthews
    15th June 2019 / 20:40

    I love visiting France through your website. Perhaps there’s something worth photographing in that lovely dress shop window that you show us sometimes.

    • 16th June 2019 / 10:27

      Hi Lorraine
      I have been trying to get photos for the lovely dress shop windows but at this time of year when the sun is so strong even early in the morning there is a lot of reflection from the glass so tricky to get a shot of the clothes. I will keep trying,

  8. 18th June 2019 / 09:59

    Well the kaftans look lovely Josephine now we just need some weather suitable for them. For Devon this morning I’ve needed my winter weight jeans! On the plus side my citrus yellow light weight mac has totally come into its own this summer!

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