How to mix formal and casual styles

How to mix formal and casual styles

Following on from my previous very popular post on how to shop your wardrobe and update an item of clothing that you may have had in your wardrobe for some years see here. I thought that I would work with my bright pink coat to bring it up to date and give it new life. In this post I thought I show you how to mix formal and casual styles. I have teamed my favourite bright pink coat from Hobbs, about three years old and first featured on this blog in 2018. I have teamed it with a pair of classic black trousers and a white tee.

How to mix formal and casual styles

How times have changed It now seems perfectly natural to team a formal coat with a pair of Levi jeans and a grey hoodie from Arket. I have also swapped my black boots for a pair of white Veja trainers. In just three years our aesthetics seem to have shifted. Are you finding that you are also drawn to wearing comfortable casual clothes and have moved away from the more formal looks of previous years? I wonder if this shift will continue even when we are permitted more freedom in our lives.

Bright pink coat, grey hoodie and jeans.

This is definitely my favourite coat probably due to the lovely bright colour. Whenever I put it on it cheers me up. It is also nice to get out of my tried and trusted puffa. Much as I love it I have worn it every day for the last three or four months. This is an ideal Spring coat as although it is lightweight wool. If I wear it in the colder months I normally put a Uniqlo ultra light down vest underneath. They are so useful as part of a capsule wardrobe when we finally get back to enjoying being able to travel abroad again.

How to mix formal and casual styles

There are plenty of bright Spring coats in the shops at the moment


    19th March 2021 / 18:25

    I just LOVE your bright pink coat. You look so lovely!!

  2. 19th March 2021 / 20:02

    Echo the above sentiment!

  3. 20th March 2021 / 03:15

    A perfect combination. It looks lovely on you. I can’t imagine that beautiful coat not looking good with anything!

  4. 21st March 2021 / 08:33

    Really love the combination of formal and casual and it looks so good on you. I think there is a move away from wearing the uncomfortable bits of formal like constricting waistbands and high heels, they’ll probably reappear for evening wear or special occasion outfits but I think everyday clothing will continue to be more comfortable. About time too! We can still enjoy great fabrics and well cut items without the sensation of wearing a corset.

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