How to restyle an old coat

How to restyle an old coat

It may be officially Spring here in London but the temperature is still cold or very cold depending on the wind. Are you getting bored of your winter clothes, I certainly am. So I thought that I would show you how to restyle an old coat. I decided to team my old MaxMara coat with a pair of classic jeans by Levi, a pair of chunky boots plus my new grey hoodie from Arket. I think that it was the addition of the modern trendy boots and the oversized long-line hoodie that updated my coat to 2021.

I bought my coat back in the mid-nineties. It was shortened and the shoulder pads removed a few years ago. You can see me wearing it back in 2016. It just goes to show that if you buy good quality clothes they do last the test of time. I reckon that it is nearly vintage. Selfridges and Harvey Nichols do have a good selection of MaxMara coats, but they are pricey.

Classic Max Mara coat and grey hoodie

I never thought that I would be wearing a hoodie unless I was going to the gym. How times have changed. I now have several in my wardrobe and consider them everyday wear. They are comfortable, practical and if you follow bloggers on Instagram classified as trendy!

Dressing down a classic coat

I don’t often use a bag these days. All one seems to need these days is a mask, sanitiser, keys, phone and a credit card. These I mostly keep in a bum bag strapped around my waist for easy access. However I did feel that the handbag upgraded the look. My black bag is by Longchamp. Another investment purchase that will last me for years.

How to restyle an old coat


  1. 12th March 2021 / 17:32

    I absolutely love this styling Josephine. It is fresh fusion which looks funky and is a wow on you! Well done, great ideas. I’m off to pull my version together.

  2. 12th March 2021 / 17:53

    Your jeans, boots and hoodie really modernize your classic coat, while the coat uplifts the casual outfit. A dream team! Especially love the coat belted – so chic and figure-flattering. Love seeing all the greenery and look forward to ours staring to emerge soon. P.S. Love the purse. I always have mine with me, like an appendage, or a security blanket!

  3. Pamela Browning
    12th March 2021 / 18:07

    I love this look!

  4. Francie
    12th March 2021 / 18:14

    Very cute restyling, so clever.

  5. DeeDee
    12th March 2021 / 20:21

    This look is so cool and current. Love the hoodie with the coat and the boots. I need to get more hoodies!

    • Ann Yates
      13th March 2021 / 17:49

      Love your hair in these photos!

  6. 13th March 2021 / 12:32

    Thank you all for your comments. It really does pay to shop your wardrobe and mix things up.

  7. 13th April 2021 / 23:20

    You look so very on trend with the pairing of your hoodie and belted coat (love, love, love your coat!!). Sadly the only hoodie I own is a frayed sleeve gray relic from my high school tennis uniform that for some reason I kept all these decades, and at some point assigned magical powers of luck to, so there it sits in my closet-lol. I also love Longchamp. Between Longchamp and Mulberry they make up my daily use bag collection. I mostly have the nylon Le Pliage totes from Longchamp in different sizes and colors, and always have them with me when traveling. They’re so lightweight, easy to wipe clean, pack easily, and the simplicity is refreshing. Along the way I’ve purchased coordinating felt organizers for each tote size from Zoomoni, which makes organizing them much easier for me, although sometimes I prefer the slouchy look without the organizers.

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