How to refresh your wardrobe with bright Spring colours.

How to refresh your wardrobe with bright Spring colours.

How to refresh your wardrobe with bright Spring colours. I thought that I would share with you some of the new colours that are beginning to come into the shops. I have divided my selection into cool and warm Spring colour palettes. If your colouring does not fall exactly into one of these two categories feel free to mix and match as you like. I don’t want to be too prescriptive about colour and shape. Choose what appeals to you and enjoy wearing what you are attracted to.

Many of the new styles coming into the shops are still very casual. Hoodies and sweatshirts are still popular and a large percentage of the trousers have either tie or elasticated waists. Most of us have got used to dressing comfortably over the last year. I don’t think we are going to relinquish this way of dressing any time soon.

Details of above:

Green satchel Ally Capellino at JL&P |Light green necklace Oliver Bones |Yellow Hoodie Boden |Tan Easy pants Everlane |Green multi-coloured scarf Hush |Tan loafers Fitflop.

How to refresh your wardrobe with bright Spring colours.

Light blue bag Radley at JL&P | Statement necklace JL&P | Blue zip neck sweater Everlane |The dream pant Everlane |Leopard print scarf Hush |Blue slip-on shoes Everlane.

My feeling is that we can still look chic in our casual wear. I think that it all depends on our clever combination of colours and the use of accessories. Add a vibrant scarf, a colourful necklace or a brightly coloured pair of shoes to personalise your look.

For more Spring colour combinations check out my previous post here.

How to refresh your wardrobe with bright Spring colours.


  1. 8th March 2021 / 21:54

    Two charming outfits. The colors are lovely in both. As a Summer, I have lots of blues, pinks and greys – they look so nice together. Agree with your final thoughts. Just takes a little extra time to put pieces together properly and add some accents. We‘re still covered in snow, but the sky is very blue and the sunshine brighter and longer. I have completed 9 straight days of exercise and can see a difference already. I want to be worthy of my pretty clothes. This season looks to be beautiful style-wise. So many dreamy, romantic and feminine tops and dresses. We deserve it. Are your stores open yet? Ours have been open for a long time and I notice the crowds building. Such a good feeling.

    • 10th March 2021 / 10:25

      Hello Kathleen

      Keep up the good work with your exercising.

      No our stores are not open yet, probably not until the end of April. I am very concerned about our retail shops especially the small independent shops in our local village. I try to shop as locally as possible for food.

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