How to look Chic and keep fit

How to look Chic and keep fit

How to look chic and keep fit. It has not been an easy job to keep my fitness up during lockdown. It has taken discipline and determination, not to mention the rehabilitation of my fractured wrist. Luckily I have a fantastic pilates teacher. I have been attending her classes for over sixteen years. Thank you Murielle for all your dedication and encouragement. She runs The Garage Studio in South West London. I will be putting some more links for the studio plus a video below.

Sustainable exercise wear.

Now let’s talk about the stunning outfit I am wearing. It is too chic just to wear for pilates at home. I can’t wait to show it off to my friends when classes at the studio recommence, hopefully in April. Both my beautiful 3/4 sleeve Leopard print Bamboo tee and my flared Bamboo pilates pants are by AsquithLondon (gifted).

One of the criteria you mentioned in your survey was more sustainability. You could not get more sustainable than the Asquith Brand. You can read more about their commitment to sustainability here.

Exceptional eco-fabrics for their ethical pilates clothes 

At the heart of their commitment to protecting the planet are their fabrics. They use bamboo, organic cotton and Bambor®. I can assure you that all their clothes feel amazingly soft against your skin and are very comfortable to wear. They are also committed to using plastic-free packaging. So important these days as so many of us are shopping online.

Leopard print tee and flared leggings.

I have been a fan of both Asquith sportswear and leisurewear since I was first introduced to the brand in 2018. You can see me doing some yoga in the park here and bouncing on my mini trampoline last March here. The clothes wash and wear so well that I still have both the outfits and wear them regularly.

How to look chic and keep fit

The Garage Studio blog is definitely worth a read. I have inserted Murielle’s free “Let’s get moving video” below or you can check it out here. Needless to say the studio is currently closed but I attend her zoom classes twice a week.


  1. 6th March 2021 / 18:49

    Well, Josephine, this is a timely post. After months of couch potato living, I finally roused myself to start exercising. I’ve done 1/2 hour (10 minutes on bike, 15 minutes on mat, 5 minutes standing) for 5 days straight and already feel better. I just couldn’t stand the thought of my pretty clothes not looking as good as they should. Vanity is my only reliable motivator. Yes, I’m shallow:) Secondarily, my hip replaced last June was stiff (born with dysplasia) and I had NO energy. I’ll think of you in this cute photo as I head down to do the exercise I HATE while doing, but LOVE once I’m through. Darling top. And love the PINK stretch band. Mine are primary colors – your is so much cuter.

  2. Janie
    6th March 2021 / 20:48

    Josephine, you look great in your exercise wear. Where are your headbands from? Thanks.

    • 7th March 2021 / 09:36

      Hello Janie
      My headbands are quite old. I think that I bought them from TKMaxx but you should be able to get something similar at most sports shops.

  3. Annette Loscialpo
    10th March 2021 / 22:29

    I live in California and am same coloring as you. But I’m older (79). Still active and reasonably fit. But you’ve inspired me to get back into exercising. You look sensational. Enjoying your blog.

    • 11th March 2021 / 09:27

      Hello Annette
      Glad you like my blog. Keep up the exercise.

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