The benefits of exercise and wearing comfortable activewear

The benefits of exercise and wearing comfortable activewear

The benefits of exercise and wearing comfortable activewear

We are all aware of the benefits of exercise at every age, however, as we get older it becomes especially important to keep active. Apparently, we lose about 2% of our muscle mass every year. Our balance is not always as good as it used to be. Incorporating an exercise regime into our busy lives takes discipline and perseverance. Two elements that make this easier is to find a form of exercise that appeals to you and to wear clothes that are comfortable. Your clothes need to allow ease of movement.

The activewear I am wearing is from the Asquith Autumn 2018 collection Asquith live fast pilates pants teamed with Asquith bend it tee in navy/claret.If you prefer to wear leggins they offer some excellent  bamboo yoga leggings and bamboo pilates leggings.

The benefits of exercise and wearing comfortable sustainable activewear

My Oxblood backpack is from The Cambridge Satchel Company  I find it extremely useful for carrying bits and pieces when I am on my way to my exercise class.

Asquith bamboo active wear

I like to vary my exercise so I incorporate a pilates class at the beginning of the week. Whenever I can I cycle to our village. To keep my heart healthy I bounce for about 20 minutes on my rebounder two or three times a week. I enjoy all of these activities so they are a pleasure rather than a chore.

Replacing my worn out exercise clothes is not always on my priority list.  So I was delighted when Asquith contacted me and asked me to try out their comfortable sustainable activewear.

Alice Asquith created the brand in 2002. All the clothes are ethically made using eco-friendly fabrics. They are ideal for yoga and pilates but are classic and elegant enough to wear every day.

Bamboo active wear

Now let’s talk about why their clothes are so comfortable.

Asquith’s trademarked performance fabric Bambor® is a blend of organic cotton, bamboo and a tiny amount of Elastane (to provide additional stretch capabilities). It is super soft, wicks away sweat and moulds to your body to provide unrivalled comfort and flexibility.

Sustainable bamboo

Bamboo is a  sustainable and environmentally low-impact fabric, it grows faster and absorbs more carbon dioxide than hardwood trees. It’s ideal for activewear as it’s naturally anti-bacterial, breathable and wicks away sweat. It moulds to the body, providing excellent stretch capabilities and is particularly good for sensitive skin. I particularly like their bamboo yoga pants and their bamboo pilates pants.

Bamboo jumpsuit

The Asquith black jumpsuit I am wearing below is super soft and comfortable. It manages to be both relaxed and smart at the same time.

The benefits of exercise and wearing comfortable sustainable activewear

My sneakers are from Asics, a few years old. A good selection here.

The benefits of exercise and wearing comfortable sustainable activewear

Bamboo activewear

I was not sure about the jumpsuit when it first arrived as I have not previously been very into jumpsuits. After trying this one from Asquith on a couple of times it began to grow on me. It is sooo comfortable. I plan to wear it with sneakers during the day and with heels and statement jewellery for a casual evening out. I will be talking about this in a separate post.

Asquith uses organic cotton and bamboo fabrics to create their ethical yoga clothes. Sustainable with excellent stretch capabilities and supremely soft next to your skin, you will feel comfortable and confident in all of their ethical activewear. Discover more about Asquith’s organic yoga clothes for life both on and off the mat here…’

All photos by Laura Hines. Follow her Instagram

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post however the clothes were sent to me for an honest review.


  1. 2nd October 2018 / 16:20

    I love that so many women in our demographic take care of themselves and understand the importance of exercise. So smart of you to change it up from day to day. I’ll check out Asquith! Thanks!

    • 2nd October 2018 / 18:10

      I agree exercise is really important to keep our hearts healthy and our muscles supple.

  2. Brigitte Aubrey
    2nd October 2018 / 16:58

    I too shall check out Asquith. I tend to wear very colourfull yoga pants/leggins for my Pilates classes with black or navy ballet tops (Boden). I tried Bamboo socks in the past, very soft as you say, but after the second and certainly third washing and wearing they look ugly and got holes in heels and toes. So not sure about anything Bamboo.

  3. rukshanaafia
    2nd October 2018 / 17:25

    We also had initial disastrous results with bamboo – sudden little holes appearing everywhere after the 1st wash – but the processing must have improved or something . Anyway I’ve had long bamboo socks from Sockshop online for 3 years now and they get wear all year round just like silk ie warm in winter and cool in summer . I have yet to see any holes in them ! I expect them not to wear quite as well as cotton or linen but could be wrong . A heavier weight jersey fabric incorporating cotton (as above) should be fine .

    • 2nd October 2018 / 18:09

      Hi Rukshanaafia
      I have found bamboo to be a very hardwearing fabric. The Asquith activewear seems to be very substantial. I have worn mine to my pilates class and cycling. I will let you know how it washes.

  4. Anon
    2nd October 2018 / 19:15

    Aha! Exercise wear is an excellent way to try out new seasonal and trendy colors.

  5. 4th October 2018 / 00:58

    I know I need to exercise. I admit I don’t but I”m going to start. Honestly. When do you exercise? In the morning? Afternoon. How do you work it into your day?

  6. 4th October 2018 / 09:11

    Hi Sandra
    I try to keep to a weekly regime. Pilates on a Monday morning. I have been going to the same class for 15 years (I also cycle there and back, 20 mins each way) . Otherwise about 3 times a week I take a break from my computer about 4.00 pm and do about 15 mins on the rebounder. I used to go to the gym but found this too time consuming. Otherwise I walk and cycle to the village whenever I can.

  7. MaureenC
    5th October 2018 / 08:55

    Well you look bloody wonderful in the claret outfit!!

  8. 6th October 2018 / 01:59

    LOVE THE PLUM OUTFIT!ARE THEY IN THE USA?I don’t think so…….but will head over to see!
    Where ever you are it is GRAND!!!!!!!!!!LOVE LOVE LOVE!XX

  9. Sharon
    9th October 2018 / 22:22

    Love the black jumpsuit! Exercise clothing that does double duty and looks great! you can’t be that!

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