How to integrate a new jeans style into your wardrobe

Mom jeans and padded waistcoat

I am continuing to try out new jean styles and work out how I might integrate them into my wardrobe. I have never been very adventurous with regard to the style of jeans I wear. Straight-leg classic jeans are the ones I have worn over the last few years. Generally favouring Levi 724 or NYDJ. So today I am writing about how to integrate a new jean style into your wardrobe.

Details of today’s outfit:

I am wearing Hush Mom jeans. I have teamed them with my new Cos zip-up puffa vest. It is more like a tabard than a vest. It does a good job of drawing attention away from my hips and is an ideal extra layer at this time of year when the sun may be out but the wind is still chilly. I can envisage wearing it over a midi/maxi dress as we continue to socialise outside for some time to come. It will also work in the winter under or over a coat or jacket. I like to find multiple ways to wear my clothes.

Over the last few seasons there have been many new jean styles introduced into the market. Skinny jeans never worked for me as they tended to cling to my legs and emphasis my widish hips. Nor did I find the wider cut-off jeans flattering. If you are slim and petite both these styles may well work for you.

Jeans and tee shirt casual look

It is certainly difficult to find suitable jeans if you still prefer to shop online as opposed to going to the shops. I have endeavored to do some of the leg work for you. If you are trying a new brand I would recommend buying two sizes so that you can compare the fit. Most brands offer free returns.

Today I am experimenting with the Hush Mom jeans. This is how they are described on their website “Our denim collection has a new shape – these Frieda jeans have a classic mom silhouette but with a higher rise waist for a flattering fit. They’re woven with a touch of stretch for comfort and have an authentic blue wash.” I found them very comfortable and I liked the high waistband. I find that low or medium-rise jeans can create the dreaded “muffin top”. Hush’s Rowan flared jeans (sold out except for small size. worth popping back as Hush often restock), which you can see me wearing in a previous post, I felt were more flattering for my figure shape. Maybe I am still a 70’s girl at heart.

Photos courtesy of Mr.P

How to integrate a new jeans style into your wardrobe


  1. Jayne
    30th April 2021 / 16:36

    Thanks for this research, Josephine, searching for jeans can be very time consuming.You look great in this classic style. I too favour a high rise waist, for the same reason. Can you tell me where you found your white trainers and whether they are lightweight and suitable for a moderately wide (E) foot? I wish footwear websites would always give the width fitting as well as the size.

    • 30th April 2021 / 17:57

      Hello Jayne
      My trainers were originally from Fitflop. They are very comfortable and quite wide but it is difficult for me to judge as I have quite narrow feet. Van Dal definitely offer wider fitting shoes. You could try them.

  2. Francie
    30th April 2021 / 18:33

    Cute on you! I’m loving my Asquith black palazzo pants as you modeled recently, and have ordered another pair in “Midnight.”

  3. Sara
    30th April 2021 / 18:57

    Definitely a good look on you, Josephine. In my opinion these suit you much more than the wider ones. I know the push is to get us out of our favourite slim and skinny jeans but they are popular for a reason – they look good! You look stylish with just that little edge.

  4. Nancy Dynes
    1st May 2021 / 04:58

    Jeans (and swimsuits) are always a nightmare for me to shop for. I have a pear shaped figure so feel that the jean fit that best suits you may work for me as well. Thank you for sharing your experiences with the fits. I hope you have a lovely weekend!

  5. 1st May 2021 / 14:47

    Personally, I much prefer the look of these jeans on you to the wider leg ones. I have a difficult time finding jeans that fit well as I have a very boyish figure. No ordering online for me, so I’ll be wearing my older styles until the Covid situation is better controlled here in Canada. Oh well, not going out much anyway, so I might as well get use out of the ones I have!

  6. Jenny
    1st May 2021 / 18:41

    I also think the straight leg jeans look better on you than the flared previously pictured. I too am quite heavy on the hips so always wear straight legs. I recently purchased 2 pairs of size 14, regular fit trousers from M & S. One pair were called ‘sophia’ and the others ‘mom’. Changing rooms are not available at the moment. The sophia fit perfectly on the hips but were way too long – measured 31-32″. The mom jeans were enormous on the hips but perfect length – 27″. Both ranges were made in Turkey but probably in different factories. Even so, I think ‘regular’ should be a standard measurement across all of their ranges. Both pairs were returned!

    • 4th May 2021 / 09:24

      Hello Jenny

      I agree with you I have found that the sizes in M&S can vary which is very annoying. My Sophia jeans from a few years ago are a 10 long when I usually take a 12 in jeans. I ordered some jeans last season and the sizes were all over the place. I often order several sizes so that I can compare them. Our local M&S food store now accepts returns which makes life much easier than the post office.

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