A selection of good books to keep you entertained

Comfortable clothes to lounge in.

Let us sit back, relax and read a good book. As Spring is starting to arrive we are now able to spend more time outdoors. A great relief after a very long cold winter. There is still time however to grab a good book and a cup of tea or coffee, snuggle up on the sofa in comfortable clothes to read a good book. So I have put together a selection of interesting books to keep you entertained this month.

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A selection of good books to keep you entertained

A single Thread Tracy Chevalier

A Single Thread A dazzling new fiction from the globally bestselling author of “Girl with a pearl earring”, which I read some years ago and thoroughly enjoyed. This book was recommended by a friend. It is set in the 1930s and depicts the lives of single women during this period after many of their brothers and fiancees had been killed in the first world war. This new novel by Tracy Chevalier is just as enthralling.

A woman of no importance Sonia Purnell

A woman of no Importance by Sonia Purnell. The untold story of Virginia Hall WW2’s most dangerous spy. Another book recommended by a friend. This will definitely go on my list of books to read. I am always fascinated by this period of history especially if it involves a courageous woman as the hero.

She landed by moonlight by Carole Seymour-Jones

If you like this genre of novel you may also enjoy She landed by Moonlight. This book was written by my late sister-in-law Carole Seymour-Jones. It was published in 2014 a year before she died in 2015. Carole was best known for her biographies of well-known women such as “A dangerous Liason” which is a biography of Simone de Beauvoir and Jean-Paul Satre and The painted shadow about the life of Vivienne Eliot, first wife of T.S.Eliot.

The pull of the stars by Emma Donoghue

The pull of the stars by Emma Donoghue. This book has been recommended to me by Mel Kobayashi of the blog Bag and a Beret. I have not read this novel however Mel says that it is very touching and absorbing. Review from the Evening Standard “The Pull of the Stars has a fever dream-like quality . . . as a tender record of humans coping as best they can with a pandemic, it’s about as moving and absorbing as it gets” ― Evening Standard.

It is set during the time of the Spanish Flu Pandemic of 1918. Some of us may find it a but too close to home at the moment.

You may also like last months book reviews and do remember to add any books you have enjoyed in the comments box


  1. Sharon
    19th April 2021 / 14:45

    Thank you so much for the book reviews to your blog. It gives me plenty of new books to read. Cheers!

  2. Mary Ann Fitch
    19th April 2021 / 17:49

    You are one my favorite blogs to read. Keep up the good work and thank you the book suggestions.

    • 20th April 2021 / 09:09

      Hello Mary Ann
      Really glad you like my blog. Thank you your comment is much appreciated

  3. Francesca Browder
    19th April 2021 / 17:55

    Love your blog and the book recommendations thank you happy reading!

  4. Mary Ann Falciani
    19th April 2021 / 22:41

    Thank you for your book selections. I will definitely put them on my list. I read A Woman of No Importance and I thought it was really fascinating. The courage and bravery of this woman was just unbelievable. I hope you enjoy it.

  5. margiemiUSA
    19th April 2021 / 23:01

    Josephine – this blog was timely because I just recently finished two books that I would read again. Since the first took place during WW II in London, it may be of real interest to you. “The Rose Code” by Kate Quinn is a piece of historical fiction that explored Bletchley Park and three women who became code breakers. With the recent death of Prince Philip and since he is mentioned in here as a young naval officer, I found it even more intriguing.

    “Band of Sisters” by Laura Willig. The story is based on real life events told through letters written by the 18 alumni of Smith College who risked their lives in France to help villagers whose lives had been destroyed by the German army. These women are now known as the Band of Sisters from the Smith College Relief Unit. In the back of the book, there are historical references to investigate for further reading. I wish I would’ve read those first…lol.

    Strong recommendation for both of these books; as I mentioned previously, I would consider re-reading them.

    p.s. Your place is “gorgeous!”

    • 20th April 2021 / 09:15

      Hello Margie
      Coincidentally I am currently reading “the Rose Code” and very much enjoying it. As you say very current as it features the young Prince Philip. I will recommend it in next months book reviews. I will check out the other book you recommend.

  6. Nancy Dynes
    20th April 2021 / 06:00

    Thank you for the great book suggestions, Josephine! I love novels set in WW I and WW 2. My grandmother almost died from the Spanish flu while pregnant with my aunt, and she told us many stories of living through that time, so I’m adding that to my list as well. I’m currently reading Dragonfly, another WWII novel about brave women in the French resistance. I hope you’re having a beautiful week!

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