You can wear a well-cut​ blazer for years.

You can wear a well-cut​ blazer for years.

You can wear a well-cut blazer for years.

I think it must be at least 10 years old. it is from Joseph. I remember hesitating at the time as it was very expensive, even in the sale. However, I am so glad that I did buy it as I sill love it and every time I wear it I feel well dressed and confident.

The secret to buying a blazer or jacket that you will continue to love and wear is in choosing the best cut and colour for you figure shape. Here is a quick check list.

  1. Start with the shoulders. Make sure it fits really snuggly, not too tight or too loose. Fashion shapes change; however if you stick to a neat shape you will not go wrong.
  2. Make sure it fits well on your waist. I favour a tailored cut; however, if you have a large bust a looser style might work better.
  3. The jacket length should end at a flattering part of your hips. I like mine longer so that it covers the widest part of my body (my upper thighs)
  4. Proportion A longer jacket will shorten your legs and vice versa; a shorter jacket will give the illusion of longer legs.
Pink blazer

I have teamed my jacket with a pair of cotton wide leg trousers (again at least five years old). It will look equally chic with a pair of black or navy trousers in the winter.

Pink jacket

The pretty pink silk scarf I am wearing is from Shop at Chicatanyage. It is small only 53 x 53 cm. Ideal for wearing with a v neck jacket or sweater without adding any bulk.

I think we are all aware of shopping sustainably. Nearly every magazine and newspaper is covering the subject of shopping mindfully. This message is not new to me as I was bought up to buy my clothes with care and consideration and to look after them. I still own my Armani Collezioni jacket, which must be about twenty years old. I will definitely be wearing it again this year.

Same pink jacket styled last year and in 2015

So if you are contemplating buying a new blazer this year make sure the fabric is good quality and if possible spend as much of your budget on a good quality one. You will not regret it.


  1. Rosemary Davis
    16th September 2019 / 12:48

    Your pink blazer is stunning!
    Blazers are so on trend this fall. It’s the perfect jacket on you. And it’s plain to see why you return wearing it often.


  2. Vanessa
    16th September 2019 / 17:29

    I do agree A good blazer\jacket will come out again and again ! I have a tweet jacket which no doubt will be out again this year . It has a blue fleck and an orange one so is great at dressing up jeans . And will go with some of the autumnal colours this year.Vanessa

  3. Lynn Brogden
    16th September 2019 / 17:53

    What a lovely jacket, you look fabulous Josephine.

  4. Brenda Chell
    16th September 2019 / 20:31

    You look terrific Josephine. Jacket is a great colour and I absolutely love the scarf with it. Any chance it will come back in stock?

  5. Anon
    16th September 2019 / 21:25

    You have this perfected. A longer jacket may visually shorten the legs, but by wearing white pants and shoes, it does not. White does not recede, and the column of wite elongates your legs. Very clever.

  6. Angela in NZ
    16th September 2019 / 23:23

    Great colour. My preference is for longer jackets so they cover tops as my shape doesn’t work for tucked in ones.

  7. Jayne
    17th September 2019 / 22:23

    It is the most amazing colour. I would looooove to find one like it. I have been hunting for a blazer here in NZ for ages. Because we are a small country, we don’t have anywhere near the choice everyone has and I find that with my long torso that a lot of blazers don’t sit well, but, I will keep trying 🙂

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