What to wear for the festive season

What to wear for the festive season. We may not be splashing out on a new Christmas outfit this year however it is still good to add a bit of sparkle to our everyday clothes to celebrate the festive season with friends and family. I know that sequins have had a bad press recently as the modern ones are made of plastic and are not very sustainable. I do love a bit of pizazz to lift my spirits during the dark winter days. If you look after your clothes they should last you for many years. The sequin jacket that I am wearing below was passed down to me by my grandmother. The lining is quite fragile however I still enjoy wearing it for special occasions.

Details of above:

Sequin round neck top MarksandSpencer (also available in champagne) || circular coloured earrings JohnLewis&Partners || Red velvet jacket Boden || Evening bag Monsoon || Black velvet trousers MarksandSpencer || Red cashmere scarf Chicatanyageshop || Evening pumps Boden || Red lipstick JohnLewis&partners.

Another fabric I love to wear for winter parties is velvet and velour. I love the red jacket from Boden in the first image. I can imagine wearing it during the day or even casually with jeans. The joy of having a smaller wardrobe it that it forces me to be more creative with my outfit combinations. Gone are the days of wearing certain items for specific occasions. Now we have the freedom to mix casual with formal, day with evening.

Accessories are another great way to jazz up a plain outfit. How about a pair of sparkly shoes, glittery earrings or a decorative evening bag.


  1. bren
    18th November 2022 / 15:26

    Thanks for the holiday inspiration! Your heirloom jacket is wonderful. You’re so lucky to have something special from someone you love. Enjoy wearing it during the festive season!

  2. Mary Ann
    18th November 2022 / 16:20

    Heading to my closet, so many great ideas for the holidays. We all forget what we have and wear it once or twice, great inspirations.

    18th November 2022 / 17:39

    You always pick the most amazing classic pieces!! I love your style!!!!

  4. Amelia Nicholas
    19th November 2022 / 01:07

    I thoroughly enjoy all your ideas and comments. Your encouraging suggestions on creating a smaller collection of clothes has me slowly getting rid of clothes I never wear. I am English living here in the states and I am 91years. Thank you for sharing.

  5. 19th November 2022 / 14:45

    Your grandmother’s jacket is gorgeous! I wonder if a dressmaker/tailor could reline it for you? We have a fabulous tailor in Exeter who came here a s a refugee after the first gulf war having been a master tailor in Iraq, worked in Saville Row then relocated to Devon because his wife wanted to move out of London. Just having small alterations to clothes to make them fit better has an incredible effect.

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