What I am currently doing to stay healthy.

There is hope. Spring is nearly here

I am writing a slightly different post this Friday, no fashion involved. I thought that I would share with you some of the things that I am implementing during these difficult times in order to boost my immune system and stay as healthy as possible.

Disclaimer: I am not a qualified medical practitioner nor a nutritionist. These are just some ideas that I felt might be useful. Please contact your health practitioner if you have any questions about implementing any of the following:


I always think that it is best to get your vitamins from a well-balanced diet. However, if you are interested in supplements Nutri Link has an interesting article on the subject. This is where I buy my vitamins from, their service is excellent and the quality is good.

Zinc Picolinate 50 has been recommended to me by Emma of EmmaMarshallnutrition.


My pilates studio is currently closed so I have no choice but to exercise at home. I have been rebounding for many years, not only can you get a high aerobic workout in a very short time but it is great fun. You can put your favourite music on and bounce away. I find that it also lifts my mood. I have had my rebounder for many years. I understand that the best ones are from Bellicon. You can see me on mine here.

There are lots of videos on YouTube for beginners. Rebounding is kind on your joints and helps to clean out your lymph system. If you want more details on the benefits type “Benefits of rebounding” in the YouTube search.


Deep breathing to keep your lungs healthy. I take ten deep breaths every morning before my meditation practice.

An interesting TED talk on breathing. If you practice yoga or pilates you will probably be familiar with some of the techniques but I find that it is sometimes useful to be reminded.


I have written about the benefits of meditation in a previous post. I use the Headspace App. They are currently offering free tracks on their App entitled Weathering the storm. offering meditations, sleep and movement exercises.

Healthy recipes

Cooking good healthy food with lots of vegetables is a great way to stay healthy. Check out some of the recipes on the blog created by Emma of EmmaMarshallnutrition she is a qualified functional nutritionist. Just type “nutrition” in the search box on the left-hand side at the bottom of the post and it will bring up a selection.

Please do share any hints and tips you have regarding staying healthy that might be of use to other readers or just share your thoughts on how you are managing during these challenging times.

PS: Cultural difference. According to the Financial Times the french are stocking up on food and wine whereas we are stocking up on food and loo paper!


  1. Mary Jane
    20th March 2020 / 18:09

    Thank you for sharing the beautiful Brunnera and daffodils, and the diet and exercise tips. Stay safe and be well.

  2. Angela in NZ
    20th March 2020 / 19:19

    Haha both cross cultures here in New Zealand. Whilst others were queuing in the supermarket we were at the wine suppliers! I hasten to add we do also have a stocked pantry and sufficient loo rolls. Fresh air and Vitamin D from being in the garden for us. Our supplement supplies have been topped up. We too take Bio Zinc to help ward off colds. It’s also great for skin, hair and nails. I think it’s very important to try and boost our immune system to give us the best chance if we did get infected. Stay safe.

  3. Kathryn
    20th March 2020 / 21:24

    Thank you for the links you provided Josephine.

  4. Kay Kennedy
    20th March 2020 / 22:52

    I really enjoyed this post Josephine. Hearing what other people are doing during this unprecedented time makes one feel less alone. (We are all in this together) Yoga has been part of my life for most of my life, and I have increased my meditation practice to give my mind a rest, and to remain calm. It would be nice to hear how you and others are filling in the days during this period.

    • 21st March 2020 / 16:49

      Hello Kay I will get round to answering your question. Strangely I am very busy at the moment. I takes so much longer to get essential things done. Like having to queue to shop for food. I am still doing my Nordic walking in Richmond Park twice a week.

  5. caroline
    21st March 2020 / 12:40

    Really like this page Jose- thank you… so many older women will be isolating for a long while now so will want something else to think about, do and read.. I am going to put the link up on my parish facebook page…
    Take care. Speak soon. Lots of Love Caroline

    • 21st March 2020 / 16:47

      Thank you for sharing this Caroline. Every little helps

  6. BeatrizMaria
    22nd March 2020 / 14:25

    Thank you for your advices always smartest
    I am isolated since Friday the 13/March at home.Don’ t go out and nobody come home.
    For 2 weeks ,to know if I’m contagious and my family (daughters and grand-sons) is doing the same behaviour.After these days of isolation I ‘d be sure and come to visited them.
    My best wishes for you Mrs Josephine.Bonne journée . And excuse my English again.I learned in school and college but not practice usually.

  7. Flora
    23rd March 2020 / 09:48

    Locked down in Nice for over a week with a well stocked cupboard and freezer but running out of fresh fruit and vegetables those are the only things that will get me out of my apartment. Weather is good so can get fresh air on my terrace. Can’t understand British government’s hesitation over stricter distancing measures. Maybe the rumours of culling us oldies are true. Stay well!

    • 23rd March 2020 / 10:39

      Hello Flora
      Thanks for joining in the conversation. We are also running short of fresh fruit & veg. Our last home delivery order from the supermarket seems to be this Thursday. You are lucky to have good weather. We were planning to fly down to Nice tomorrow to sit on our terrace. Sadly that is not happening. I hope you are wrong about the British government however I am not very impressed with their handling of this crisis.

  8. 23rd March 2020 / 17:18

    I had to look up “rebounding!” Sounds like fun. Thanks for the great information and stay safe. xoxo, Brenda

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