Versatile and flattering Maxi dresses

Versatile and flattering Maxi dresses

I find maxi or midi dresses with sleeves hard to find. Each Spring I search for that one special dress that is easy to wear, versatile, adaptable and flattering. A challenging task as I like my dresses long so that they cover my legs. This year I have found one that totally fits the bill. A navy star print long-sleeved maxi dress from Hush.

A lot of other women also seem to think that it is a flattering and versatile dress. It is selling very fast with only a few sizes left. However it is worth saving the link in your browser and checking back at regular intervals, that is how I was able to buy mine. Trainers from FitFlop.

Navy star maxi dress and navy blazer

It felt lovely and very feminine putting on a dress after all these weeks of wearing joggers, jeans and trousers every day.

Navy print maxi dress

In the photo above I have added my Theory navy blazer which I have had since 2016 and have worn multiple times. It is expensive however it must rank as a classic as it is still in stock. A black clutch bag finishes the look. You could add a pair of low heeled pumps for a dressier occasion; if we ever get to attend one.

You can see me wearing the same blazer in 2018 with a pair of pattern trousers, which are also still in my wardrobe.

Versatile and flattering Maxi dresses

The same style dress in mid blue/bird print pattern. It is also selling fast but worth checking back for possible returns. I have searched other brands and come up with similar maxi and midi dresses which are shown at the bottom of this post.

Mid blue Sophie maxi dress from Hush.

Grey freshwater pearl necklace from Chicatanyage shop. Cream pumps a few years old similar.

I bought both dresses to try on and have decided to keep the navy colourway. The mid-blue was lovely however I felt that the navy version was more practical and co-ordinated better with the rest of the items in my wardrobe. I already have a blue cotton dress which I bought from Cos last year. With the addition of a chunky sweater I can transform my navy dress into a skirt for the winter.

MeandEm currently has a sale which includes some of their lovely feminine maxi dresses.

Versatile and flattering Maxi and midi dresses


  1. Julia
    22nd May 2020 / 16:20

    You look lovely as usual, however I feel that the white sneakers are not such a good choice as the other shoes you are wearing. Wouldn’t a fashionable pair of low-heeled sandals look great with your outfit?

    • 22nd May 2020 / 18:35

      Hello Julia

      You are probably right that low-heeled sandals would look good with the dress. At the moment I don’t have any. In fact I am finding shoes quite tricky as I have a slight problem with my feet which means that only chunkier style shoes look good. I need to do some research on suitable shoes when I am able. In the meantime I do actually like the sneaker look, or maybe it has just become a comfortable habit.

  2. Lynn Nicholls
    22nd May 2020 / 16:42

    You made the right choice, I prefer the navy version of the dress.

  3. Becky Alexander
    22nd May 2020 / 23:18

    You look lovely! I wish we could find the various brands you wear in the United States. You are always a breath of fresh air.

    • 23rd May 2020 / 12:45

      Hello Becky

      Thank you for your comment. I use Boden quite a lot which seems to be popular with my US readers. Also Cos which is available in the States. The other brands such as Hopefashion and MeandEm and JohnLewis&Partners all ship to the States but I understand that it can be a nuisance with the duty and everything. I do occasionally include items from Nordstrom in my options section.

      If you know of any brands that you think would work for my readers I can research them.

      best wishes

  4. Brenda Chell
    22nd May 2020 / 23:58

    You look lovely as usual Josephine. Navy is definitely the more versatile. Try Sole Bliss or Calla for shoes, great when we have problems with our feet.

    • 23rd May 2020 / 12:39

      Thank you Brenda I have looked at Sole Bliss and Calla but I don’t have bunions or anything like that. It is arthritis which can get swollen so I need soft shoes otherwise they rub.

  5. Debbie
    23rd May 2020 / 12:35

    I love this dress Josephine. It looks fabulous on you (agree it’s v hard to find a maxi dress with long sleeves, so many thanks) – and I think it looks just fantastic with your white trainers. They add a real edge to your look. I hopped over to Hush and was delighted to find size 16 available so have ordered it. My go-to workwear in Lockdown has been my Hush denim jumpsuit and it’s a bit cosy for warm weather (plus you need to plan ahead for loo trips. Too much information!)
    Please keep blogging. You always lift my spirits and give me fresh ideas.

  6. 23rd May 2020 / 12:56

    Hello Debbie
    Glad you were able to find the Hush dress in your size. I am not a fan of jumpsuits they are very flattering however to tricky for the reason you stated.

  7. 23rd May 2020 / 21:06

    Oh Josephine, you look fabulous in that navy dress! It really suits you! I love the different ways you’ve styled it. Great find!

  8. 24th May 2020 / 09:20

    That blue dress is stunning on you! The colors are gorgeous and I love how you styled it!

  9. Marie Jackson
    27th May 2020 / 14:41

    I love this dress- I ordered it some months ago in navy but it was so long – I am 5’5 I felt swamped me. I wish I had kept it and turned it up. It looks fab with white sneakers. I love that look but always feel my feet look big in white- suppose it is because I am looking down from above! May reorder the dress if they still have it and try it with white sneakers. #Iwillbeconfident!

  10. Margie- USA
    29th May 2020 / 02:35

    Josephine – I have a bit of a plantar fasciitis problem and typically need a shoe with an arch (e.g., Vionic) but find that this particular shoe from Ryka (via QVC) is very comfortable for me. The material is fabric and the back strap is adjustable. I’m not a fan of thong shoes or anything that exposes too many “toes.” This shoe gives some coverage as well as comfort. I’ve included the QVC item number if you care to take a peek. Do you have QVC in England?

    A374715 – Ryka Adjustable Back-Strap Sport Sandals – Mallorie (on my foot only three toes show but in the video the model shows four toes – lol) Ryka shoes are designed for exclusively for women, if that helps – again, lol.

    • 29th May 2020 / 09:00

      Hello Margie
      Pop back next week when I will be writing a post about how to look after your feet. Thanks for the link I like Vionic and will check them out.

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