Which is your prefered beverage coffee or tea?

Which is your prefered beverage Coffee or tea?

Which is your prefered beverage coffee or tea? Perhaps you drink both at different times of the day. We often fall into one or another camp. Personally I am a tea drinker with the occasional cappuccino if I go to a cafe.

Tea ritual

Tea is a ritual in our household. During this time of working at home both me and my husband always take a break at 4.00 pm. Everything stops for tea. I make our tea in a teapot. First I put two teaspoons of loose leaf tea into the strainer and add boiling water. Then let the tea brew for two to three minutes. We use proper teacups and relax over our well-deserved cuppa. It is the time I treat myself to a small square of dark chocolate.

I think the preference for tea or coffee is often formed in childhood. My parents always drank tea. I don’t remember them ever drinking coffee back in the 50s. I have included a Teasmade (I was surprised that they still existed) in the collage above as my parents always had one on their bedside table. The first thing they did on waking up was to make tea. If there was any bad news or difficulties in our family the first reaction was “put the kettle on” let’s discuss the issue over a nice soothing cup of tea.

Details of above: 3 tier cake stand | poodle milk jug | Pink teapot and cup for one | cat teapot | green teapot | Pink pattern teapot with two cups | Teasmade |Two love teacups.

Coffee ritual

Now over to my friend who is a connoisseur of coffee. Back in the days when we used to meet for coffee and a chat, she was very particular about how well made her coffee was. Her request was always for a tall double-shot extra-hot dry cappuccino

During these strange days of restricted movement and closed up coffee shops she is missing her daily Starbucks fix of caffeine. As I am sure many of you are too. If you are, then these Nespresso machines could provide the answer. Endless possibilities at a flick of a switch. Ask for their recipe book for some really interesting and delicious ideas. It’s incredibly easy to recreate a store-bought specialist coffee.

When you become a Nespresso Club member you could also reap the benefits from their many offers and if you calculate exactly how much you used to spend in all those coffee shops (a surprisingly large amount) you would also be quids in! The coffee comes in either recyclable pods or capsules. The capsules come in different strengths and flavours. The Aeroccino part will froth any choice of milk – hot or cold.

Details of above: Coffee maker Nordstrom | Expresso maker for hob | Nespresso coffee machine |Set of expresso coffee cups |Reusable coffee cup | Penguin mug | blue print mug.

Nordstrom have some good coffee and tea mugs.

Which is your prefered beverage coffee or tea?


  1. Sheryl
    25th May 2020 / 17:11

    My preference is for coffee but if I’m not well, I’d rather have tea. I purchased a Nespresso machine and I love it. I make myself a cappuccino as a treat!

  2. 25th May 2020 / 17:26

    Me for coffee now . I used to drink both but needed to cut down on the stimulant intake so gave up tea . Now it is 4 cups of filtered or cafétière coffee maximum per day . I suppose I’m a real coffee snob – I would never drink instant or pod coffee (which last is bad for the environment too) . I do have occasional tea streaks when I suddenly can’t stand coffee for several months ! Then it is Earl Grey or china tea scented with rose or jasmine – and of course without milk . Living in York we are lucky (when it isn’t in lockdown) in having excellent cafés including the inimitable Betty’s .

    • 25th May 2020 / 17:46

      Hello Rukshana
      I know Betty’a great scones. I went there when I visited York

  3. Arel
    25th May 2020 / 17:33

    I discovered high quality green tea about 15 years ago. I looove it, especially Sencha japanese green tea.
    I have a thermos from David’s tea in wich I make my tea, so I can drink a small amount during all day.
    I also bought a Breville kettle with different temperature settings for green tea, black tea…
    And I also appreciate a Cappucino occasionnaly.
    My english is not very good because I am a francophone from Montréal.

    • 25th May 2020 / 17:41

      I also drink green tea first thing in the morning. The Breville kettle sound interesting.

  4. Deborah Foss
    25th May 2020 / 17:33

    Coffee black with collagen powder first thing in the am. Then Iced tea now that it is warmer the rest of the day !

  5. Brenda Chell
    25th May 2020 / 17:39

    Love the smell of coffee but not the taste unless it is milky, frothy, sweet and medium, not strong. But I do love loose tea usually Assam with a pinch of Earl Grey in it, I love sweet milky Chai tea as an occasional treat. Rooibos tea with fresh lemon too..

  6. BeatrizMaria
    25th May 2020 / 17:49

    Good morning Mrs Josephine
    As I can see you are a very disciplined person eating only one esquare of chocolate every afternoon with your tea
    We have the same ritual like your parents but with coffee. Awaking with a little cup or black coffee and late at breakfast coffee milk. At the time of your tea we have a little “merienda” with a cappuccino or mokaccino and some sweeties.

  7. 25th May 2020 / 18:09

    Strong French roast black coffee. Always. An occasional cup of herbal lemon tea in the afternoon. My husband, being a Brit, goes through several cups of tea a day-“builders brew” as he calls it!

  8. 25th May 2020 / 18:21

    I’ve had to go to decaf in coffee and tea over the last year due to blood pressure issues. However I’ve found some excellent offerings. The newer CO2 decaffeination method leaves the flavour pretty intact, plus the best Earl Grey I’ve ever had. Happy to recommend brands if anyone’s interested.
    I would never use a Nespresso machine on environmental grounds, plus Nesle have a very dubious record ethically. Still haven’t forgiven George Clooney for the ad campaign. Also I think their coffee isn’t as good as their marketing!

  9. Lyn
    25th May 2020 / 19:21

    I love my coffee and drink it too much. All before noon. I usually have hibiscus tea or ginger lemon in the afternoon. Tea time sounds so lovely. Always wanted to go to an Afternoon tea somwhere. Not much of that in the US. I love your blog.

  10. DJ
    25th May 2020 / 19:36

    I come from a long line of coffee drinkers, however, I never acquired a taste for coffee. So, I drink tea or hot cocoa. My husband is a coffee drinker, but only a cup or two a day. So, a coffee pot never made sense for us. I love the Nespresso because it works for coffee or frothing milk for hot cocoa. I use the refillable pods (which do require trial and error in the beginning) which appeal to the long-time environmentalist part of my soul but allow me to also satisfy my desire for grab and go convenience. I simply make up several pods at a time and then store them in an air-tight container. Easy, peasy!

  11. julie thompson
    25th May 2020 / 19:51

    Coffee every time! I was made to drink tea at home whe young and I really don’t like it. I was so jealous of my cousins allowed to drink coffee!
    I do enjoy a good herb tea too, particularly Twinings Lemon and Ginger.
    I too am missing my visit to the local coffee shop, my daily ‘me time’ away from the house

  12. Angela in NZ
    25th May 2020 / 21:29

    Big tea drinkers. We have a Bredemeijer double walled teapot using leaf tea only. Very fortunate to have a great local tea retailer with an enormous selection of black, green, white, herbal and fruit teas. We drink four different teas over the course of the day with a Nespresso coffee mid morning. My parents also had a Teasmade. Do you remember how Norma Major was ribbed relentlessly for admitting to using one? I’m also very fussy about only drinking tea out of bone china, a trait inherited from my father.

  13. 26th May 2020 / 03:15

    Coffee bothers my stomach, so I”m strictly a tea drinker. Fortunately, I’ve always liked tea. I came to coffee later in life and never did drink a lot of it, so it wasn’t that difficult to give it up. I drink one or two mugs of green tea in the morning after breakfast. I have a fairly sizeable collection of other teas and usually have a cup in the afternoon and occasionally another one in the evening. When life gets stressful or we receive bad news, my response is always to brew a pot of tea.

  14. Kathy Ludgate
    26th May 2020 / 20:59

    We have switched to Teeccino. It is ground like coffee, but made from hickory. It comes in French roast or hazelnut, amaretto or vanilla nut. Our coffee friends cannot tell the difference. It is non caffine. You can get in tea bags, too. I buy ours from Amazon. Having had every coffee device out there, I now use a percolator for this.

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