Travelling through France

Travelling through France

It is a long drive from London to the South of France. While travelling through France we like to take our time with a stopover on the way. This allows us to explore some of the small french villages off the beaten track. We normally break our journey just over halfway, which means somewhere between Beaune and Lyon.

Traffic permitting this gives us enough time to relax, have a bath and explore the area before having dinner at a local bistro.

This trip we stayed in the quaint little village of Loisy in Southern Burgundy, ten minutes from Tournus (where we have stayed before). It was situated in the heart of the french countryside and five minutes walk to the village of Loisy and the local restaurant.

We dined at the local restaurant in the village Restaurant Le Loisy. I would describe the food as rustic french, not too rich which the food can be in that region. My husband had snails (not my thing) followed by wild boar while I had oeuf cocotte followed by poulet de Bresse. We finished with the most delicious light chocolate pudding.

We then walked back down the hill to our chambre d’hôtes guided by the light of the moon.

Churches in the Burgundian region

However small the village there is always a large church in the centre.

French furniture

Our room was furnished in the french style.

Typical french bed

The bed linen was beautiful french linen

French escritoire

A traditional french scritoire.

Other chambres d’hôtes we have stayed at in this region while travelling through France

Auberge du Paradis /  Le Chateau de Marfontaine / Tour du Tresorier


  1. M
    10th January 2020 / 16:05

    Hello Josephine

    This was an interesting article for those of us not overly acquainted with France, and might help others travelling in the same region.


  2. Jacqueline
    10th January 2020 / 17:47

    How was the oeuf cocotte? I have never seen that dish on a menu and am curious as to its contents and flavor!

    • 11th January 2020 / 08:31

      Hi Jacqueline

      The eggs are baked in a flat bottom dish in the oven with the addition of milk or cream. You can also add mushrooms, smoked haddock or whatever you choose. Mine was plain and quite delicious.

      • Jacqueline
        12th January 2020 / 14:36

        Thank you, Josephine. Sounds lovely! I would have added some champignons!

  3. Jayne
    10th January 2020 / 18:28

    Thank you for this blog, Josephine, we have a motorhome, which we take to France once a year. We have been going to the west side of the country but are thinking of making a change this year. We try to avoid motorways and love to stop in villages and small towns, eating in local bistros. Burgundy appeals and and you have given us some tempting places to visit.

  4. Nancy Carter
    10th January 2020 / 19:45

    Thank you for the info, Josephine. We will be traveling from Paris to Bargemon (where we have a small apartment) in mid-April. This will be the first time we haven’t flown into Nice, so we are looking for a stopover. Did I miss the name of the inn where you spent the night?

    • 11th January 2020 / 08:28

      Hi Nancy

      If you go to the blog post and click on Loisy Vete in red in the third paragraph it will take you to their website.

  5. Angela in NZ
    10th January 2020 / 20:54

    One thing we have learned about travel is to not be too ambitious about cramming in too much. Tempting as it is to book multi country tours when we have to travel a great distance from New Zealand, we are aiming to do a maximum of two together. This year it’s Uzbekistan via Seoul in May then Egypt and Jordan via Dubai in October. Planning now for March 2021 to visit Vietnam and Cambodia. Somehow want to slot in an Alaskan cruise along the way too! Sincerely hope we can get to France along with some other European countries once the big bucket list tours are done. Still wonder why I didn’t do more of Europe when I lived back in UK for 12 years. Hmm….

    • 11th January 2020 / 08:25

      Hi Angela

      Your travel plans sound amazing

  6. Es
    11th January 2020 / 13:24

    Thank you Josephine

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