Our recent trip down to the South of France

Chambres d'hôtes in Burgundy
The entrance toLe château de Marfontaine

We left the very grey skies of London the day after Boxing Day and headed for the blue skies of the South of France. It is about a twelve-hour drive so we like to break the journey about half way down usually in the Burgundian area of France. On this occasion, my husband made the choice and we stayed at a wonderful chambres d’hôtes Le château de Marfontaine. It is set in the depth of the countryside near the town of Tournus surrounded by vineyards.

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Chambre d'hôte in Burgundy Garden

This charming recently converted house and farm buildings are run by a charming husband and wife team. You can choose to have dinner in their exquisite small dining room which is set above the kitchen. It is “Une Cuisine de Saison” meaning that all the produce is fresh and locally sourced. We had four delicious courses. The standard of cousine was superb.

Overnight stay at Chamber d'hôte Burgundy wool poncho

I travelled down in a comfortable pair of wide leg jeans, a black zip-up jacket which I have had for many years. My reversible burgundy/black wool cape was a welcome added layer as it was very chilly early in the morning. My wool poncho is a few years old from WinserLondon. Still available and reduced in their sale to £49.

Shop the look:


  1. Cathy
    6th January 2019 / 15:12

    Really enjoy reading your posts on your travels. Outfit looks great on you. Love the red. Have a great time!

  2. 6th January 2019 / 17:18

    Another striking outfit. I’ve had a look at these cape/ponchos and they are too “big” for me . I am quite swamped. Reckon I could have one made in proportion to my size. My late lovely MIL had a black one with black mock fur edging and I was really sad that I couldn’t wear it. Would have looked great on you!!
    Am learning such a lot in the use of colour from you.My husband today said to the cat, “Doesn’t your mum look nice today!” I had unearthed an old RED dress. Ha Ha

  3. 6th January 2019 / 19:25

    Hi Josephine
    Sounds like you had a trouble-free journey. Hope you’re having or had a wonderful time.
    Best wishes Jane

  4. Sara
    6th January 2019 / 20:56

    LOVE the beret! It really suits you and looks so French and just stylish++ The red and black are a great combination.
    I’d love to wear a beret and indeed have kept mine from way back; what stops me is my hair as it is bobbed and the beret does not sit well over it, coupled with having grade one hat hair when I remove it. Shall just have to suffer beret-envy; France looks and sounds as good as ever.

  5. Wendy
    7th January 2019 / 20:07

    Can we have more from France please? Really enjoy reading about your stays there!

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