Wishing you a Happy & Prosperous New Year

A walk on Pampalonne beach St.Tropez on New Years Day

I am not a great fan of making new years resolutions or particularly looking back on the previous year. My preference is to keep moving foward and updating as I go. There is always new informaton being introduced into the system. Especially these days everything tends to be speeding up and I sometimes find myself having to run to keep up.

As I write this post I am having to come to grips with the new wordpress update so bear with me if there are any glitches. The only consolution is accroding to current research if we continue to challenge our brains and make them work hard to solve problems they continue to grow and make new synapses.

A good read

I am currently reading a book on the subject of getting older. It is entitled BOLDER making the most of our longer lives by Carl Honoré and has practical advice on how to stay healthy and fit as we age together with some very encouraging examples of how our perception of ageing is slowing beginning to change. Let us make the most of our potentially longer lives. It is my belief that we can continue, provided we have good health, to lead an active and productive life at any age. The author stresses that we should eat a healthy diet, take moderate exercise and keep our brains active.

On the subject of change

I shall be making some changes to my blog this year. My outfit posts and my popular capsule wardrobe collages will continue to be featured on a regular basis. However, I also intend to diversify and include other lifestyle subjects that I feel will be of interest as we continue to travel this path of continuing to live active and healthy lives at whatever age we are. I shall shortly be introducing a monthly post on nutrition written by my neice who is a qualified nutritionist.

I also feel that there is a growing movement to sustainability. That we need to become more conscious consumers. In my opinion gone are the days of fast disposable fashion. I have long advocated on this blog the best policy to create an elegant and well curated wardrobe is to buy better and buy less. Investing in good quality fabrics and well cut items that suit our lifestyle pays dividends in the end.

Personally I intend to streamline my wardrobe this coming year. I shall be sticking to simple colours and cuts and ringing the changes with the addition of scarves and jewellery.

Looking after your mental as well as physical health is also an important factor in living a well-balanced life. I shall be limiting my time on my digital devices and making more time to communicate with people face to face. I find that I have been missing that interaction. It is so easy to get into the habit of just communicating with people online.

Wishing you all the best and do let me know if there are any particular subjects you would like me to cover on this blog. In the meantime I shall be spending as much time out in nature as possible,


  1. Kathy Luff
    3rd January 2019 / 13:52

    Happy New Year to you too, Josephine. The proposed changes to the blog content sound perfect to me, thank you. I read every post you write and always enjoy them. Best wishes.

  2. Lynn Nicholls
    3rd January 2019 / 15:17

    Like the sound of your changes, Happy New Year x

  3. Ann Roberts
    3rd January 2019 / 15:19

    Looking forward to the extra pieces in the blog . I read each one and find them a very refreshing change from the usual ones. Perhaps you have found a particular niche. I certainly appreciate every one being an over 50. PLEASE KEEP IT UP.

  4. 3rd January 2019 / 15:42

    Hi, Josephine, Happy New Year! I love your blog, and would really like you to stick to your tried and tested topics of fashion, wardrobe management, colour and style. The world and his wife is writing about lifestyle, nutrition, exercise and sustainability. What I have loved about your blog is that it sticks (has stuck) to a distinctive style and done it very well. I fear that if you diversify, you will lose your unique voice. Thank you for all the inspiration anyway… Kate x

    • 3rd January 2019 / 17:36

      Hi Kate
      I am definitely going to stick to the same format on style so rest assured that this will be the main topic for the blog. The post on nutrition will only be once a month and there is a personal story behind it. I might also occasionally cover the subject of stress from a meditation point of view. This has been popular in the past and regular meditation has greatly helped me.

  5. Maisie
    3rd January 2019 / 15:44

    A Happy New Year, Josephine. Looking forward to your blogs this year, all sounds good !

  6. 3rd January 2019 / 15:54

    Happy New Year, Josephine! I look forward to seeing what you offer us in 2019.

    Elaine @ Following Augustine

  7. melmi
    3rd January 2019 / 15:56

    Kate, in her comments, said everything so well. I enjoy your blog the way you currently write it and agree with her about the current trend in blog writing. You do a wonderful service to those of us who are “trying to dress” well, with style, and at a reasonable price point. I enjoy each and every one of your posts. Thanks for the good work and Happy New Year!

  8. 3rd January 2019 / 15:58

    I don’t like too many changes, I have to confess, so tend to agree somewhat with Kate regarding nutrition etc

    I really enjoy reading about your travels and your choice of clothes and absolutely agree with you regarding slimming down one’s wardrobe. I have tried to do so but have been left with a wardrobe full of black and white clothes. I don’t mind but my husband often asks if I am “going to a funeral” which is off-putting! So I am adding some colourful cardigans and jackets this year. Oddly two people have commented “that colour suits you”!!

    I am also adding to my wardrobe of scarves. These are cheap and cheerful.

    I have the basic items but am slowly going to discard the cheaper garments and replace with something better.

    Happy New Year to you and to your Followers.

    • 3rd January 2019 / 17:42

      Hi Mary

      Thank you for your comment. It sounds as though you are on track with your wardrobe. I too learnt to wear more colour after getting great compliments whenever I added a touch of colour to my outfits, especially around my face. Scarves are definitely my go-to accessory, so easy to just grab one and go.

      Don’t worry there will not be that many changes just a few minor additions.

  9. Susan Lee
    3rd January 2019 / 16:03

    Hi Josephine, happy new year. I was really pleased to read your blog today. Your sentiments on buying less I entirely agree with. I have decided to only buy clothes that I really need and not just random items which hardly ever go with anything else in my wardrobe. My sister always throws out the old when she buys a new item. I find that really hard to do.
    Looking forward to your new style blog, maybe we can see some of photos when you are out and about enjoying nature.
    Thank you for all the interesting blogs I really enjoy all of them. X

    • 3rd January 2019 / 17:51

      Hi Susan
      Thanks for your comment. I am not very good with the one in one out strategy for clothes. I sometimes keep my good items for 10 years. I pack them away carefully (luckily I have an underground garage which is like keeping them in cold storage) and often when I get them out I fall in love with them again.

      • Angela in NZ
        3rd January 2019 / 20:36

        On a similar level, anything I’m fed up with seeing and not wearing in my wardrobe goes first into a spare wardrobe earmarked for the charity shop. If it’s still there after the next season it’s gone. And yes there have been a few minor regrets over time but as you say, no looking back.

  10. Carol
    3rd January 2019 / 17:19

    I agree with the ladies above on the reasons I enjoy reading your blog.
    I am excited that you will be including advice about nutrition. My (U.S.) health care plan does not cover a nutritionist (only a dietician, which has given antiquated advice to both my husband and daughter) so I am left to my own devices. It is overwhelming to find the truth behind all the “research.” You folks in the UK are so much further ahead on this subject. I look forward to these and all your diversified posts.

  11. 1010ParkPlace
    3rd January 2019 / 17:20

    We have the same philosophy about buying better clothes, not more, which spills over into the rest of my life. I’m a minimalist, so that helps in that I don’t feel the need to buy more things to hang on the wall. I’ve backed off of Instagram because to be visible, you need to respond to everyone you follow, plus it strikes me as a oneupmanship of how beautiful your life is. I’d rather write and snuggle with my dogs. You, however, are someone I look forward to getting to know better this year.

    • 3rd January 2019 / 17:54

      I sort of agree with you on Instagram. I limit my time there as even at my age I tend to do the comparison thing. I should know better.

  12. Sharon
    3rd January 2019 / 17:20

    Hi Josephine, I Look forward to the new areas you will be covering. All blogs are not created equal when it comes to life style writing. Once you find a voice in the other world, as I call the internet, you feel comfortable reading their opinions on other topics. I particularly look forward to the nutrition posts as I am dairy and gluten intolerant, and will be reaching a major birthday this year (70). I’m with Susan Lee in liking to see nature pictures as well.

    Sharon from Canada (PEC)

  13. Joan
    3rd January 2019 / 17:20

    Happy new year Josephine
    I too really enjoy your blog and have been inspired by your style although I am much shorter than you I have taken onboard a lot of your advice. Having an ecologist for a son I am very aware of the damage cheap fashion is doing to our environment and agree with you wholeheartedly that it is a good idea to buy less and buy better. Some of the more expensive items in my wardrobe are 25 years old and because they are classic still look good today.
    I look forward to your new thoughts and ideas.

  14. Leslie O
    3rd January 2019 / 17:20

    Hello Josephine and happy new year! Thanks for sharing so much with your interesting blog. I think the changes you want to make sound great. I would appreciate a monthly post from your Nutritionist niece. I would like to see some thoughts from her about nutrition for people over 60, 70, 80. I’m almost 70, and finding that I have to eat less as I age. I don’t think it’s possible to eat as much protein and as many servings of fruits and vegetables daily that we’re told to eat on, say, a Mediterranean diet. Also, my Dr. does not recommend vitamin supplements now that I’m older, except Vit. D. I would love to hear your niece’s thoughts on things like this.

    Good luck with 2019!


    • 3rd January 2019 / 17:59

      Hi Leslie
      I agree, I am now in my 69th year and find that I can’t eat as much as I used to. I do think Vitamin D is important and I also take an immune system booster, in powder form, apparantly powder or liquid supplements are better absorbed than the pill form and that is all.

      • Leslie O
        4th January 2019 / 20:35

        Interesting….I sometimes take echinacea. Do you take something like that or something different, if you don’t mind my asking. Leslie

  15. Beatriz
    3rd January 2019 / 17:26

    Hi Mrs Josephine
    I wish to you a new year plain of health and happiness.
    Love your blog.
    Thanks for all your sugestions .
    I follow you from overseas

  16. Judy
    3rd January 2019 / 17:36

    Hi Josephine, I will be with you whatever you choose to blog about! If you feel you want to add to it that’s fine by me, but I hope you won’t cut your fashion/styling offerings too much.
    Happy New Year to everyone.

  17. 3rd January 2019 / 18:04

    Thank you for all your lovely comments and encouragement. It makes all the difference as blogging can be a challenging and lonely occupation. It is great to know that you are benefiting from my musings.
    Let us all make 2019 a great stylish and healthy year,

  18. Christine Trory
    3rd January 2019 / 18:31

    Happy New Year Josephine. I am in agreement with you on the looking forward point of view. I think some reflection is good but we need to keep active in all ways so that we can keep feeling alive. Hope this makes sense. I really enjoy your blog and find the points you raise on fashion excellent so keep it up. I am also not adverse to some nutritional advice either. Thanks for all you do.

  19. Lynne Savage
    3rd January 2019 / 19:24

    Can i agree too with kate. I love your common sense blog on style and hope it continues. I hope that any nutrition comments are evidence based as so much we read just isnt. Good luck with the changes and looking forward. I am turning 70 next week, thrilled to be well and active and also looking forward to the future. Arent we so fortunate to live in beautiful peaceful parts of the world.

  20. Wendy
    3rd January 2019 / 20:22

    Hi Josephine, I think the new additions to your blog sound really interesting. As someone who is almost always trying to lose a few pounds I’m definitely looking forward to the posts on nutrition. For the sake of the planet, I think we must look for more sustainable, less wasteful options in all areas of our lives so the idea of some posts on sustainability sounds bang on trend to me!

  21. Eleni
    3rd January 2019 / 21:05

    Happy New Year, Josephine, from Toronto. Going into my 80th year (phew) I enjoy your blog and photographs very much indeed. Looking forward to the nutrition tips. My wardrobe needs an overhaul. I seem to be hanging on to articles that do not actually fit anymore !! Keep up the good work.

  22. Sandra
    3rd January 2019 / 22:53

    Happy New Year, Josephine. Looking forward to more of your thoughtful posts in 2019. I read them all, but I am partial to the ones that take place in France (major Francophile).

    Your American readers might be interested to know that Medicare covers the cost of a nutritionist 100%. I meet with one on a monthly basis and find it beneficial. Interested in your niece’s comments.

    • 4th January 2019 / 09:20

      Interesting Sandra. Thanks for letting us know. I don’t think our healthcare in the UK would cover this cost. I would have to check. I don’t know how much a consultation with a nutritionist in the US would cost relatively speaking I cost of a consultation in the UK is quite reasonable.

  23. Viv Butler
    6th January 2019 / 10:46

    Happy New Year Josephine ! Looking forward to reading more of your inspiring blogs as we go into 2019. Like Sandra, i am also a Francophile and especially enjoy all your news a la Belle France. I thought of you recently whilst trawling round the Saturday morning market in Deauville! So very chic, wish i lived nearer!

  24. Marilyn L
    6th January 2019 / 16:16

    Happy 2019. I’m looking forward to another year of your blog especially the addition of the nutritional advice.
    My wardrobe is getting smaller as I concentrate on jettisoning the rubbish and replacing occasionally, 3 out 1in when finances allow. I find as I get older (72 this February, however did that happen) I need less but better quality.

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