Paris style report Day 3

Paris Cafe

Third day in Paris. What is the first thing to do? Have a leisurely cup of coffee at the local cafe before hitting the shops. After our coffees, Susan and I decided to check out the fashion floor in Le Bon Marché. We wanted to see which colours and styles were currently trending in Paris.

Paris style report Day 3

Faux fur is very popular both in the stores and on the streets as I documented in my previous post. I managed to capture a couple of women in my street wearing faux fur, either as collars on hoods or as jackets.

The warm colours of camel, rust and brown were very much in evidence as you can see both above and below. Accent colours were a light teal blue, green, purple and some pinks plus a couple of prints.

Paris style report

Tweed in all its guises seemed very popular, both in store and on the streets. They tended to reflect the  English countryside with traditional browns, greens and a touch of yellow. Classic and in a way reflective of our traditional British country wear.

Many of the tweeds were reminiscent of the way Coco Channel was influenced by our Scottish tweeds during the period she was the mistress of the Duke of Westminster. If you are interested in the story you can read about it here.

Paris style report

Paris style report

There was a smattering of the cooler colours such as purple and pink. Although I did not see much evidence of these on the streets.

Red plaid coat

More evidence of Scottish influence in this red plaid coat.

Paris street style

Street style collage. Mostly dark colours which are typically Parisian. The occasional touch or reds and rusts.

Pairs shoe shop

Finally, we visited a stunning shoe shop Mychatelles. I fell in love with the shoes. Susan has a pair and assured me that they are extremely comfortable. I will have to save up and buy a pair next time I visit Paris.

It was then time to have lunch at a local Bistro and head back to the Gare du Nord and London. I had such fun. I wish that I could have stayed another day.

Wishing you all a very Happy Christmas

I should also like to thank you for all your support and lovely comments without which this blog would not be what it is.

Over the holiday period, I will be taking some time off. These last few months have been very busy and I definitely need to rest and take care of myself.

We will be travelling down to the South of France directly after Christmas so I look forward to catching up with you down there.


  1. Kari
    23rd December 2018 / 13:04

    Thank you for sharing your style over the last year, Josephine. I love your blog.
    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

  2. 23rd December 2018 / 15:34

    As my travelling days are over I enjoy my virtual tours with you, Josephine. Thank you. Have a lovely Christmas, and ALL reading this!

  3. jill
    23rd December 2018 / 15:46

    Merry Christmas to you!

  4. Liz
    23rd December 2018 / 16:16

    Enjoy Christmas and your well deserved rest.

  5. 23rd December 2018 / 16:20

    Have a very Merry Christmas!

    Elaine @ Following Augustine

  6. Sharon
    23rd December 2018 / 18:38

    Happy Christmas to you and you family, Josephine..

  7. Lynn Brogden
    23rd December 2018 / 18:52

    Love the red plaid coat, and love your blog and the fashions you bring us Josephine. Have a lovely Christmas and new year, and I will look forward to your posts in the new year. Best wishes.

  8. Kay
    23rd December 2018 / 19:21

    Wonderful picture of the escalators at Le Bon Marche. Love the hanging trees! Merci for a year of lovely posts.

  9. 23rd December 2018 / 19:34

    Josephine this Christmas blog is a tour de force! Wonderful inspiration and fabulous colour combinations and French flavour. You keep me up to date and keen to stay proactive. Thank you so much, merry Christmas and a very happy New Year! Karen x

  10. Eleni
    23rd December 2018 / 20:26

    Merry Christmas from Canada, Josephine. I enjoy all your blogs and the lovely photographs. I do not travel anymore and I appreciate hearing all about your trips.

  11. Lesley Day
    23rd December 2018 / 22:30

    Happy Christmas Josephine and greetings from Sydney. Took your advice on bringing just a few colours (navy cream and blue) to mix and match – all working so far.

  12. Christine Trory
    23rd December 2018 / 22:37

    Thank you for all your lovely posts throughout the year that inspire me when considering purchases. Have a lovely Christmas and a long and well deserved rest.

    • SusanShubnell
      24th December 2018 / 00:18

      I so enjoy your posts. Thank you.
      Merry Christmas from Maryland (USA)

  13. Wendy in York
    24th December 2018 / 07:46

    Such a good idea to show the rails of clothes . Lots to tempt there ( And Merry Xmas )

  14. Brenda Chell
    24th December 2018 / 07:48

    Merry Christmas Josephine and thank you for your inspiration and friendliness through the year. Lovely to be able to follow you from Florida. Have a great break in France and we’ll see you rested and recovered from all your hard work in the new year. With very best wishes.

  15. Janet
    24th December 2018 / 08:31

    Merry Christmas Josephine. Thank you for recommending Woolovers.

  16. Anon
    28th December 2018 / 17:35

    I like how the clothing is displayed on the racks, with complete ensembles and coordinating colors. This is not how clothing is displayed where I live.

  17. Eleanor
    30th September 2019 / 15:27

    I will miss your smiling face coming through every day so I will look forward to seeing you in the new year much rested.
    Enjoy your Christmas and New Year and thank you for all your advice.

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