The versatility of a tunic dress

The versatility of a tunic dress

I love tunics and tunic dresses. I always have. I find they create a flattering proportion when teamed with trousers. It elongates the body and skims over the hips. If you are petite or have shortish legs you will need to play with the length of the tunic and trousers. I find it helps to match your shoes to your trousers as this gives the illusion of longer legs.

The tunic I am wearing here is by one of my favourite brands Hopefashionuk. See my previous post where I wore their sleeveless grey coat. I find that they understand the shape and cut that flatters us older women. Their sizing is also easy to understand and generous.

I have paired the tunic with a pair of simple ankle leg trousers by Eileen Fischer and grey rollback old similar. Pendant a gift similar.

Black tunic and trousers

I think slim leg trousers are more flattering with this look. Wide trousers would look too bulky unless you are very tall. If you are ok to show your arms the tunic can be worn on its own. However I like the layered look with a polo neck. I am going to experiment with this idea by adding sweaters under some of my thiner fabric dresses to extend their wearability into the autumn and winter.

Black tunic & Trousers on steps at Grimaud

I am wearing a pair of simple court shoes with a small heel. If you want make this look more casual you could always add a pair of sneakers.

Black tunic & trousers seated at GrimaudPhotos taken by Dee in our French village.


  1. 17th October 2016 / 10:57

    Such a nice look!
    Love to read your blog it is very interesting

  2. 17th October 2016 / 14:00

    I love this look! A simple dress or tunic over leggings is one of my all time favorite and go-to outfits. And, I am so glad that turtle necks have come back. I’ve always loved them, whether in cotton or cashmere, and had so much trouble finding nice ones in the past few years. Ditto for husband ! Seems that men now prefer a zip in front; so we have to mail order turtlenecks for husband… I would wear your outfit with simple ballet flats!

    • 17th October 2016 / 17:59

      Hi Libby Yes I agree ballet flats would definitely work. I wore them all the time for so long but now I don’t find that they give my feet enough support.

  3. 17th October 2016 / 16:53

    Love your outfit! I too love tunics and agree that they are very flattering and create a lovely silhouette! They can be dressed up or down and make a perfect traveling piece. Have a lovely day!
    xx Britta

    • 17th October 2016 / 17:58

      Thanks Britta I agree they are great for travelling.

  4. Linda Vens
    17th October 2016 / 17:27

    Sorry, you look very nice, but it is not my look. I am too short to wear it, plus I cannot wear heels with my feet. Would not look good with sneakers, do you think???

    • 17th October 2016 / 17:57

      Hi Linda I agree it can be a tricky look if you are shorter. I definitely would wear sneakers with this but then I am a sneakers fan. They do have to be pristine and if possible a bit trendy. Not as though you might be on your way to the gym.

  5. Viv Butler
    17th October 2016 / 20:03

    Looks great on you Josephine, I loved modelling that tunic, probably my next Hope buy ! (Looks super in the red too). I think ankle grazing, narrow trousers work the best, or leggings. So versatile.

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