My best purchase this season and how to stay young!

My best purchase this season and how to stay young!

This jacket by JCrew is the best purchase I have made this season. It is the perfect everyday jacket, especially in wet and windy London. It has that hard to find combination of looking casual and smart at the same time. I am wearing it here with a pair of classic black trousers similar and a sleevelessgreysweater from the new John Lewis “Modern Rarity” range. I will be showing the sweater in greater detail in a future post. The jacket is long enough to keep you warm and will be ideal for travelling. It has dozens of pockets of varying sizes, perfect for holding your passport, boarding pass, money etc.






I spent many hours this summer playing in this small playground with my three small grandchildren. I learnt to be childish!

My wonderful photographer Julie of Jafinthebox and I had such fun taking these photographs at The Wetlands in South West London. To see more of Julie’s photographs follow her on Instagram.


  1. Sue
    20th October 2016 / 15:47

    I love this outfit, casual, but smart. It would be perfect for travel.

    • 20th October 2016 / 15:49

      Hi Sue
      I intend to test it out on Monday when I fly to France.

  2. Andrea
    20th October 2016 / 16:18

    I loved the coat from House of Fraser in the alternate links! Very nice faux fur lining, looks perfect for late autumn in Minnesota.

    • 20th October 2016 / 16:43

      Hi Andrea
      I have checked and they do ship to the USA. Details here

      • Andrea
        20th October 2016 / 17:36

        Thank you! I am seriously considering it. The collar looks like it will be especially nice with all the scarves I keep knitting and it might be an excellent investment. The coat even qualifies for free shipping to the US!

  3. Vicki
    20th October 2016 / 18:14


    I’m a new subscriber but I’ve been following your blog for a couple of years. I have a similar build to you and so your clothing tips are always helfpul to me. I wanted to ask where you got the shoes in this most recent post. Just what I’ve been lookin for!

    • 20th October 2016 / 18:57

      Hi Vicki & Anne
      The shoes are by Paul Green. I bought them in the summer and don’t think they are still available. I will see if I can find something similar and get back to you.

  4. Anne
    20th October 2016 / 18:16

    I love your trainers- they really complement your outfit and add those all important youthful touches. Where are they from?

  5. 20th October 2016 / 19:03

    What a great coat! I bought a “utility jacket”, thanks to Susan at UneFemme: found it on sale out in Santa Monica last June and snapped it up right away. Absolutely perfect for our days in Paris a few weeks ago, and, surprisingly, I thought it looked better when paired with a more dressed up look rather than very casual! A hood is essential too…

  6. 21st October 2016 / 14:14

    Cute pictures! I’ve been eyeing that jacket too, and you look fabulous in it!

  7. 24th October 2016 / 14:29

    Great jacket! I bought a black one last year in Sonoma and just love it. So glad they are so big this year!

  8. 25th October 2016 / 15:41

    i have been eyeballing those J. Crew “waxed” type jackets for years. I seem to be the only human being in Scotland who does not own a waxed jacket. Hmmm….maybe this year. Yours is awesome.

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