The merits of a good quality puffer coat

Dark grey puffer coat

I am now back in London and finding a sudden drop in temperature very challenging. Thank goodness for my tried and trusted puffer coat. The merits of a good quality puffer coat are priceless. I bought the one I am wearing above a couple of years ago in the Gerard Darel shop in St.Tropez. It is still in very good condition and extremely warm.

In my opinion it is worth spending as much of your budget as you can afford on a good quality puffer. The inner quilting is likely to be thicker, the stitching won’t unravel and the feathers won’t start to poke out, which I find very annoying. How I styled my puffer coat last year.

Puffer coat

The blue puffer I am wearing below is also my Gerard Darel purchased over five years ago and it is still in my wardrobe, although it may be its last season as the colour is beginning to fade.

Puffer jacket beret and scarf

If you live in the northern hemisphere I think that a good quality puffer coat or jacket is one of the most useful and important items in your wardrobe. There is no need to look like the “Michelin man” even if you are petite. The finer quilted ones that define the waist suit most figure shapes.

I found a lovely Gerard Darel reversible puffer at Bloomingdales. A bit pricey but two coats in one.

I still have the beret and scarf in my wardrobe!

A selection of puffer coats at a variety of pries:


  1. Margo
    8th November 2019 / 15:46

    Hi Josephine. Welcome home to winter. Thanks to you I have ordered and kept the lovely wide leg Winser London trousers and a couple of sweaters. I am delighted with them I am also pleased to see you wearing the wide leg trousers with your puffer jacket. I will do the same for my trip to London next week
    Thanks for all your style guidance and best wishes

  2. Judith Bavister
    8th November 2019 / 16:26

    I find lands end puffers really good for petites, a sadly neglected group IMO.

    • Judith Bavister
      8th November 2019 / 20:14

      Sorry, I didn’t mean that to be a criticism of you but of manufactures who seem to have forgotten us littlies. I enjoy reading your blog.

    • 9th November 2019 / 14:07

      Hi Judith
      I have included a few puffer coats from Lands End in my selection. I agree that many of the Petite ranges have disappeared. However, I do have a friend who is petite and she always seems to look elegant. She shops in the main stream stores.

  3. Christine
    8th November 2019 / 16:55

    Totally agree with all your thoughts on a good puffer coat. They are an essential winter item here in Canada. Always appreciate your styling tips and thoughts. Thanks again.

  4. 8th November 2019 / 19:50

    I remember the first puffer coat I ever bought: living in New York City which just might be the coldest place ever… and back in the 80’s these were a brand new item for city/dress living. But oh it was so warm and wonderful. I looked like the Michelin man but did not care at all! Fashion has come a long….way since then!

  5. Janice
    9th November 2019 / 00:54

    I bought my first puffer that is also packable a couple years ago to wear when we go to Florida in the winter. I love it! and am considering another one if I find a good sale!

  6. Wendy in York
    9th November 2019 / 18:55

    Yes I love my puffas . I have three , one is quite an expensive Italian one but my favourite which is a Finnish make was from TK Max £39. 99 !

  7. Angela in NZ
    14th November 2019 / 06:07

    I found that the closer the stitching is the less Michelin like you appear. A great travel companion for transitional seasons. Took my newly purchased packable down jacket to China 3 weeks ago where it’s vast geography necessitated a broad weight wardrobe. Even though I only wore it a couple of times, it was a worthwhile addition.

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