Green is back in fashion

Green is back in fashion and you will find a variety of shades in the shops this season. I have not worn green for many years. When I was younger it was a colour I used to wear a lot as I have green eyes. Last year I did buy a green velvet jacket which I love. This year I will be investing in more green.

Green is a combination of blue and yellow and therefore can fall into the cool or warm colour spectrum. The sweater I am wearing above is what I would call a mid-green and slightly on the cooler side. It is a colour with many associations from nature and health to illness and poisonous plants.

Green is back in fashion

Green teams well with navy and yellow as shown in the photo above. It can also work well with red.

Green is back in fashion

By adding an unusual print scarf to a simple outfit you can personalise the look and make it your own. Scarf available from Chicatanyage shop.

Green is back in fashion

Green polo sweater

My green sweater is by WinserLondon. Wide leg trousers also WinserLondon.

Green wool sweater and wide leg trousers

I will be wearing my green velvet blazer from Hush again this year. However this season I will be combining it with my pinks and purples to create some interesting colour combination,

What is your opinion of green. Will you be wearing it this season and if so what tone do you prefer?

Disclaimer: The sweater and trousers that I am wearing in the photos were borrowed from Winser London and returned.

Green sweaters:

Green coats:

Green dresses:

A touch of green:

The photographs were taken by Laura Hines. Follow her on Instagram


  1. Margo
    5th November 2019 / 12:17

    Hi Josephine. Like you I am a big fan of Winser London. I had ordered these palazzo pants to wear with one of the silk tops but returned them because the look was not flattering on my tummy when the top was tucked in as on the model I am waiting for the other wide leg trousers to arrive to see how they compare. Am I right that you have a pair of them too?
    Maybe I should try the palazzos again and wear them for daytime with a sweater over them as you have ?
    I am warm toned so I am not sure that the green would be right for me
    Since I retired I am really struggling with the whole daytime clothing thing as I don’t want to end up looking frumpy and I have to say that your blog is the one that gives me some ideas
    Just one final question what sort of coat do you wear with the wide leg trousers?
    I will be looking for some new scarves on your shop



    • 5th November 2019 / 12:51

      Hi Margo
      I have ordered the WL black palazzo pants as I found them so comfortable for the photo shoot. They will be waiting for me when I get back to London this pm. To the cold weather! In my previous post I was wearing a pair of their wide leg trousers with my old brown wrap coat. Later I will be wearing my puffer coat. Most of my coats work with them.the green sweater is mid tone equal between warm and cool. I tend to wear my tops over my trousers to conceal my tummy. Best Josephine

  2. Brenda Chell
    5th November 2019 / 16:12

    I like a bright teal.

  3. 5th November 2019 / 17:03

    I love green so search it out in new things as well as charity shops . As an artist I think of the colour wheel or having had a science background of the visible light spectrum rather than warm/cool -which is not consistently used ! Anyway I can wear mid-green (ie midway between yellow and blue) and anything on the blue side of it . I always thought I couldn’t wear olive but recently discovered that I could manage dark olive – particularly with a blue-green to give it a lift .

  4. Denise
    5th November 2019 / 19:15

    Very timely post. I saw a tunic and matching wrap from J. Jill (I’m in the US) and what caught my eye was the color. They call it balsam – a rich deep true green. I haven’t bought anything in green for several years because most of the choices were really teal green or on the olive side and I’m a real Kodachrome gal. I like true blues, reds and greens. They just look better on me, and yes, I’m a ‘Winter’. Thanks for all of your blog postings. I find them informative and fun. And one of these days I hope to travel to the south of France And yes I bought both items!

    • 6th November 2019 / 15:27

      Hi Denise
      Good for you. I am sure you will look great in them.

  5. Lynn Brogden
    5th November 2019 / 21:08

    Love your green sweater Josephine, it looks great with the palazzo pants. I used to wear a lot of green when I was younger as I had naturally auburn hair, and it seemed to suit me. I still wear it now but not very often, but I do like that shade of green. I like the way you have styled it with a belt and scarf.

  6. Natalie
    20th September 2020 / 04:26

    I haven’t worn much green since high school and college. Last year I bought a kelly green wool blazer and the same in a cashmere sweater. I love this color combined with pink and navy as well.

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