Cashmere sweaters to love and to cherish

Cashmere sweaters to love and to cherish.

Cashmere sweaters to love and to cherish

As I write this post I am still enjoying the warm sun in France however next week I will be back in London where the temperatures will have dropped to nearly zero. I will definitely be unpacking all my winter woollies. Cashmere is the cosiest of all the knits when it comes to snuggling up and keeping warm. Cashmere sweaters are to love and to cherish. Above I am wearing the WinserLondon Audrey sweater.

If you look after a cashmere sweater it should last you for years. Here is a good article on how to care for your precious cashmere.

Cashmere sweater

I have teamed the sweater with the WinserLondon palazzo trousers. They are designed with flattering clean lines and elasticated waist. I found them extremely comfortable. Necklace a birthday present from my six year old grandson. He chose it himself and it is a perfect colour for me. He has good taste!

cashmere sweater

This season I am keeping my silhouette as minimalist and streamlined as possible. I find that keeping things simple makes getting dressed in the morning quick and easy.

You can see how I styled my pink Audrey cashmere sweater here.

MarksandSpencer do some excellent reasonably priced cashmere. (US link)

Uniqlo also have a good selection in a wide range of colours

ashmere sweaters under £100

Luxury cashmere sweaters

Disclaimer: The sweater and trousers that I am wearing in the photos were borrowed from Winser London and returned.

The photographs were taken by Laura Hines. Follow her on Instagram


  1. M
    1st November 2019 / 15:25

    I love cashmere and have found myself becoming addicted in recent years. I could not believe how effective a cashmere jumper/cardigan is at keeping me warm during the colder weather.

    The bonus of Marks and Spencer cashmere I have found is that it can be washed on a cold, gentle machine wash, without being adversely effected.

  2. 1st November 2019 / 16:11

    Your link to caring for cashmere is very good: I have a terrible problem with moths. I think it’s this warm climate. But cashmere is their food of choice! I have tons of cedar shavings in every drawer and hanging in the closet. I put them in a huge cedar chest for the summer. But still, they get a few choice bites. I’ve never heard of the freezing method but will try it tomorrow! And yes, the pilling is there on all cashmere no matter the price, but it is minimal.

    • 2nd November 2019 / 07:28

      Hi Libby
      I find the best way to keep the pesky moths away ti to hand those pheromone sticky papers in my wardrobes and where I store my coats etc for the summer. I even put them under the bed where we have a silk rug. It seems to work as I find dead moths sticking to the papers and so far no holes. You can buy them on Amazon.

  3. Elizabeth
    1st November 2019 / 16:59

    I have a cashmere jumper I bought in Turin in 1998 and it still looks like new. It was £120 at the time.

  4. Sara
    1st November 2019 / 22:38

    Despite its softness, I cannot got on with cashmere. Whatever the quality, it pills in no time at all and I am not willing to spend ages with a cashmere comb to cure this. Give me a fine merino wool any time: it looks good with a minimum of care, doesn’t form bobbles and in my view, is warm and smart simultaneously. Added bonus: it’s usually cheaper than cashmere!

    • 2nd November 2019 / 07:29

      Hi Sara I also love merino wool for everyday. Occasionally I have had a cashmere jumper that pills badly however mostly I just give hem a quick comb expecially under the arms when I am pressing them following washing. It only takes a few minutes.

  5. Anna K.
    2nd November 2019 / 06:58

    I love cashmere too but the pilling, as Sara remarks above, is a real nuisance. I have found a cashmere/mix to be less liable to pill, and am also buying more alpaca for the same reason. Baby alpaca is especially soft and comforting.

    You look lovely in the blue sweater, Josephine.

  6. 2nd November 2019 / 07:30

    Hi Anna K
    Alpaca is lovely but in my experience is often more expensive than cashmre.

  7. 3rd November 2019 / 08:05

    I’ve always loved cashmere and even in impoverished student days I hunted it down in charity shops. However I’ve decided to stop buying new cashmere unless I am sure about how it’s being produced and that means either paying the higher cost of a cruelty free sustainable product or (more often for me!) buying second hand. Cashmere used to be a luxury product. Surely we should all have become suspicious when it started appearing everywhere at “reasonable” prices? Reading an article on the ‘Good on You’ website about the difference between sustainable cashmere production and fast fashion production prompted my decision.
    So apart from birthdays presents of the good stuff it’s back to the charity shops,, the Oxfam website and eBay for me!

    • 3rd November 2019 / 08:08

      Hi Maureen
      Definitely a good idea to buy second hand although for sweaters I would check the condition very carefully. Hopefashionuk and WinserLondon both do sustainable cashmere however they are at the pricier end.

      • 3rd November 2019 / 12:45

        Thanks that’s useful to know, I’d rather save up and get a good one every couple of years! Interestingly ASOS have an on they won’t be stocking unsustainable cashmere.

  8. 3rd November 2019 / 15:22

    That is interesting. I dn’t use Asos very much as I consider it “fast fashion” but I will have another look.

  9. Pat
    5th November 2019 / 01:07

    Gorgeous outfit and great color for you!

    21st September 2020 / 20:21

    Last year for the first time I bought a cashmere sweater. I loved it so much I ended up buying 10! This year I have my eye on two more. I live in Arizona but we do have a cold season. You look great in your cashmere sweater!! Thank you for the post!!

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