The alkemistry of Jewellery

The secret of Alchemical jewellery


I love beautiful, elegant discreet jewellery.  I am lucky to have a few sentimental pieces that I have cherished for years. Many of them presents from parents and loved ones and each piece holds precious memories.  I am also interested in why certain gem stones appeal to me whilst others simply do not. I don’t feel that this attraction is just about the colour.  A real gemstone will have a certain vibration that mysteriously works with certain personalities.

I was recently introduced to The Alkemistry the brainchild of Kirstie, who previously worked as a jewellery buyer for Harrods. She realised there was something missing, something intangible and inexplicable when the perfect match between the wearer and a gemstone just worked.  Read her story and philosophy here.  Then have some fun with a “reading” to find out which stones are recommended for you. I certainly agreed with my recommendations; beautiful pearls, aquamarine and pink opals.  I love them all.


Alchemical jewellery



These are real stones and metals and are therefore investment pieces, They make ideal gifts for wedding anniversaries, a daughter’s 21st birthday, graduation or any occasion you want to commemorate with a gift that will last a lifetime.


This is not a sponsored post however I first met Kirstie through one of my oldest and best girlfriends so there is a personal connection.




  1. Orbb
    29th May 2015 / 09:47

    :O such beautiful pieces, I would love to have them all 🙂

  2. Zoe
    29th May 2015 / 13:11

    Love the pink opal ring. I have a thing for soft pink with gold! I got diamond, moonstone and blue sapphire. Fun to do.

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