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Fashion advice for 40+ women What to wear to a French wedding



If you have followed this blog for a while you will probably know that when we are in France in the summer one of my favourite occupations is to watch the wedding guests arrive at our local church on a Saturday afternoon. It is a very beautiful church and a popular wedding venue for Parisian families as well as the local residents.

As the weather is normally hot and sunny the dress code is more relaxed than in the UK with many of the women wearing trousers and long dresses.  Another reason for this more casual vibe  is that often the reception is held in one of the beautiful beach restaurants on Pampalonne beach near St. Tropez.

This year I will not be the photographer hiding in the bushes taking photographs as I have been invited to attend a friend’s daughter’s wedding.

What to wear. I have decided not to go with the more formal English dress code but to choose something more informal.  I am not a great fan of spending a lot of money on an outfit that you may only wear once or twice, unless of course you are mother of the bride or groom. I have chosen pieces that I know I will wear often during the summer by dressing them down with casual T shirts and flats.



Fashion Advice for women 50+ Special occasion dressing

Blue side slit tunic   //  Wide leg trousers from a selection  //  Navy sunhat  //  Silver sandals



Fashion advice for women 50+ Special occasion dressing

Necklace from a selection


If you prefer more formal attire for your special occasion MarksandSpencer have a good selection of dresses with sleeves, which I know from your comments and questions is important to you. They have also put together a great dress guide to help you choose the right style for you.



Fashion advice for 40+ women - Dresses with sleeves

Pleated floral shift dress and navy shift dress available in 3 lengths



Fashion advice for 40+ women - special occasion dresses with sleeves

Bright blue body con dress and scatter spotted wrap dress


Full  range of dresses here


Do you have any unusual special occasions this summer and if so what will you be wearing?


This is not a sponsored post however I was challenged by MarksandSpencer to choose an outfit for a special event. As I am off to France on 7th June the timing was perfect. 




  1. Pam@over50feeling40
    19th May 2015 / 14:54

    I love that blue slit tunic…this is such a great outfit!

  2. une femme
    19th May 2015 / 15:10

    What a perfect outfit for so many occasions! And can picture the pieces worn separately too. Great choice!

  3. Catherine Robinson
    19th May 2015 / 15:59

    Fabulous outfit, Josephine…you look stunning!

  4. classic•casual•home
    19th May 2015 / 16:07

    My husband just brought me back a white embroidered tunic from India…now I know how to wear it!

  5. Kari
    20th May 2015 / 00:39

    I think you great selections for your event. Very unique and appropriate.

  6. Libby Wilkie
    20th May 2015 / 03:14

    I much prefer the more casual look you are wearing to a “real” dress! It looks much more contemporary, and yes, comfortable. I’ve always been a fan of long tunics, or long sweaters: somehow they just make me feel a little more elegant!

  7. Judy
    20th May 2015 / 17:10

    If you wore those to an English wedding when everyone else was dressed in their over-expensive- one-time-purchase you’d win the best dressed prize hands down. Really elegant and perfect for a summer wedding anywhere.

  8. Accidental Icon
    20th May 2015 / 17:40

    I have been having a love affair with blue recently. Wearing a fabulous blue shirt with a runaway riffle. The blue picks here are gorgeous, especially the long tunic.

    Accidental Icon

  9. Terry
    20th May 2015 / 17:53

    Oh heavens, you look amazing. I love, love, love that tunic and those pants. Great choices.

  10. Sandra Sallin
    20th May 2015 / 18:03

    Could I borrow that outfit for nextweek?

    Love the jaunty hat!

    • 20th May 2015 / 18:20

      Hi Sandra Don’t know if you live in the Uk if so you might be able to buy the tunic for next week and the hat.

  11. 20th May 2015 / 18:21

    Thanks for all your lovely comments. It has given me extra confidence. I will try and take some pics of the tunic worn casually when I am in France in June.

  12. M-T
    25th May 2015 / 18:57

    You look truly charming in that outfit. That deep slit in the tunic top makes all the difference. As I’m a bit shorter than you, I would probably shorten it a bit to above my knees, but otherwise, it’s perfect.

    I love dresses, but they can look a little frumpy, if they aren’t just right and don’t fit perfectly. These are lovely choices.

    Cheers, M-T

  13. The Style Crone
    3rd June 2015 / 15:10

    I adore your tunic! A lovely ensemble to wear to a wedding and I can see how the pieces can be worn throughout the summer. Wise and stylish choice. Thank you for sharing your beauty and your hat with Hat Attack!

  14. Mel
    3rd June 2015 / 15:43

    You look fabulous! Unfortunately I was too late to get the tunic in my size but you have opened my eyes to a new style, especially with the trousers. By the way you light up the screen when you smile. Thanks for your hard work

    • 4th June 2015 / 08:58

      Mel Sorry you did not manage to get the tunic. M&S seem to sell out of certain pieces really fast this year.

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