Let’s discuss films and series we have recently enjoyed.

Let's discuss films and series we have recently enjoyed.

I found that the Month of March seemed to drag on and the weather was cold and rainy so you probably had quite a lot of time to put your feet up and watch a film. So let’s discuss films and series we have enjoyed recently. Do share in the comments box any that you particularly enjoyed.

At least as I am writing this post we are able to get out and about a bit more and meet more people. None essential shops open again in the UK today. Will you be venturing out to the shops or will you continue to choose to buy online? I am very excited as I have a hair appointment next week.

So let’s sit down in comfy clothes and watch a good film.

Details of above:

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Bridgerton Netflix

Bridgerton – Netflix I am sure that most of you will have watched this series already. If so what did you think of it? The series takes place in 1813 London and offers a whimsical view of high society and courtship. Where you intrigued by the costumes and do you think that the series has had an influence on fashion trends? For example, there seem to be lots of big sleeves around at the moment. I don’t think that I will be wearing a corset any time soon!

Let's discuss films and series we have recently enjoyed.

The Life Ahead Netflix starring Sophia Loren. If you are a fan of Sophia Loren as I am you will enjoy this film. It is directed by her son Edoardo Ponti. In my opinion Sophia Loren still has a great presence as an actress. It is a gritty film and portrays the characters’ warts and all. You can choose to watch it in English or the original Italian.

After the wedding

After the Wedding -Netflix Isabel, the co-founder of an orphanage in India, travels to New York to meet Theresa, a philanthropist who wants to support her. However, unforeseen events befall her when she meets Theresa’s family. Lots of surprising twists and turns.

The Peanut Butter Falcon

The Peanut Butter Falcon – Netflix This film is a charming little odyssey that plays things very simply and benefits from the enthusiasm of its cast. I found it very heartwarming and uplifting. It just goes to show that if you want something very much and are prepared to do whatever it takes your dreams can come true.

Let's discuss films and series we have recently enjoyed.

The Painted veil – Amazon prime I watched this film recently. The screenplay is by Ron Nyswaner and is based on the 1925 novel of the same title by W. Somerset Maugham. I think that I must have read the book many years ago as I had a vague memory of the story. It is set in China and the shots of the landscape are very beautiful. Relevant to our times.

Well that’s it for this month. Do let us know your film recommendations. You also might like to check out last month’s recommendations here.


  1. Sue Gewanter
    12th April 2021 / 17:41

    What good recommendations! Thank you!

  2. Jackie
    12th April 2021 / 18:01

    I really enjoyed the series The Queen’s Gambit and the film News of the World

    • 12th April 2021 / 19:14

      Hello Jackie
      I agree both were excellent

  3. rukshanaafia
    12th April 2021 / 18:02

    OK the film on Netflix I recommend is “The trial of the Chicago 7” . I am old enough to remember the event and the political mood . It recreates this very well – a more realistic and less glamorous evocation of the ’60s .
    I watch (and read) a lot of detective fiction so currently it is “The Stranger” set in the UK , written by Harlan Coben and promising to be as good as “Safe” was (still available) . And for those who didn’t see it the 1st time around see how Gillian Anderson won a BAFTA in “The Fall” very nasty but utterly compelling .
    I don’t usually read about real/true crime but can recommend 2 examples of this on Netflix “Unbelievable” – a grim but ultimately hopeful US series about a rape victim not being believed until 2 detectives in a different area track down the (serial) rapist . More emotional is “Real Detective” where retired US homicide detectives recall the cases they can never forget .
    For much lighter viewing I recommend “Next in Fashion” , “Interior Design Masters” & “Extreme Cakemakers” for the sublime and ridiculous .

    • 12th April 2021 / 19:09

      Hello Rukshanaafia
      Thank you for alll your recommendations. “The trial of the Chicargo 7” is on my list. I might start it this evening.

  4. Diane Horning
    12th April 2021 / 21:07

    Great recommendations! We also loved the Trial of the Chicago 7. Also would recommend “Nomadland”, “Sound of Metal” and “Judas and the Black Messiah”. Very different movies but all with strong memorable performances. All nominated for Academy Awards. Want to see “Minari”.

  5. 13th April 2021 / 06:47

    I’m new here and would like to say how much I’m enjoying your blog!! I second the motion for The Queen’s Gambit. We’ve recently finished Turn and The Last Kingdom. Waiting for the next season of Outlander. I read the Bridgerton novels many years ago as they were being published (still have the original editions discreetly stashed away in my library from my historical romance days!). I was excited about the Netflix series, but was disappointed that it was nothing like the source material. I’ve watched Call the Midwife from start to finish 3 times during the pandemic. I had surgery that required an extensive recovery period, so I’ve watched more television than I usually would. I feel like I’ve seen everything on Netflix-lol. Currently re-watching Poldark.

    • 13th April 2021 / 09:16

      Hello Nancy
      Thank you for taking the time to send in your recommendations. I will check them out as I have not seen any of them.

    • 13th April 2021 / 09:22

      Hello Nancy
      I am glad that you like my blog. Thank you for taking the time to comment. I am also a fan of Call the Midwife and often rewatch an episode when I am doing the ironing on a Sunday evening. I also loved the Poldark series. I will check out Turn and The Last Kingdom. Hope you get better soon.

  6. 13th April 2021 / 07:29

    I forgot to mention that we really enjoyed Versailles. The costuming is absolutely sumptuous, and I’m very jealous of King Louis XIV’s hair! Another good Netflix series based on an excellent novel is Cathedral of the Sea, set in Spain during the Inquisition, it is a bit like blending Les Miserables with Pillars of the Earth but moving it all to Barcelona. I’ve also just seen that Amazon Prime has made The Name of the Rose into a series. I read that book back in 1983 and it was amazing. It’s set in an Italian Monastery in the early 1300’s and is full of political intrigue, mystery, and murder. Looking forward to seeing if it lives up to the book.

  7. Barb
    13th April 2021 / 12:09

    I loved Broadchurch, great acting and filming and a very compelling story. As a good Canadian, I have to recommend Schitt’s Creek for feel-good fun and Anne with an E.

    • Nancy
      13th April 2021 / 23:39

      Anne with an E is heartwarming and wonderful. Even my husband loved it. I love the actress who plays Anne, really I love the entire cast. We may re-watch that series soon.

  8. Kathy
    13th April 2021 / 18:03

    In addition to the great films and series you have mentioned, we have been watching European mysteries on the MHz stream service. We have loved these two French series…. Murder In… Also Perfect Murders. The scenery is gorgeous.the Sandhamm Murders was fabulous too with gorgeous Swedish scenery. Here in the US on PBS, we are enjoying Atlantic Crossing about Norway in WW2.

    • 19th April 2021 / 08:59

      Hello Kathy
      I had never heard of MHz streaming service but looked it up. It seems to be connected to Amazon video and sounds like a good idea. thanks.

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