How to restyle a wardrobe favourite

How to restyle a wardrobe favourite

How to restyle a wardrobe favourite. I bought this jacket about fifteen years ago. You can see me wearing it in 2015. The same post shows a selection of well-known women looking chic in pink. I always think that as soon as you add a jacket to an outfit it automatically elevates the look to more formal. I have not worn a jacket for many months; they seemed too structured for the times we are living in. Yet when I got my pink jacket out of mothballs and paired it with a pair of black trousers and a tailored waistcoat it felt fresh. Maybe I am just feeling like a change after living in very casual clothes for so long.

Bright pink jacket

Waistcoats can look very formal, corporate and masculine. However if you team a dark neutral waistcoat with a bright feminine coloured jacket, pastel coloured shirt and vintage broach you have a winning juxtaposition of masculine and feminine. Imagine that you are scheduled to go on an important Zoom call and want to look smart and business-like. Well from the waist up it would look like this.

Pink blazer, black waistcoat and trousers

My pink jacket was originally from Joseph. I have put a selection of jackets in various colours at the bottom of this post. My black waistcoat is from Mango. It also comes in beige which would look good with a pair of chinos. Waistcoats of all varieties are fashionable this year. They are an extremely useful addition to any wardrobe. They add an extra layer and can be dressed up as in the photo above or worn casually with a pair of jeans.

How to restyle a wardrobe favourite


  1. rukshanaafia
    9th April 2021 / 17:33

    What a lovely display of subtly coloured jackets ! I am particularly impressed with the Brora double breasted one which manages to look good worn open . Unusual for double breasted jackets and maybe why I don’t own one .

  2. Violet L O'Brien
    9th April 2021 / 18:20

    Pink is definitely your color…you look lovely. I love jackets and wear them with a button down shirt or a casual tee with as you say a pin of some type to soften the look.

  3. 9th April 2021 / 18:50

    You look so fabulous in that color! This whole outfit is a winner.

  4. 9th April 2021 / 19:10

    Sweet outfit. Stunning, timeless jacket. I’d also love it with a t-shirt (white, solid color, patterned, graphic…) , jeans and sneakers. Or with a a feminine dress. Great piece – good you brought into rotation again! P.S. Love your haircut.

  5. Rebecca Saffer
    9th April 2021 / 22:36

    I always love a great jacket and really miss wearing one. You have paired it beautifully with that cute vest and antique pin. Pink is definitely your color!

  6. Sara
    10th April 2021 / 15:06

    Jacket is great, that really IS pink! May I add that I do like your narrower jeans so much more than the wide leg trousers that are being pushed. For me, still way too much of the 70s and, in my opinion, so much harder to look sharp in the wider ones, unless we are talking Katherine Hepburn style, which most of the current ones are not. This outfit really does look sharp, but simultaneously relaxed in the best manner.

  7. Eleni
    10th April 2021 / 15:59

    Lovely jacket and stunning broach. You suit pink very well indeed. I still have a wool cardigan in pink – a.k.a. Chanel – exactly like the one Christine Lagarde is wearing in your post. Found it at the back of a closet I was organizing ! Must be at least 25 years old, bought when I retired.

  8. 13th April 2021 / 13:34

    Your outfit is gorgeous! I love the pop of color the bright pink gives to this look. Blazers are such a versatile staple that can be worn differently to create both business and casual looks. I usually shy away from color and stick with navy, black, gray, and beige basics, daring only to add color with scarves and bags. It wasn’t always that way, but something changed over the years. You’ve inspired me to add some color back in my closet!

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