Items I have found useful recently.

Nailed manicure set

I thought today I would share a few items I have been finding useful recently.

I love this mini manicure pad and have bought it with me to France. I normally paint my own nails unless it is a special occasion. I must admit that it is not my area of expertise and has been particularly difficult recently as my nails have been very dry and flaky. Check out some hand creams that have been helping here.

I am normally messy when painting my nails and have to use a cotton pad with the remover to get rid of the splurges on the skin around my cuticles. NailPad (gifted) really helps to keep my fingers secure and steady which mean that the polish goes on much easier. It has a holder for the nail polish thus preventing any disastrous spillages. I would highly recommend it.

MakeUp Eraser
Makeup Eraser

I have been a bit lazy about wearing makeup recently however I always put sun protection on my face plus a tinted moisturiser and a touch of blusher followed by a smudge of eyeshadow and mascara. This all needs to be taken off in the evening. I find these makeUp Erasers really useful and they are extremely environmentally friendly. Just add water and wipe your makeup off. Remember to wash regularly.

Desk fan

I bought the above Mini fan during the short heatwave we had in London. Keep it on your desk. It blows lovely cool air onto your face and helps to prevent you from getting too hot sweaty and bad-tempered while working.

Make up case

At the beginning of lockdown, I had a big clearcut and tidy up phase. I was using an old toolbox to keep my makeup in and it was looking very tired and scruffy. I threw out all my old definitely past its sell-by date makeup and bought myself a few new products from Lookfabulousforever. (Makeup specially formulated for older women). My makeup is now all neatly displayed in the separate compartments in the above makeup box.

Makeup brush holder

I did the same thing with my makeup brushes. I threw out all the old ones and now keep them neatly in the above brush holder. It is also useful when I wash my brushes as the tube divides into two sections and I can leave my brushes to air dry.

Mini storage boxes

I also did some tidying up of my drawers and cupboards. These mini storage boxes came in very handy for storing sewing equipment etc.

iPhone/ipad stand

This little gadget has been incredibly useful for my FaceTime calls. It means that I can prop my iPhone on this stand and have my hands free. I also sometimes use it for scrolling through Instagram. It would work for Zoom if you use an iPad.

silk pillow

I have been using a silk pillowcase for years. It helps to keep my hair smooth and supposedly prevents my wrinkles from getting worse! I love the soft cool feel, especially in Summer. The one by Lilysilk is excellent.

Silk eye mask

I also like their silk mask. It is nice and big I find that some of the ones I have used are too small and still let in some light.

I am taking a bit of a break in lovely sunshine in the South of France so posts may not be so regular. Do follow me on Instagram where I will be posting regularly about life in the South of France and visits to St.Tropez.


  1. Francie Newcomb
    18th July 2020 / 01:46

    I like silk pillowcases too! The eye shade is also appealing. I tried your idea of wearing a rather short summer dress over a pair of trousers and it works well with my white sleeveless J. Crew dress and pair of narrow white trousers. I will need an all-white outfit in the future for a summer event and will remember this great idea; thank you, Josephine. I hope you are having a lovely time in France!

  2. Margiemi - USA
    18th July 2020 / 17:07

    I’ve manicured my nails for about 30 years now….have a nail dryer which blows warm/cool air and I live in dread that it will “die” on my watch! I use a polish holder which is “tipped” so the polish is always in the right position and also use a small bottle of nail polish remover and a wooden cuticle pusher to clean my fingers of polish which goes into the “wrong places.” With these items, my nail primer, color, and a bottle of Seche Vite, I’m good to go with an “almost professional” manicure. Love hearing about your French vacations and happy you were able to travel! Stay cool!

    19th July 2020 / 06:05

    My nails were dry/flaky/breaky until I started rubbing a bit of Weleda Skin Food into them and the cuticles every night. Now they are strong and have a nice pinky glow. I also switched to home-made soap. All washes, even those recommended by my dermatologist, caused itchy rashes and dryness. Plain, 3-ingredient homemade soap cured that.

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