Items I am currently finding useful

I thought that today I would list a few items that I have ordered recently and am finding useful during this strange time that we are all collectively experiencing.

I have been wearing a face mask every time I go out. They are not currently recommended in the UK however I would not be surprised if they become so in the near future. I have been buying mine from the local chemist however they are not very sartorially elegant!

I have just ordered a packet of face masks from Baukjen. They are offering non-medical face masks in a variety of colours. The price only covers direct costs from the factory and from the courier to ship to their warehouse. They are selling these masks at cost price, making no profit which I consider to be an admirable gesture. The face masks are made from leftover fabric so the colours will be random and mixed within the pack

Himalayan pink salts

I like to add two or three handfuls of Himalayan Pink Salts to my bath. They soften the water, help cleanse the skin and are very relaxing. I added some rose bath oil that I found in the cupboard last week to make the experience even more luxurious.

RHS encyclopaedia of plants and flowers

We don’t have a big garden however we are lucky to able to enjoy relatively large communal gardens, which have won gardening awards. We do have two large patios with pots, as previously seen in this photo. Some of the pots need replanting so I have decided to learn more about plants, including their Latin names. Our garden centres are currently closed but our local one offers a delivery service; so I have every intention of adding some colour for the summer. Royal Horticultural Society Encyclopedia of Plants and Flowers.

Anne Glenconner - Lady in Waiting

The book I am currently reading and enjoying. I normally read my novels on my kindle however I decided to buy this one in hardback as I reckon it is one that I will want to add to my library. Lady in Waiting – My extraordinary life in the shadow of the crown.

Items I am currently finding useful

I have ordered a packet of silicone sponges. These are food grade kitchen sponges. They are more hygienic than dish clothes. They are anti-bacterial and can be used for washing pans and for cleaning fruit and vegetables. Pop them in the dishwasher to clean them. I find that they are good for washing fruit and vegetables and for cleaning lightly soiled pans. For really burned on grease I soak my pans in Bicarbonate of soda before washing them.

Items I am currently finding useful

I had a go at cutting the back of my hair last week but realised that I did not have the correct scissors. I have just ordered these Professionalthinning scissors and intend to have another go this week. This will be interesting.


Cluedo which I will be sending to my two older grandsons. They loved playing it the last time they came to stay. I hope that I will shortly be able to visit them again and enjoy a game together.

These are some of the items that I am currently finding useful. Do you have any that you can recommend?

Groundhog day

Anybody else feel like this. A bit ground hog day!


  1. Janet McNeal
    4th May 2020 / 16:21

    I am halfway through Lady in Waiting, and thoroughly enjoying it, if you have not met the Publication called Slightly Foxed, can I recommend it. If you subscribe you receive a quarterly magazine, contains extracts from a tremendous variety of books, and their podcasts are real gems.
    Living on the Isle of Wight, I am now waiting for this elusive app, hoping that it will help identify, and shorten the life of this dreadful virus

  2. Katrina Robinson
    4th May 2020 / 17:23

    Good selection. Masks seem to be out of stock for the next two weeks, unfortunately.

    • 6th May 2020 / 12:59

      You can pre-order and they will send them as soon as they get another delivery.

  3. 4th May 2020 / 18:24

    Thanks for the item about silicon sponges. They sound much better than the j-cloths I currently use. I live in Canada but was able to order them from Amazon.

  4. Luanne
    4th May 2020 / 19:21

    The link to Cluedo does not work, probably because of the spelling error.

  5. julie thompson
    4th May 2020 / 20:23

    Ingenuity at time of need. I am in Ecuador with no online shopping except for food and a daily 2pm to 5am curfew.
    Needing a means of controlling ever growing, ever greying hair I cut an inch from the sleeve of an old t-shirt. It makes a great hairband for the new lockdown look

    • 5th May 2020 / 09:09

      Great idea Julie. Thank you for sharing. I use my exercise hairband to tie around my hair on bad hair days.

  6. Barbara
    5th May 2020 / 00:05

    The Cluedo link worked for me !

  7. Margie - USA
    5th May 2020 / 15:32

    I’m more of a fiction reader but Lady In Waiting sounds like something I would enjoy…once my library reopens! Thankfully I had a “slew” of library books at home just as it closed until???? Have you ever read the Agatha Raisin series of books? Very light detective series with great humor. They take place in the Cotswolds, if you want to read something that will take you away from every day happenings; I have two library dvd’s of the series which doesn’t show in the USA; I just have to figure out how to work the DVD player! lol

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