Experimenting with a new style.

Experimenting with a new style.

Like most of us I have more time on my hands than usual so I thought that I would try experimenting with a new style. I don’t think that I have ever worn a pair of joggers before, either for exercising or for leisurewear. Well, there is always a first time for everything.

On my daily walks I have noticed women, both young and not so young, wearing joggers or maybe more accurately called jogging trousers or jogging pants in the US.

Classic navy jacket and black joggers

So I ordered a pair and here I am wearing my Luxe lounge joggers from Me&Em. They seem to have sold out of this style but still have a large selection of similar styles. It was a lovely sunny evening and my husband took these stunning photos in the small private garden in front of our house. I think that he captured the light perfectly. In the two images above I have teamed my joggers with my classic Theory jacket (about five years old) similar Theory is a pricey brand however this jacket has definitely earned its keep. I can wear it summer or winter. See how I wear it with white jeans here.

Side stripe joggers and blue silk shirt

One of the reasons I chose these particular joggers is the wide blue stripe down the side which helps to elongate the legs. Here I have paired them with a navy silk shirt, a few years old from Gerard Darel. I found a similar one at Boden

Classic joggers and white cotton top

When the weather gets warmer I think they will work well with a simple white top and plimsols.

Experimenting with a new style.

Finally, I have teamed them with a short sleeve knitted top from Uniqlo and my very comfy fit flop trainers. I have tried the half-tuck, not sure I have got it quite right!

I recognise that this look may not be to everybody ‘s taste, however I feel that it is worth experimenting with a new style once in a while.


  1. Christine
    1st May 2020 / 17:58

    I like what you have done with your pair of joggers. All looks look good to me. Perfect wear for walking and chilling out.

  2. Brenda Chell
    1st May 2020 / 18:07

    My favourite is the white top with plimsolls but you look lovely in all and give us much food for thought. Thank you Josephine.

  3. LisaBee
    1st May 2020 / 18:08

    Joggers look so much more modern- the blue striped one especially becoming. I think you should continue this – things risk getting a bit Country Casuals otherwise.

    • Lynn Stokes
      2nd May 2020 / 14:06

      I agree. Great look.

  4. Lynn Brogden
    1st May 2020 / 19:04

    You look lovely in all outfits Josephine.

  5. Denise Robanos
    1st May 2020 / 20:25

    They look great with everything. Thx for the tips. And I am so envious of your beautiful private garden which obviously affords the opportunity to be outside in nature during this crazy time.

  6. Deborah Garretty
    2nd May 2020 / 08:11

    They look great and you have styled them perfectly

  7. 2nd May 2020 / 12:12

    Thank you for your complimentary comments. I thought that this experiment might be a step too far as my look is normally classic however it is a good learning that it pays off to try new combinations. The garden is private to residents who live in the complex however there never seems to be anybody in the area just outside out door.

  8. Jacqueline
    2nd May 2020 / 16:07

    I love all of them but most especially the half tuck. Well done, and a soft casual for these times. I like what you have done with your hair. It has been difficult to maintain our usual style during lockdown, but you have found a way to still look chic!

  9. 2nd May 2020 / 16:48

    I think you did very well. You chose a very elegant jacket and tops which creates a nice juxtaposition with the athletic vibe of the trousers. I like all your creations, but am most fond of your “tuck-in at the front” outfit. I think it elongates your legs and give it a nonchalant, yet elegant look. My trick with tucking-in (I am so grateful this came into fashion) is to make sure the top doesn’t bulge too much mid front and that the sides of the top cover my hips already a bit from the front. My problem is “no hips and a flat bottom” so if the top is tucked in at the front, it hides my small hips and if it is longer at the back (it usually is), it hides my pancake bottom. Brilliant trend.

  10. 4th May 2020 / 09:46

    Hello Greetje

    Thank you for taking the time to comment on my blog. I am not sure that I have got the knack of the tuck in yet but I will keep practicing. I have a narrow top half and wider hips so I need to be careful not to bulk up but you are right a small tuck in at the front does lengthen the legs.

    best wishes


  11. 4th May 2020 / 09:49

    Hello Jacqueline

    Thank you for your comment. Finding my hair a bit challenging at the moment. It looks ok the day I wash and style it then it looses the plot. Have given the back a trim and will have a go at the sides this week.

    best wishes


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