How to spice up your wardrobe – Part 2

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I am continuing  my theme of how to liven up your wardrobe in between seasons with the addition of some carefully chosen accessories. Today I am featuring jewellery, scarves and hats. All the items selected will in my opinion carry you successfully through to Spring/Summer. An added bonus is that they are all from the current winter sales with considerable mark downs.


JEWELLERY – I think I must have been a Magpie in another life.



SCARVES AND HATS – I have so many scarves it is getting ridiculous!



Click on images for further details of products.


How do you keep your “look” fresh in between seasons?


Check out my Facebook Fanpage to see photos of my very chic Parisian friend Monique trying on a fabulous coat in the Gerard Darel St. Tropez boutique.


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  1. Libby Wilkie
    6th January 2015 / 20:18

    Scarves, scarves and more scarves! Yes, I have so many but also so many that are out dated. I recently reorganized them and saw just how many I never wear any more or those that are just not “au courant.” So…. what a great opportunity to buy more!

    • 7th January 2015 / 16:18

      I think I need to clear out some of my old scarves too.

  2. Mary Graham
    7th January 2015 / 16:01

    I saw scarves in an artsy shop called “fabric flourishes” which I think is a great name.

  3. The Style Crone
    7th January 2015 / 17:21

    Great transition pieces Josephine. It’s snowing today, so I’m in my winter accessories now, but looking forward to the changing of the seasons once again!

  4. Jennifer
    8th January 2015 / 07:05

    One can never go wrong with fresh accessories. Great roundup.

  5. That's Not My Age
    9th January 2015 / 10:11

    Great selection – I love to wear dangly earrings – Happy New Year Josephine!

  6. Elizabeth
    9th January 2015 / 11:23

    You have complied an inspiring collection accessories here.
    Jewellery and scarves can make one outfit into many, midseason or between seasons. I have a draw full of scarves arranged according to to their fabric, colour and size. They are my favourite travelling accessory. My jewellery is kept to a minimum – a few good pieces only. It’s not that I don’t love jewellery of all types, but somehow it just doesn’t suit me, so my look is definitely understated in this department. Bon weekend.

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