Classic January wardrobe staples

Polyvore 2


It may be sunny in the South of France at the moment however it is still January and the atmosphere can be a little chilly so it is advisable to continue to wear layers.


Me on beach smiling


I have settled into a standard “go to” set of pieces that I can rotate on a daily basis depending on how strong and when the wind is blowing.

They consist of classic jeans, wrap coat, white T shirt, navy V neck sweater, trainers, scarf, panama hat(if it is sunny) and dark glasses.



Jeans here //  coat here // navy V neck sweater here // panama hat here // scarf from a selection here // White T shirt here // Trainers here




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  1. Pam@over50feeling40
    10th January 2015 / 14:56

    Great look…love the scarf! Enjoy your weekend!

  2. Catherine
    10th January 2015 / 16:12

    Definitely the season for layering…happy weekend…keep warm 😉

  3. une femme
    10th January 2015 / 17:38

    You look fabulous, Josephine! I really like that scarf, too.

  4. Sally badwi
    10th January 2015 / 20:28

    I love your wrap coat ,and would like to buy one however the one you are wearing appears to be a different one,than the one advertised that we can buy ,,,help please

    • 11th January 2015 / 11:45

      Hi Sbadwi

      I know this can be very frustrating. The coat I am wearing in the photo is by DNKY which I have had for about 4/5 years. I spent hours on the internet yesterday trying to find similar styles.

      My readers do tend to like photos of me wearing an outfit and as I have a fairly small wardrobe and tend to buy items that are good quality and keep them for many years it can be challenging to find similar pieces.

      Personally I find that by reading blogs I sometimes get new ideas of how to put my existing clothes together in maybe in a different way or add some new accessories. My intention is to inspire creativity.

      If you click on the arrows at the bottom of the blog there are some more choices and I have also had another look and come up with a few more items that might be of interest. I intend to buy the light grey one I have featured when I return to London as I think it will be a useful transitional item ideal for the warmer climate here in France.

      Trust this is of some use.

  5. 12th January 2015 / 21:51

    Great look on you! Love the coat!

  6. Susan
    13th January 2015 / 01:31

    I love your wrap coat! And what a view! Warmest wishes for 2015! ~ Susan

  7. Linda
    15th January 2015 / 14:05

    I love the clothes, but why so many from the US. I know from experience their things are often more wearable but the taxes and shipping are exorbitant! Could you not give UK alternatives?

  8. 15th January 2015 / 16:54

    Hi Linda
    I know it can be a bit frustrating and I have given up ordering from the States as you say the shipping and taxes are heavy. I try and keep a reasonable balance, quite a few of the items above come from John Lewis, Boden and Jaeger. My readership is about 70% US so I tend to get complaints either way. If you see something you particularly like sent me an email and I will try to find an equivalent.

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