How I wear wide summer trousers

How I wear wide summer trousers In this photo I am trying out a pair of wide leg trousers. This pair is from the Lemaire collection at Uniqlo. Now sold out. It was a great collaboration. I hope they repeat it. Uniqlo are currently doing a collaboration with Hana Tajima and they appear to be offering some interesting pieces.

The trousers I am wearing are fine cotton with a wide elasticated waist. When the temperatures are high; as they were the day we shot those photos. I find that wide trousers are more comfortable than skinny. They allow the air to circulate as opposed to the fabric clinging to your legs.

I admit that this style is not for everybody. You  need a certain height to wear wide trousers. It is possible to find straighter leg styles in fine fabrics that have a loose fit which create the same effect.


I have done some research and collated a selection below.




Navy wide trousers + cream top

Photos by Laura Hines taken on location at Ham House near Richmond Surrey.















  1. Naomi
    23rd August 2016 / 16:15

    Oh you look lovely! Totally worthy of my envy as one of the short women this look doesn’t work for! I still enjoy seeing the elegance on others.

  2. Britta Higgins
    23rd August 2016 / 18:07

    What a lovely outfit! The royal blue suits you well and the cropped top is perfect! Beautiful!

  3. Barbara Harris
    23rd August 2016 / 19:42

    Thank you, Josephine, just what I need to wear to a garden wedding in our New Zealand Summer this coming February. Except that I suffer badly from polyester cling and need to find something made from a suitable fabric, silk, perhaps, usually very expensive here. At least it will be fun looking.

  4. Christine
    24th August 2016 / 00:05

    Fabulous look. Looking cool and comfortable.

  5. Linda
    24th August 2016 / 00:46

    Sorry. I just cannot wear them, only 5 ft. 5 inches and cannot wear heels, so they look boxy on me.

  6. Jenny
    24th August 2016 / 09:14

    Hate it! Does nothing for you.

  7. Sue
    24th August 2016 / 14:23

    I love the long pants on you,but I prefer shorter (culottes) on me. I am5’5.

  8. M-T
    24th August 2016 / 20:13

    Definitely your shade of blue, Josephine. Suits you beautifully. You look lovely in the trousers; however, they are far to wide for my 5’1″ frame. I do wear looser, straight-leg pants in the summer, which, as you correctly point out, are much cooler and more comfortable in the heat. We have really been suffering with high heat and humidity here on the east coast of the US, so looser pants are a must.

    Cheers, M-T

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