“Rain rain go away come again another day” I used to recite this verse as a child when it was raining and I wanted to go out to play. I can’t remember if it worked then but it is definitely not working this winter in London. I have never known so much continuously wet weather. We get a couple of days respite till it starts again. So I have decided to write about essential rainwear today. I attempted to photograph the new Chicatanyage scarf collection the other day in a gale-force wind!.

Details of above: Blue waterproof Packaway raincoat Nordstrom | Red rain hat Joules | Bees fold-up umbrella Joules | 3/4 length raincoat JohnLewis&Partners | Short black/red wellies Joules |Black rainhat MarksanSpencer | Leopard print wellies Joules.

The most worn and the most useful item in my wardrobe this season has been my raincoat. Whether you live in the UK or are planning to visit I would highly recommend a good quality sturdy raincoat. I have worn the one shown below on repeat.

I also never seem to go out without a rain hat these days. I have a lovely bright pink one I have had for years. I find them easier than umbrellas which I seem to lose on a regular basis. I left a very nice one on the train other day.

All season coat and comfortable wellies.

When the skies are grey I like to sport a bit of colour. Navy raincoat above from Arket and pink spot wellies from The Wide Wellie company.

Selection of essential rainwear

I have chosen some brightly coloured rainwear as well as some classics.


  1. 5th March 2020 / 00:36

    Gorgeous! We’ll be in London in mid-April. What kind of weather can we expect?

  2. 5th March 2020 / 08:06

    I am afraid that is a million dollar question. Traditionally April is known for sunshine and showers I would definitely recommend a lightweight raincoat.

    Enjoy your trip.


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