An all-season​ coat and comfortable wellies

An all-season coat and comfortable wellies

With an all-season coat and comfortable wellies, you are well kitted out for our mercurial British weather.

We have had a lot of rain this season including severe flooding in some areas of the country. If you live in or are visiting the UK a good pair of wellies, or wellingtons to give them their formal title, is an extremely useful item to have in your footwear collection. I have always had difficulty finding wellies that fit. The reason for this is that I have small feet size 4 or 37 combined with wide calves. I have always wondered why boot manufacturers adjust their calf size according to the foot size. Do they presuming that if you have small feet you will have slim calves, I wish!

Comfortable wellies that fit

Enter The Wide Welly company. We met via Instagram and it was a partnership made in heaven. Their wellies are so comfortable and the side straps allow the calf size can be adjusted. This design not only makes them extremely comfortable but also lets you adapt them depending on what you are wearing. Tuck in your thermals and thick socks in the winter months and wear with bare legs or thin tights in the summer with dresses or skirts.

With an all-season coat and comfortable wellies, you are well kitted out for our mercurial British weather.

The designs are funky and cheerful. Who doesn’t want a bit of cheering up on a dark dull rainy day? I chose The Polka Bees as I have a thing for pink and I thought they zizzed up my otherwise navy outfit. However, there are a variety of other designs based on images from the natural world plus a pair in stunning stripes.

My bright blue 100% cashmere scarf is from our new collection at Chicatanyageshop.

Cashmere scarf and blue parka. Wellingtons

I have teamed my comfy wellies with my lightweight navy anorak from Arket. You can see how I teamed it with a pair of wide-leg trousers here. It has been an incredibly useful coat this season and as it was freezing cold when we did this photoshoot in Richmond Park I was really glad that I had purchased the liner jacket. It is part of their 2-in-1 series. Such a good idea as you get three outfits out of two coats. The liner attaches to the back of the parka with a popper.

Wide calf wellingtons. Blue/grey wool scarf

In the photo above I am wearing the liner on its own as a bomber jacket. Great for early autumn and spring then attach it to the parka to keep cosy on cold winter days.

My wide wellies were kindly gifted to me. I like to support small family-run businesses that are passionate about the products they produce and that offer excellent customer service.

My light blue 100% wool is from

The photographs were taken by Laura Hines. Follow her on Instagram


  1. Wendy in York
    22nd November 2019 / 10:21

    I’m very interested in these wellies . Would you say they are a ‘fashion item ‘ for light wear or is the sole quite substantial ? So many wellies don’t stand up to wet dog walks ( even expensive ones I’m afraid )

  2. 22nd November 2019 / 10:56

    Hi Wendy

    Well they managed to trudge through Richmond Park on a very wet muddy day. The soles are substantial. If I was doing a lot of walking I might put an arch support innersole in. For my Nordic walking I wear proper waterproof boots with a traction sole as I find that all wellies slip on very rough terrain. I would say these wellies are good for everyday use.

  3. Diana Clark
    22nd November 2019 / 17:08

    Not all gumboots slip. Le Chameau are very hard wearing, support the ankle and the treads allow a positive experience over all terrain – well worth the cost, as I’ve had mine for years.

    • 23rd November 2019 / 18:04

      Le Chameau are good quality however they don’t do a wide calf so are not good for me.

  4. 23rd November 2019 / 01:41

    English is such an interesting language! Here in Canada, we simply call them rubber boots, but “wellies” sounds so much better. Mine are black and white plaid.

    I have the opposite problem to you when it comes to finding boots that fit. I wear size 9 (39 or 40) but my calves are quite slim. It’s so difficult to find boots with calves that aren’t so wide that they look ridiculous on me.

  5. Jasmine
    23rd November 2019 / 11:37

    You are pretty much, wearing my standard uniform! I do a lot of walking over rough, muddy ground on a daily basis so I wear my wellies (and a similar coat) every day, virtually all the year round. I usually buy unisex Agile Parcours 2 as they have wider calves, are supportive and specifically designed for walking. Given the amount of use they get, they are reasonably durable and I usually find that I get through a pair every 12-18 months. The ‘vario’ version has an adjustable strap. HOWEVER, they are only made in the usual ‘countryside’ mud colours so whilst they are very comfortable and practical (for people like me whose boots are nearly always plastered in mud) they are not ‘fun’ like yours.

    I did purchase a pair of aubergine wellies from Agile some time ago, for town/seaside, use but these sorts of colours only come in ‘ladies fit’ and the calves are much narrower (Edebock take note). I found I could only wear them with tights or slim fitting trousers (not very convenient) so I’ll be sure to check out the Wide Wellie Company’s website for a fun pair of (clean wet use) wellies. 🙂

  6. Leslie Fu
    3rd December 2019 / 06:40

    Wow, What a lovely photographs. The way you are carrying all your outfits is amazing. Those products which you have reviewd on this article are perfect combination for winter. Thank you so much for sharing.

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