What a difference a day makes at this time of year. Creating an adaptable wardrobe means that you are ready for whatever the day brings.

Above I am about to go Nordic walking with my walking group in Richmond Park. The park had a really autumnal feel with all the leaves beginning to turn a beautiful rusty orange. I took up Nordic walking about a year ago and really enjoy it. Come rain or shine we still do our hours walk through the park. I really missed it when the park was closed during the lockdown. We now follow the guidelines of no more than twelve in a group (we are normally about eight) and we self distance.

I have found Nordic walking very beneficial to my health. It gets me out in the fresh air plus helps to build my stamina and general feeling of well being.

I am wearing my tried and trusted green anorak that I bought from J.Crew about four years ago. J.Crew is currently offering some very nice quilted versions of my jacket. Check them out here (currently 50% off with code COZY).

The day before we had driven about thirty minutes out of London to a Gastropub in the village of Claygate. The day was gloriously hot and I was back in my summer cottons. My white trousers, originally from WinserLondon similar and my &otherstories denim jacket, similar version, worn recently with black jeans in a recent post

We enjoyed the most delicious lunch in the garden of The Foley hotel. It was a wonderful interlude, a small treat before we go into what is looking as though it will be a challenging and difficult autumn/winter.

Do you take into consideration the fluctuating weather when creating an adaptable wardrobe?

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  1. 28th September 2020 / 16:15

    You look adorable. Love this outfit on you. I’m taking an online Pilates class this morning. First exercise I’m attempted in all these months. No excuse.

    • 29th September 2020 / 09:32

      Hello Sandra
      Hope you enjoy your Pilates class. I have been doing Pilates for about 15 years. The class continued during lockdown with zoom. It is so good for my posture and for keeping my joints in order.

  2. Pru
    28th September 2020 / 16:27

    I’ll just take the mini!
    Such a fab colour…..

    • 29th September 2020 / 09:30

      Hi Pru
      Yes, the mini usually gets rave reviews. It is very old but I still love it.

  3. Jude
    28th September 2020 / 18:02

    I try to take the weather into consideration but I find it extremely difficult. I am usually too optimistic and end up cold or wet. But I hate being cluttered with too many clothes.

    • 29th September 2020 / 09:29

      Hello Jude
      I agree about being cluttered with clothes but I hate being cold so I usually have a cardigan or fold up mac in a holdall.

    28th September 2020 / 20:03

    Yes. I always take the weather into consideration. It’s fall but for us in Arizona it is still 102! I so long for cold weather but this is what the LORD has for us now. I try to have clothing for all types of weather in my wardrobe.

  5. Sara
    28th September 2020 / 22:21

    If, like me, you live not only in the north West of England, but in the wettest of Derbyshire’s six areas, you would be a tad foolish not to! Either that, or repeatedly wet and often cold too. As someone who loves warm, dry weather, I do question how I ended up here. I put it down to love, my husband being from near here and telling me, in sunny Hampshire, now nice the north was. It is, just not the weather….. I have an array of weatherproof garments, weatherproof shoes and always a range of umbrellas! Does nothing for my hair and I spend a lot of time perusing the forecast before deciding that no, I really cannot wear the shoes I want to and, frequently, the trousers I might like. Wet weather is a killer to those wide-legged numbers that are appearing once more. I will stick with my skinnies- they don’t suffer from rising damp!

    • 29th September 2020 / 09:26

      Hello Sara
      Thank you for your long and amusing comment. I quite agree with the wide-leg trousers they are useless when it is wet. You can console yourself with the beautiful scenery. I am currently testing some products to de-frizz hair. I love my two waterproof rain hats very useful for when I am cycling.

  6. 29th September 2020 / 11:31

    I should walk more but at 90 there are days when I feel lazy! Glad you are wearing those socks , Josephine. There are ticks in the parks!
    I have a down filled topper which is really cosy. Just wish it had a hood. My trousers are usually the tailored sort, not too narrow but not wide either, as I am vertically challenged. My Autumn/Winter uniform consists of black trousers, white or cream blouse. and coloured cardigan/jacket. If the latter is plain-coloured I like to wear an infinity scarf. Over all these goes my topper though I have short coats for more formal occasions. (Will they ever return?)

    • 2nd October 2020 / 08:54

      Thank you for your comment. Your Autumn/Winter uniform sound very smart. I am currently doing some research on short coats and will write a post on them shortly. I have a lovely grey one.

  7. Kari
    29th September 2020 / 14:27

    Hi Josephine, I liked one of your links was for an item on Zulilly. I’m not real familiar with them but it seems to offer wide selection for many of us shopping from home now! Thank you!

    • 2nd October 2020 / 08:58

      Hello Kari
      I have to admit that neither am I very familiar with Zulilly, being a UK blogger. I really liked the look of the jacket that I featured. Zulilly seems to be an online discount store when I checked you need to sign up. If you do make a purchase there I would be very interested in your experience.

    29th September 2020 / 21:39

    I now do almost all my clothing shopping from home. I not that difficult to return items when they aren’t correct size etc.

    • 30th September 2020 / 16:57

      Hi Natalie
      I agree I also now buy all my clothes online. Some brands allow up to 30 days for return. The only problem I find is that there is normally a long queue at our local post office.

    29th September 2020 / 21:58

    So sorry!! It’s not that difficult…

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