Classic jacket and wide jeans

Classic jacket

You can’t beat a classic jacket and jeans especially at this time of year. Ideally, you should be able to wear a jacket on its own in Spring, however that is wishful thinking this April as it continues to be cold. Most days I am still wearing my jackets underneath a light raincoat.

I can’t believe that I have owned this jacket by Armani Collezioni since the early noughties. Definitely a shop your wardrobe item. It comes out of storage every Autumn and does not go back till early Summer. You can see how I wore it in March 2016.

It nearly went into the donate pile this year as I was determined to cull my wardrobe back to the essentials. However it was reprieved at the last moment. Cost per wear incalculable.

Classic Armani jacket

To give my jacket an update and a new lease of life I have teamed it with my wide leg jeans. I think that it looks more modern than wearing it with a pair of classic trousers. When the weather gets warmer I will swap my navy sweater for a white tee.

You will want to opt for a style which nips in at the waist for the most flattering effect. If waisted shapes do not suit your figure you could play around with some of the new looser fits or boyfriend styles.

My wide leg jeans are by MeandEm. If you are petite this style of jean may not work for you. MeandEm has a variety of other styles and their jeans are very good quality. If you like the straighter leg style I can highly recommend my Levis.

Classic jacket and jeans

Selection  of classic jackets:

Yoox offer a selection of Armani

PS. Thank you all so much for your enthusiasm and support for our new scarf shop venture. We sold out of many of the styles very quickly. The leopard print scarves were the most popular. Apologies if you missed out the first time we have now restocked and are offering three new colours in the leopards plus 100% cashmere scarf/shawls in bright Spring colours and some new colours added to the wool scarf/shawls.


  1. Margie
    12th April 2019 / 16:24

    I love blazers but my older ones have the larger shoulder pads…yipes! When I worked, blazers were the normal part of my every day outfit. I’ve had some of the larger shoulder pads replaced with smaller ones….think that’s still a worthwhile option? Double-breaster blazers? Lapel size? I’ve always liked longer blazers that cover “my bum.” Love your advice/look and it appears to me that what you feature will soon be here in the US. You are a great source of style for what to/how to wear when a “certain age.”

    • 13th April 2019 / 09:47

      Hi Margie
      Yes replacing shoulder pads can completely revolutionise a blazer. Glad you like the blog.

  2. Judy
    12th April 2019 / 16:58

    Love the jacket, love the jeans, hair, etc. You look is very casual, relaxed but grown up sophisticated. Thanks for all of the time and effort you but into your blog. It’s very enjoyable.

  3. 12th April 2019 / 18:11

    GREAT JACKET………The lines and cut are perfection!

  4. 12th April 2019 / 19:59

    Agree, outfit looks great on you. I love blazers but I have a problem in that I have narrow shoulders and a generous bust! So a blazer that fits well on the shoulders tends to gape at the front. I have some very old ones, still in excellent condition, and they fit, strangely, so I am reluctant to throw them out. Jaeger was a good fit.

    Your love of colour has influenced me. Today I am wearing sky blue trousers with a similarly-coloured cardigan and white blouse with blue embroidery on the collar. Two people remarked that I looked nice and Summery!! Could be a double-edged compliment but I shall accept it at face value : so there!! :O0

    • 13th April 2019 / 09:42

      I too have had quite a few of my jackets altered. Definitely the shoulder pads replaced for small ones. If the item is good quality and you still like it is very cost effective. Jaeger always did excellent jaciets. I used to work for them way back in the past.
      Sounds like you created a great Summer outfit.

  5. Francie Newcomb
    12th April 2019 / 21:51

    Beautiful jacket! And I am delighted with the lilac wool scarf/shawl. Thank you very much!

    • 13th April 2019 / 09:35

      Hi Francie
      Really glad you like the scarf. The lilac is one of my favourites.

  6. Georgia Piech-Pander
    12th April 2019 / 23:14

    Hi Josephine!
    Love the hair, the face, the shirt, the jacket and the belt. I just can’t wrap my head around those jeans!!!!

    • 13th April 2019 / 09:34

      Hi Georgia
      I understand about the jeans they are not everybody’s “cup of tea”.

  7. Anon
    14th April 2019 / 21:12

    I have been loving wide-leg jeans for a couple of years. Mine are black and dark indigo wash, though, with a sewn hem. It is nice to have choices for every size and shape in jeans.

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