Casual weekend wear

casual weekend wear

I am so lucky in that I live near Richmond Park in south-west London. The royal park has wide open spaces, grasslands and deer herds. If you are visiting the UK it is not that far from central London and is well worth a visit. You can stop off for a cup of tea or coffee at Pembrooke Lodge and enjoy distant views of St. Paul’s cathedral form King Henry’s Mound.

On a sunny Autumn day, there is nothing I like better than to walk in the park. Here I am wearing one of my favourite colours “candy pink” from one of my favourite brands WinserLondon.I am wearing their wool/cashmere boyfriend jumper with matching ruffle scarf. They are so soft, warm and cosy.

Casual weekend wear

I am also trying out their classic two-way stretch jeans. I was not sure if they would work for me as I have a tricky figure when it comes to jeans. I have tested a few brands recently but they were sadly all returned. These ones really work. They are very comfortable and as they are made from a similar fabric to their leggings, which wash and wear well, should last for several years.

Casual weekend wear

These gorgeous photos were taken by my friend and fellow blogger Julie of Jafinthebox. Do visit her blog she covers fashion, food, travel and even products to keep your house sparkling clean.

Casual weekend wear

I don’t seem to have much time to sit and watch the world go by these days so this morning in the sunshine was a real treat.

Casual weekend wear

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post. I purchased the sweater, however, I was lent the jeans to try out. They have stayed with me.


  1. Lynne Savage
    1st December 2017 / 06:54

    Earings and lipstick perfect for the outfit

  2. Lynda Dransfield
    1st December 2017 / 08:54

    You look really nice in that shade of pink. What a lovely post.

    1st December 2017 / 14:37

    Love PINK on YOU!

  4. Mary
    1st December 2017 / 15:05

    Great outfit. Would never have thought of adding a cheeky red hat!

  5. chris martin
    1st December 2017 / 16:46

    Lovely outfit. My son lives in Balham so we go down to Richmond Park and the town. Lovely part of the world and so near central London. Keep up the great blogs., us older ladies need them!

  6. 1st December 2017 / 17:01

    Thanks for all your lovely comments. This is certainly one of my favourite sweaters this season. The colour cheers me up on a dull winters day.

  7. Jane2
    1st December 2017 / 17:05

    Lovely sweater and colour! And thanks for the recommendation – the park looks fab and will be on my itinerary next autumn when I visit for the Anglo-Saxon exhibit at the BL.

  8. Judy
    1st December 2017 / 17:38

    That’s a wonderful shade of pink on you, Josephine. I love Winser London too and have several of their jumpers but i am now going to try their jeans as they look very good. Many thanks, as always!

  9. 1st December 2017 / 19:12

    What a lovely neighborhood you live in, Josephine. Fortunate you! BTW, I think pink is *your* color! 🙂

  10. Suzanne Cheshire
    1st December 2017 / 19:29

    A favourite colour that I could never wear at a younger age, but now that the red hair is fading I’ll have another try. Have fond memories of Richmond as I lived there for a year many moons ago, and your photos are beautiful.

    • 2nd December 2017 / 14:02

      Hi Suzanne
      I do think that as our hair turns grey we can try colours that never used to work for us and find that the suddenly look great.I always used to go for muted tones but now find that I can wear the brights.

  11. Bronwen John
    1st December 2017 / 21:42

    I love the jumper and matching scarf, really suits you.

  12. Ann Mccabe
    1st December 2017 / 23:19

    Very pretty sweater, and the hat is so nice on you. I took your advice from a column last year and bought a red coat. I am happy I did, it feels great to put on that wonderful, vibrant color.

    • 2nd December 2017 / 14:00

      Hi Ann
      I am glad you are happy with your red coat. I love vibrant colours in the winter.

  13. 26th December 2017 / 16:37

    Walking in nature on a sunny day is such a boon to the spirit. Your red hat and pink sweater are just right as pops of color in an autumn landscape. Thank you for sharing with Hat Attack!

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